Control and Alan Wake writer Sam Lake has penned the first story draft for the "next big Remedy game"

Control Ultimate Edition
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Control and Alan Wake writer Sam Lake has revealed that the first story draft for the "next big Remedy game" has been written. 

Lake posted a photo holding the pages of the story draft for the next Remedy game on Twitter, and it immediately made me wish I could somehow use some wizardry to turn the pages around and take a look. Back in August, Remedy Entertainment confirmed that work was underway on a new game that would be connected to the same universe as Control and Alan Wake

In what the studio has called the "Remedy Connected Universe", which was established with the latest Control AWE expansion, the future game will also be set in the same world and in some way tie into the previous games. 

The latest Control DLC sees the return of the titular protagonist, Alan Wake, who has mysteriously disappeared. Jesse Faden is tasked with going deeper into Oldest House,  where she begins to investigate an AWE (or Altered World Event) that's connected to the town of Bright Falls, where the Alan Wake game takes place. During her investigations, you begin to unravel more about Wake's disappearance and how Control ties into the same universe. 

Given Control's story and its supernatural leanings, it'll be interesting to see how the next step in Remedy's connected universe shapes up. It really could go in any direction. I can't help but wonder just how directly it may follow on from the events of Control and everything that occurred at Oldest House. 

Lake previously spoke about the future Remedy project, and said, "The AWE expansion is the first official Remedy Connected Universe crossover, bringing more Alan Wake lore into Control. And this is still just a humble beginning. We're already hard at work on a future Remedy game that also takes place in this same universe." 

With a story draft written and work underway, I can't wait to find out more about where this new adventure will take us and what it might look like now that we've entered into the next generation with the PS5 and Xbox Series X. After all, when it comes to Remedy, anything is possible. 

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