Crash coming to your TV

Paul Haggis' Oscar-scooping drama Crash was originally envisaged as a TV series. We all know what happened next – golden gongs, box-office success, yada yada yada…

Now Haggis has pitched it as a TV show again - and this time, it was developed by US cable network FX, makers of The Shield. But it appears to have slipped from their clutches as US cable network Starz (makers of, er, not much) has just announced a green light for the series.

"Crash's fascinating characters and engrossing, intertwined stories are ideally suited for developing into a TV series," blabbed Starz's programming honcho Stephan Shelanski to The Hollywood Reporter. Haggis and co-writer Bobby Moresco are both involved and the Reporter has more details . The show will likely hit American TV later in the year.