Crash is DS bound

Sony's onetime mascot, Crash Bandicoot, comes to DS this October in Crash Boom Bang!, a collection of multiplayer minigames featuring the various creatures from the Crash universe.

Crash and his pals are involved in a worldwide race for a multi-million dollar prize. Little do the money-grabbing friends know that the race sponsor, Viscount Devil, is using the race as a means to find the 'Super Big Power Stone' that could help fulfill his dreams of world domination. Consequently, it's up to Crash to win the race and save the world. Yes, you can somehow save the world by playing memory card games and battle-royals.

For whatever reason, Crash Boom Bang! will not be online, though four can play together if they each have a copy of the game. Will this be worth the trouble or should we all just wait until the inevitable Mario Party DS? Guess we'll find out later this year.

Above: It's like Mario Party, without all that Mario.