Come to Barrow Hill

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Wednesday 28 June 2006
Barrow Hill, a Cornwall-set spookfest, is resurrecting Myst's classic point 'n' click style gameplay with a horrifying twist. There's a terror lurking beneath the half-revealed remains of a Cornish tomb - the barrow of the title - and it's up to you to dig up clues and solve puzzles in an experience that developer Shadow Tor Studios describes as 'archaeology meets adventure'.

We've got a brace of trailers to show off the game's atmosphere and gameplay, as well as a handful of screens displaying the lovingly detailed environments. Shadow Tor Studios is based in Cornwall and the team has been busy using the 'inspirational Cornish landscape to craft exciting games', giving Barrow Hill a well-informed visual flavour.

Above: The shadowed environments are all intricately detailed and full of possible clues

The point 'n' click interaction might seem a little backwards compared to, say, Resident Evil 4, but there's an engaging and palpable creepy atmosphere to this eerie game. We're fans of cryptic adventures in crypts and other cobwebby locations, so we'll be eyeing up this adventure before its release in October, if only for a swift dose of Cornish myth.

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