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Could Spider-Man be The Hobbit?

According to reports, Tobey Maguire could be lining up two new projects.

Not a day goes by without some potential casting rumours for The Hobbit , and Tobey Maguire is the latest name to be mentioned for the lead role of Bilbo Baggins.

Latino Review reports that Maguire, who is currently promoting Brothers , was asked who he would like to work with in the future. He answered: "Guillermo del Toro... We may have something here in the near future".

So this has got the rumour mill spinning, claiming that Maguire is in 'the early stages of talks' to headline the epic prequel, apparently having time in his schedule between Spidey 4 and 5 .

File this under 'dubious' for the moment. We can't see Tobey taking on two mega-franchises, and he doesn't seem quite right for the homely, reluctantly-adventurous Bilbo.

There are also reports hitting the web today that the Spider-Man star is developing Prisoners of Trebek , with a view to starring in it.

Based on the book, Prisoner of Trebekistan: A Decade in Jeopardy! , it is the true story of a comedian who tried to master legendary American daytime quiz show Jeopardy! , and ended up finding love in the process.

Sounds a bit like Starter for 10 which is no bad thing. It'll be interesting to see if Maguire can fit this into his blockbuster schedule, though.

Source [ Latino Review and Collider ]

Will you be taking the Bilbo rumour with a pinch of salt? Let us know your thoughts below...