Comic-Con 09: First Reaction: Ninja Assassin

There will be blood. Lots and lots of blood. Total Film almost had to wipe the stuff from our eyes as it geysered everything throughout the Comic Con sneak screening of Ninja Assassin last night.

Severed heads, arms, legs, faces... Everything gets the chop in director James McTeigue's mega-violent follow-up to V For Vendetta, which stars Asian heartthrob and Speed Racer actor Rain as a vengeful black-clad killer.

Sadly, the story and the acting are way less sharp than the swords and shuriken stars being lashed around. But for sheer B-movie gore-gushing, Ninja Assassin simply doesn't hold back.

Ninjas hit by cars. Victims gutted. Walls painted with claret. It's stylised, for sure - lots of swerving camerawork, thanks to producers The Wachowski Brothers - but brutal stuff.

By the end of the film, Rain looks like he's dropped been through a giant paper-shredder.