soldier guide green beret commando number -1 ability-knife and radio transmitter also leader sniper commando number -2 ability-use a sniper rifle also an important soldier diver commando number -3 ability-throw knives,zodika and swiming equipment also very handy for transport(zodika) sapper commando number -4 ability-use explosives a metal detector also very useful for taking out tanks and other transport of enemy driver commando number -5 ability-build traps and utilise transport such as tanks also can throw cocktail bombs and other stuff spy commando number -6 ability-disguse as german troops and use a powerful needle also useful for distractions natasha commando number -7 ability-use a sniper and disguse as a seductress ( hot lady) also able to get to buildings and get useful equipment theif commando number -8 ability-steal cigars and more also the fastest in the commandos army whiskey commando number -9 ability-can carry your stuff and unuseful stuff also you can send messages to different people at different buildings other... sea men only have pistols and have a sweater for mission 3 (white death) united sates soldiers equiped with a rifle and pistol and rocket launcher but only on saving private smith with the rocket launcher gurhiks equiped with a rifle guiness equiped with a pistol french resistance paper-whistle on mission 1 he dies.. wilson trumpet air crew man a pistol</p>