Control saves can't be transferred to the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions

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Your old Control save won't carry over to the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X version, Remedy has confirmed.

Control: Ultimate Edition's shiny next-gen upgrade is coming February 2 with a 60fps Performance Mode and 30fps Graphics Mode with ray-tracing. It hasn't been clear whether saves from the last-gen version would carry over to the upgrade, but it's clear now that we'll be going into the next-gen Oldest House right from the front door. 

Remedy Communications Director Thomas Puha took to Twitter to share the news, writing, "Save games unfortunately do not transfer over from previous gen to next-gen. The version of our engine in the next-gen Control is way different to the version used in the previous gen Control."

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Of course, you can always continue your game on PS5 or Xbox Series X by playing the backwards-compatible last-gen version, but you won't get the new next-gen improvements. Speaking of which, it's worth noting that the Control next-gen upgrade is only free to those with a copy of the Ultimate Edition, so those ray-traced shadows and 60 frames-per-second will come at a full-price premium if you only have the original release. Fortunately, Control: Ultimate Edition is one of February's free PS Plus games, so subscribers would do well to capitalize on that deal while they have the chance.

Control: Ultimate Edition includes our 2019 Game of the Year as well as its two substantial expansions, The Foundation and AWE, the latter of which links Control to Alan Wake and the bigger "Remedy Connected Universe."

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