Comic-Con 2014: Legendary confirms Godzilla 2 monsters and King Kong reboot

Legendary Pictures didn’t reveal any Jurassic World footage during their Comic-Con panel (boo!), but that might be because they’ve got plenty of other monsters on their slate.

Gareth Edwards appeared via video message, joking that he’ll be busy with “a small little sci-fi film” (that’ll be his Star Wars spin-off), but he did confirm that he’ll be back to tackle the Godzilla sequel after that.

He also introduced a brand new clip of Godzilla roaring (was he on top of Alcatraz Island?), as a thank you to the fans who have made it a huge hit world worldwide.

Legendary then went on to tease the three monsters that Godzilla might be facing in the sequel, and they’re classics: Rodan (a pterosaur), Ghidorah (a three-headed dragon) and Mothra (a, erm, giant moth).

In another surprise monster-related announcement, Legendary announced that they would be releasing a film called Skull Island in 2016. As you’ll remember, it’s the home of King Kong. The teaser footage showed off a pterodactyl, some monkey, and right at the end, Kong himself (at least, we thought it was him). If there was a whiff of anticlimax about the footage, it was because the prehistoric-looking island made the crowd think they were watching a Jurassic World teaser - no such luck...

This new film incarnation isn’t related to Peter Jackson’s 2005 remake, and will focus on the wildlife on the island itself (so don’t expect to see the Empire State Building).