Costumes that saved the world

Jimmy Hopkins, age 15, isn’t the brightest, the strongest, or the most popular student at Bullworth Academy – and like many kids his age, he’s a little confused. Just look at all the costumes he wears in Bully for proof of his identity crisis. Poor Hopkins seems torn between pursuing a career as a football mascot, a pirate, a wizard, or a Cobra Kai lookalike.

Above: This is the thanks Hopkins gets for doing the Cow Dance for the jocks

Above: You can unlock the Grotto Master Outfit by collecting all the Grotto & Gremlins cards hidden throughout the game

Above: Defeat the delusional pirate on the island in the southern part of Bullworth Lake to unlock this fine hat

Above: It’s Halloween, and Hopkins look like he’s ready kick the crap out of Ralph Macchio in The Karate Kid

Above: An army of angry skeletons give Ralph Macchio a much needed beat down

In-game cosplay is reserved for RPGs and action/adventure titles for the most part. But how could we leave out Team Fortress 2’s Spy and his many masks? With a few quick clicks, the Spy can make himself appear like a Scout, a Soldier, a Pyro, a Demoman, a Heavy, an Engineer, a Medic, a Sniper, or even another Spy, from your opponents’ team.

Above: Here are just some of the many masks that the Spy wears

The Spy is the ultimate role-playing class of first-person shooters. It’s easy to spot a green Spy that comes charging towards your base while disguised as a Demoman (who isn’t watching any sticky bombs) or an Engineer (who should be watching over his turrets). But skillful Spies know how to play their part and blend in with the chaos around them so they can slip by unnoticed and score many backstabs.

Spies can add additional layers of sneakiness to their movements by using their disguises carefully, timing the use of their invisible Cloak with precision, and knowing every map like the back of their hand. Like an unstoppable ninja, an enemy Spy will continuously kill your team’s Snipers, destroy your turrets, trick Medics into healing the wrong side, and demoralize your group to the point of despair. There’s nothing sweeter than hearing your opponents argue as they blame each other for your non-stop killing spree due to your superb mastery of the Spy’s disguises.

Above: One of the best tutorials on how to be a better Spy. Watch, learn, and improve your kill/death ratio