ClassicRadar: Kickass Bruce Lee clones


Kim Dragon

First appeared in: World Heroes
Signature moves: Fist Fury, Shining Dragon Attack, Low Shining Dragon Attack
Famous quote: “Haccho! Remember my movie Enter the Gecko? No. Well, I’ll recreate the final scene.” – Kim Dragon, World Heroes win screen
Most Lee-like moment: World Heroes Perfect featured special ABC moves, which could be activated by tapping the A, B, and C buttons at the same time. Kim Dragon was definitely most Lee-like when using his ABC Shining Dragon Attack and Low Shining Dragon Attack moves to counter attack his opponent’s strikes.

Know your Lee: Like Fei-Long, Kim Dragon is offered the opportunity to become a movie star after finishing the game. But instead of turning down the chance, Kim Dragon quickly accepts and a new legend in tinsel town is born.


Marshall Law

First appeared in: Tekken
Signature moves: Every version of his hard-to-block Flip Kick and his unblockable Dragon Fang
Most Lee-like moment: Every second in which you control Law is a Lee-like moment. Bruce Lee was fast and unpredictable. His whoops and screams were unnerving and threw his opponents off. Like Lee, Law’s move set is filled with hard-to-block attacks and unpredictable strikes that were easy to work into accidental combos. Because of his supreme Lee-ness, Tekken fans understand the threat that Law posed – even if he was controlled by a mere button masher.
Know your Lee: Did you know that Marshall Law and Paul are super BFF? In Tekken 2, Law tries (and fails) to teach his clumsy companion how to do a Flip Kick. The two also appear together in Urban Reign for the PS2.
Marshall’s Mustache: Law grew a very un-Lee-like mustache in Tekken 4. Fortunately, he decided to shave off his pathetic patch of facial hair in Tekken 6.

Above: Attentive fans will also notice that the scar on Law’s chest in Tekken 5 resembles the ones that Lee received in Enter the Dragon


A Shirtless Chinese Fighter

First appeared in: China Warrior
Signature moves: Dying after getting pecked to death by birds, dying after getting smacked with random stones, dying while trying to jump.
Why we hate him: If a perfect Lee clone were created, the heavens would probably come crashing down on us due to an overabundance of awesomeness in the Earth’s atmosphere. That being said, there are tons of terrible Lee clones out there and our award for the weakest Lee goes to the lame and unnamed Bruce Lee imposter from China Warrior.

This laughably bad game allowed you to punch and kick as you tried to make your way past hordes of wimpy enemies like flying stones and tiny birds. But the controls were so frumpy and finicky that dodging and smacking enemies was nigh impossible, resulting in countless frustrateng deaths.

Above: Bruce Lee would never let a bird take him out. But it happens all the time in China Warrior when these flying peckers go all Hitchcock on your ass

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Originally posted Sep 18, 2008

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