Common is Wanted

We were just starting to get excited about Wanted, which looked to be an adult comic-book adaptation in the vein of Sin City.

But our collective spider-sense has started to tingle, after the announcement that rap-star Common has joined the cast-list. After all, when it comes to rapper-slash-actors, for every Mos Def there’s a 50 Cent, and for every Ice Cube there’s a, well, Ice Cube.

Still, Common’s excited, bless him.

"I'm about to do this film called Wanted, which is starring Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman and James McAvoy, who was also part of The Last King Of Scotland with Forest Whitaker. And man, this movie is very exciting to even be talking about"

"My character in Wanted is called the Gunsmith. I'm basically this dude that's a master at shooting guns. I'm training this gentleman that's coming in, who really has certain abilities but doesn't know it; I'm training him on how to be what he should be.”

Which all sounds very clear.

We can make up our minds on Common and Wanted when the flick is released next year.