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Strange #1 introduces us to Marvel's new Sorcerer Supreme - Clea

Strange #1 unfinished excerpt
Strange #1 unfinished excerpt (Image credit: Marcelo Ferreira (Marvel Comics))

Marvel Comics has named its next Sorcerer Supreme, and it's Clea.

Clea Strange.

Strange #1 cover (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

That's right, the one-time paramour of Doctor Stephen Strange and current Sorcerer Supreme of the Dark Dimension is becoming the Sorcerer Supreme of the main Marvel universe - the '616,' as they call it - as a result of the still-ongoing limited series Death of Doctor Strange.

And we already know what's next - a new Clea-centric comic book called Strange, debuting March 2. Death of Doctor Strange writer Jed MacKay will be partnering with former Amazing Spider-Man artist Marcelo Ferreira for this new ongoing series that'll spell out Clea's early days as Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme, and possibly get into her unique family which includes her mother (Umar), her uncle (Dormammu), and her cousin (Doyle Dormammu).

Strange #1 unfinished excerpt (Image credit: Marcelo Ferreira (Marvel Comics))

And if you're wondering how and why Clea has the last name 'Strange,' she and Strange married years ago - even though they live apart and might be considered 'separated' given how they left things at the end of Jason Aaron's Doctor Strange run.

In this new Strange series, however, she'll be pining for the recently-departed Stephen Strange and looking for ways to bring him back, but will be pulled into bigger things when "a mysterious group" as Marvel calls it, attacks Earth.

"After the apocalyptic events of The Death of Doctor Strange, there's a new Sorcerer Supreme in residence at 177A Bleecker Street, and a new Doctor Strange- Clea Strange," MacKay says in the announcement. 

"And she's got her work cut out for her- when she's not fighting off the magical gangsters of the Blasphemy Syndicate, or battling undead super-monsters, she's going after what's hers: the late Stephen Strange. Clea is of the Faltine, that race of warlords and conquerors, and like her relatives Dormammu and Umar, she will not be thwarted in her desires, not even by the mysterious Harvestman standing in her way."

Strange #1 goes on sale on March 2, while January 26's Death of Doctor Strange #5 ends that event series.

Maybe this will propel Clea to be on our list of the best supernatural superheroes in comic books.