Roadie run
When you consider that the COG squad look like armor-plated Michelin men it's quite a surprise that they're such a nimble, acrobatic bunch. OK, they might not be in quite the same league as a certain time-dodging prince but for bulked up dudes they certainly can move.

One of Gear's constant objectives is the search for cover and diving between pillars and hurdling debris is super cool, but the 'roadie run' is the ultimate way to dodge hostile fire.

Above: The awesome roadie run gives war zone shootouts an intense cinematic vibe.

Used for covering open ground at a sprint, when breaking into the roadie run the lead COG operative and hulking man mountain Marcus Fenix hot foots it across the battlefield with his head down to make himself a harder target for the Locusts to nail.

But it's the shift in the camera viewpoint that makes the roadie run so irresistible. Bobbing behind Fenix at knee-level in shaky-cam style, the effect creates a feeling of genuine, running-for-your-life-in-a-war-zone atmosphere.

And all you have to do is hold down the A button. Simple, certainly, but so very, very sweet.