Counter-Strike 2 has some of the best water I've ever seen in a game, seriously

Counter-Strike 2
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One of the updated Counter-Strike 2 maps has got some jaw-droppingly-beautiful water, and honestly, we're not sure why it does. 

This week Counter-Strike 2 developer Valve has been sharing sneak peeks into what the upcoming FPS sequel will have in store for players. When we say sneak peek, we really do mean a small glance as it's just sharing short videos of the game's environments and not any gameplay. This is enough to get some players excited though, as the new version of the Overpass map looks unexpectedly stunning. 

As you can see from the two tweets below, Valve has spared no expense when it comes to its new visuals. I'm sure you've got other things on your mind when you're racing through Counter-Strike's maps but let's just all take a minute to appreciate how gorgeous that little pool of water is. This is impressive on its own, but it's even more so when you realise that that little pool of water might just be sewer water, but somehow Valve has managed to make it look crystal clear. 

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It's not just us that's enamored with Counter-Strike 2's sewer water, several Twitter users in the replies to Valve's tweet also expressed their feelings towards the new visuals. "The CS2 water looks incredible," one player said, sharing another video of the water in action as they run through it during the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test. Others preferred to show their excitement with fewer words and emojis, including the player above who just replied: "The water" with a drooling emoji. 

Since we're in July now, Counter-Strike 2's full release should be right around the corner as it was previously announced as releasing in "summer 2023." What's more, the upcoming tactical shooter will also be free to play, so no need to worry about it unexpectedly dropping before payday. 

Not quite ready to let go of CS: GO? With Counter-Strike 2 looming, how does the biggest game on Steam pass the torch?

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