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Civilization V: Gods & Kings' release date revealed by 2K

2K has set a release date of June 19 for the US launch of the first major Civilization V expansion, Gods & Kings (opens in new tab), with international players getting the title three days later. The add-on will bring religion, espionage and no shortage of added characters, units and other content to the title. The spiritually-inclined among you can celebrate this news in the leadup to one of the holiest weekends in multiple faiths; if you're a soulless heretic, just look forward to the game finally patching a hole that's been gaping since launch.

The expansion adds a new resource, Faith, which can be used to power various city upgrades and dictate your interactions with other civilizations and city-states. The various civilizations' means of gaining Faith ought to create greater variety between leader choices – as will the new Espionage system, which allows acts of skulduggery similar to those of Civ IV's later acts.

The expansion also boasts new gameplay mechanics, civilizations, leaders, city-states and more. Check our Civilization V: Gods & Kings preview (opens in new tab) while you wait for 2K to drop further information about the update.