Columbia likes Will Smith's wife

We thought it had been a little while. What with Hitch coming out almost two years ago, it’s surely about time Will Smith cranked out another comedy?

Big Willy (hey, he started it) is currently plugging away finishing up vampire action flick I Am Legend before slipping straight into down-on-his-luck superhero drama, Tonight, He Comes.

In the meantime, Smith’s production company, Overbrook Entertainment, is working on the rib-tickler, My Wife Hates Your Wife. The tale follows two fellas whose wives fall out, forcing the blokes to see each other in secret.

Coyote Ugly scribbler Gina Wendkos is tapping the keys and once Smith sees her finished product, he’ll decide if he wants to star or not.

Come on Will, it’s been 18 months. Just one more comedy… you know you wanna…