Circle of Doom gets rolling

Tuesday 3 October 2006
Following yesterday's screenshots from the Kingdom Under Fire series' jump to Xbox 360 and switch to dungeon-crawling action, the first trailer has arrived - rapidly strike the movies tab above to see it.

Although it's not quite as stirring as we were expecting - spending a little too long lingering on the scenery rather than the (great-looking) combat - it's a promising start, and hints at how hectic the action will get with a full four players furiously windmilling away.

Not only are Circle of Doom's environments randomly generated, they're destructible too - you can pummel down pillars with a good smash or a crossbow bolt or five, and even break down walls in search of secret areas.

Currently under development in Korea, it's likely Circle of Doom will have as low a profile until its 360 and PC releases as the earlier Xbox Kingdom Under Fire games did - but we'll still keep our eyes peeled and buttons mashed for more.