CORALLL! The Walking Dead season 8 cast show off their Rick impressions – but who does it best?

Andrew Lincoln’s southern twang as Rick has been ripe for picking for some time now. His CORALLL shouts are ready-made memes and, hey, even The Walking Dead season 8 cast are getting in on the act. Some refuse to do it but some get really into the role.

In honour of the show’s 100th episode, the cast put on their cowboy hats and gave it some of that ol’ Rick gusto – Carl included. Thankfully, a viewer of Behind the Dead managed to put the short segment on Twitter, so it’s here for you to watch in all of its glory.

In the interests of fairness, I’m going to rate these efforts out of ten. 0 being all-out awful, with 10 being Rick Grimes’ voice twin. Let’s do it.

Khary Peyton – King Ezekiel to you and me – has a fair effort. He nails the growl, but sounds more mildly annoyed with Carl than anything else. 5/10.

Norman Reedus. Oh boy. Voice breaking mid-impression is a big no-no. 2/10

Now that’s more like it! Negan can mimic his nemesis with the best of ‘em. A solid 8/10.

Father Gabriel gets 0/10. Lucille will sort those vocal chords right out.

What about Carl himself? Nope. Not great. Sounds like he some peanut butter stuck in his mouth. 3/10.

Jesus, fittingly, sounds pretty cross and exasperated. Extra points for a bit of variety. 6/10.

Maggie refuses to do it properly, the spoilsport. Unrated.

Melissa McBride steals the show, though. If Andrew Lincoln ever stops playing Rick, she can step in and I don’t think anyone would notice. 10/10, would watch again.

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Image: AMC

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