Control patch notes: bug fixes, more options, and crafting changes

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Remedy Entertainment's Control is getting its first big patch since its August 27 launch. Currently, it's only available on PS4, but the official announcement implores Xbox One and PC players not to panic, as the patch will drop for them soon. 

General updates include a handful of bug and crash fixes for combat, missions, and the overall game play, as well as a fix for multiple issues with the PC launcher. All platforms will enjoy improved stability, and a better overall frame-rate performance thanks to optimizations made in the content.

The following UI updates were made:

  • Improved map loading times (map will no longer tease information)
  • Motion Blur On/Off toggle added to Options menu
  • Film Grain On/Off toggle added to Options menu
  • Fixed incorrect UI behavior on ultra-wide PC monitors
  • Fixed multiple issues when incorrect subtitles are shown for multiple languages
  • Fixed issue when the game centers the aim on Jesse's head
  • Fixed multiple UI related issues

And in response to several complaints and issues with game progression, Remedy Entertainment has issued a handful of patches, including one that fixed Crafting and Mods, efficiency upgrades, and progression issues like Heptonstall not spawning during certain story missions. The rest can be found on the original announcement page. 

There are also some sound patches, including one that re-syncs Dr. Darling videos on PS4 and another that fixes the 'Mute Copyrighted Tracks' option (previously, toggling that option would not prevent licensed music tracks from playing). There's also a patch for the Charge weapon forms which focuses on fixing an "erroneous blast radius" that was causing "way too much visual damage to the environments" and a game stalling issue only seen on PS4. 

No word on when the updates will drop on Xbox One and PC, or if they'll address some platform-specific issues like this one did, but it is coming "very soon", so don't fret. 

If you need help getting through the game, check out our step-by-step guide to help you complete Control. 

Alyssa Mercante

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