Crackdown downloadable content available

Those craftyprogrammers at Realtime Worlds have finallyrevealed the downloadable content for their excellent free-roaming crime-stopper Crackdown - and is it just us or is this the best DLC line-up for any game, ever? Read on for the new content and check out some of the new screens below.

The free DLC for Crackdown includes easier orb hunting and a new ground strike move that smashes your agent into the ground with a devestating shockwave.

The premium paid-for content costs 800MS Points ($10) andis looking even more fantastic. Three new vehicles are primed for Marketplace deployment including the Agent Patrol Buggy, slick Agency Pursuit Vehicle and the mammoth Agency Armored Vehicle, which looks like it could take down a skyscraper in second gear.

But wait, there's more. Five new weapons and pieces of equipment are also inbound and each look to offer a fair bit of variety over the vanilla game's arsenal. The multi-rocket firing Lobber and ragdoll-flinging Harpoon guns are our favorites, while a cloaking device, mini-gun and proximity charge are also on the way.

Phew... game type additions are looking like this - street racing, rooftop races and two-player checkpoint chases are all on the way, as well as a new mode called "Stockpile" which challenges you to run around the city collecting various orbs against the clock.

In addition to new Achievements and mission time trials, you'll be able to repopulate the city with gangs and kingpins after you've defeated them. This'll let you continue to upgrade your Agent long after you've cleaned up Pacific City. Finally, the "Keys to the City" will be made availabe - a sort of debug mode enabling cheats for "super agent ablities," and the option to create ramps, explosives and vehicles anywhere in the city.

For all that, you'd be a damn fool not to check out the content which will be available today. In the meantime, feast your eyes onmorenew screens by hitting the Images tab and make sure to hit the Movies tab for new videos.

May 10, 2007