Cliffhanger to get a remake

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that all great ’80s and ’90s action movies are going to get remade someday.

Following Robocop , Total Recall and just about everything else you used to love years ago, Sylvester Stallone’s classic 1993 mountain-top actioner Cliffhanger is getting a remake.

Fast & Furious franchise producer Neal Moritz has hired Joe Gazzam to rewrite the script, presumably keeping the basics intact: a hotshot rescue ranger gets mixed up in a botched heist – with all the action played out on the wobbly ledges and ravines of the Rocky Mountains.

Not to be confused with Baltasar Kormakur’s Everest , starring Jake Gyllenhaal (or Doug Liman’s Everest starring Tom Hardy…), if it’s done right, Cliffhanger should be a much more action packed, much more fun, aerial adventure.

If it's done right, that is...