Crackdown - superhero breakdown

After playing Crackdown for about, oh, let's say two minutes, you'll start to notice a seemingly endless trail of green tokens floating all over the cel-shaded city. These Agility tokens are your new best friends. The more you grab, the more powerful you become, so it's extremely tempting to ignore the game's narrative and go straight for the trail of tokens lining the rooftops. After leveling up your cop once, you'll notice you can jump a little higher. Gain another level or two and your leaping legs will carry you up and over almost anything in your way (short of skyscrapers, that is).

The reward for so much obsessive collecting is so worth it - not only do these leaps allow you to jump from one rooftop to the next, they also get you so high up that your landing leaves a pavement-pounding impact crater. Memories of the Hulk's mile-long leaps come to mind, be they from the movie or 2005's Ultimate Destruction. You may not have the insufferable rage of big greenie, but your buffed-up hero legs definitely let you experience the rush of flying through the air and crushing a car with your feet.

Above: Leaping to incredible heights ain't no thang when you're an agent. Unless you're the Kangaroo. Then you've got problems. '60s problems

So which leaping idiot can you out-hop when fully powered? We're going with Kangaroo, a supremely low-level villain that uses his big ol' legs to... jump. And rob banks. How did he get such useless powers? Apparently all he did was observe real kangaroos in Australia and copied their movements. That works, right?

After getting spanked by Spider-Man, Kangaroo had a mysterious operation that gave him enhanced abilities, but even then, his one-trick jumping power is no match for the Crackdown cop's calves of steel.