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Conduit 2 officially announced

The Conduit was one of the more anticipated Wii titles last year, though when it came out itdidn’t light sales charts on fire, though weenjoyed it. But it was an admirable effort for developer High Voltage as the game sqeezed graphics out of the Wii in ways thought impossible. Anyway, even though it seemed High Voltage was distancing their efforts from the Wii with a multiplatform release planned for their next game,The Grinder, today they and Sega reaffirmed their waggle commitment with the official announcement of Conduit 2 exclusively for the Wii.

This wasn’t the biggest surprise, as yesterday news broke vialeaked infofrom our sister publicationNintendo Power, which has a full preview in their next issue. But the long and short of it is that the attractive FPS is back, returning withnew online co-op modes, including Team Invasion Mode, which sounds a bit like Horde, an addition that’s always welcome.

Above: Whoever said split-screen Vs was dead?

Meanwhile, the initial press release says nothing about using Wii Motion Plus, which is too bad if it goes unused. After playing the shockingly greatRed Steel 2 with the device, it now seems like a must for a Wii FPS. However, it does use Wii Speak for online chat, which we’re sure every Wii owner has and enjoys.

Mar 31, 2010

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