Crackdown - superhero breakdown

If there's one area where Spider-Man excels more than any other hero, it's spine-snapping agility. No, there's no Spider Sense in Crackdown (though a piece of early-warning tech should have been included), but Spidey's wall-crawling shenanigans are in direct effect. At first you can barely cling for dear life after accidentally walking off a roof, but as time passes you'll be able to sink your fingers into windowsills and banisters all over the city. Combined with your 30-foot leaps, this agility boost gives you complete access to the city.

Above: Scaling the tallest buildings is easy for those of us with applicable powers. Telescoping metal legs do not count as powers

What other comic property likes to bypass the stairs and head straight for the rooftop? That'd be the world's biggest loser, Stilt Man. Seriously, this guy built a suit of armor around two telescoping legs that make robbing low-flying helicopters a walk in the park. A long, lonely walk. We bet 10 large that by the time Mr. Crackdown made it to the top of a building, Spidey'd already have Stilty strung up over a lamp post.

After being beaten down countless times, the original Stilt Man packed up his legs and quit. Recently, however, someone else nabbed the stilt suit and tried to apprehend Frank Castle, the Punisher, during Marvel's "Civil War" storyline. Apparently sucking comes with the armor, as the new Stilt Man was killed within a few panels. Seems the armor wasn't prepared for a rocket hit to the crotch.

Brett Elston

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