Classic Loki actor Richard E. Grant shares behind-the-scenes look at his costume

Richard E. Grant as Classic Loki
(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Classic Loki actor Richard E. Grant has given us a peek behind The Void in a new image from the Loki set.

"Blown away by the amazing response to Loki," Grant said on Twitter alongside a picture of the eye-popping costume. "Congratulations to Tom Hiddleston and [director] Kate Herron."

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Only someone like Richard E. Grant could pull off the Classic Loki look without making it looking completely ridiculous. The costume draws from Loki’s original outings in the comics, complete with a larger emphasis on yellows over greens, and a garish horned helmet. Grant even joked that he’s been channelling Kermit for a role that has probably made most actors green with envy.

He’s even been goofing around with his co-stars on set. In one Instagram video that demands repeating viewing, Grant performs a vaudeville act with Mobius actor Owen Wilson. Grant thinks he hears a compliment from Wilson, but not so. Take a look for yourself.

Alas, Classic Loki wasn't long for this world. The elder Loki (who we now know survived Avengers: Infinity War) went out with an enchanted bang in the face of the smokey villain Alioth. He did it in style, too, by conjuring up a projection of the entirety of Asgard. Still, it appears that this was a one-and-done appearance for Richard E. Grant. We hardly knew ye.

One Loki may have been stopped in his tracks, but the show is picking up pace as it hurtles towards the finale. Several signs are pointing to Kang the Conqueror being outed as the Big Bad of the Disney Plus series.

Not only that, but Loki episode 5 also introduced some deep cuts – from the real world and Marvel’s – that highlights Marvel Studio’s incredible attention to detail.

One scene provides the ‘origin’ of 20th Century urban legend The Philadelphia Experiment, while another blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment gives us a look at the very first Thor Variant in the series: Frog Thor, better known as Throg.

For more on what’s to come down the line in the MCU, be sure to check out our guide to Marvel Phase 4 and a look at all the new Marvel TV shows in the works.

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