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Commandos 2 Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by joe hallam


    in the game type gonzoandjon in then click on a commando and do the following

    CTRL+V-enemy cant see you!
    CTRL+I-i am the lord! ( cant die )
    CTRL+SHIFT+N-complete level with all bonus books.

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Level Passwords

    Here are all the level codes for all skill levels for Commandos 2. In order to use them goto single player, then pick your character id name and then enter them under keyed mission and hit enter.
    Level 1
    Normal Difficulty, XHGDR
    Hard Difficulty, PLKUM
    VERY Hard Difficulty, PVTSL
    Level 2
    Normal Difficulty, WKUC4
    Hard Difficulty, JE5SH
    VERY Hard Difficulty, SKDJF
    Level 3
    Normal Difficulty, YSM51
    Hard Difficulty, DFY3B
    VERY Hard Difficulty, 3DYNG
    Level 4
    Normal Difficulty, B7D8F
    Hard Difficulty, K9D3H
    VERY Hard Difficulty, 9BG3S
    Level 5
    Normal Difficulty, 3GHSL
    Hard Difficulty, NMWQ9
    VERY Hard Difficulty, KJWJK
    Level 6
    Normal Difficulty, AZLM1
    Hard Difficulty, 16G3L
    VERY Hard Difficulty, E2J7H
    Level 7
    Normal Difficulty, JAHSG
    Hard Difficulty, WL3CZ
    VERY Hard Difficulty, ZX78Y
    Level 8
    Normal Difficulty, UN63A
    Hard Difficulty, LPQ6T
    VERY Hard Difficulty, TRIB4
    Level 9
    Normal Difficulty, VAZ2P
    Hard Difficulty, SRCM8
    VERY Hard Difficulty, TRD78
    Level 10
    Normal Difficulty, 9TT5W
    Hard Difficulty, PAEN8
    VERY Hard Difficulty, 1LPQD

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Various Cheats

    To activate the cheats put in GONZOANDJON for your name then you can use a code below
    Ctrl + - - Framerate
    CTRL Shift + N Win
    Shift + X - Teleport
    Ctrl + V - Invisible
    Ctrl Shift + X - All enemies die
    Ctrl + I - Invincible

Commandos 2 Hints

  • PC | Submitted by Thor

    Easy Way Out of Target Burma

    At the end of the Target Burma mission, the easiest way to get past the enemy swarm (and get heaps of kills) is to hide all of your men inside the temple where the spiritual leader is. Give an allied Ghurka a rifle and put him outside the door, facing the steps.
    When a guard comes, he will shoot him and anyone who is alerted. Your sniper can kill the tyrant from the roof of the building right next to the temple.

  • PC | Submitted by Yojo

    Soldier Long Move

    When using Spy in a generals uniform and ordering soldiers to move wherever you want them, you can make them move over really long distances. First tell the soldier to go as long away as possible. Then cancel Spy`s control over the soldier and move towards him. Then take control over him again, and make him go as long away as possible, and on, and on... With this metode you can move soldier over long distances.