Crackcoon is Rocket Raccoon meets Cocaine Bear

Another new wild-animal-on-drugs horror thriller is on the way – because sure, why not?

It's not a Cocaine Bear, it's not a Meth Gator, no, this time it's a...Crackcoon. From director Brad Twiggs (Killer Campout, Brutality) and Fuzzy Monkey Films comes the story of an innocent raccoon that stumbles upon some crack.

Per the official logline: "When a synthetically-altered street drug is discarded in the woods by a drug dealer during a car chase with police, the fallout proves nothing less than horrific when an innocent raccoon eats it, transforming it into a nightmarish killing machine straight from the bowels of hell. With unsuspecting campers, tourists, and residents of a mountain community all in close proximity to the epicenter, no one is safe from the monster’s unrelenting rampage."

The cast includes Rosaria Eraso (Shriekshow), Justin P. Martin (Killer Campout Part II), Gary Lee Vincent (My Uncle John is a Zombie), Jessa Flux (Murdercise), Angel Bradford (Debbie Does Demons), Tim Hale (Brimstone Incorporated), Morrigan Thompson (XXX-Mas), Hunter Redfern (Amityville Ripper), Chris O'Brocki (Bounty), John A. Russo (Night of the Living Dead), Tom Hoover (Dead & Rotting) and George Stover (Nightbeast).

Production on Crackcoon is scheduled to wrap in early June with worldwide distribution anticipated in late 2023. To get things moving, the film has an ongoing crowdfunding campaign for the post-production process.

Cocaine Bear is now streaming on Peacock. For more, check out our list of the most exciting upcoming movies in 2023 and beyond, or, skip straight to the good stuff with our list of movie release dates.

Lauren Milici
Senior Writer, Tv & Film

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