Sticky grenade
Gears of War hurls chunks like a drunk; not chunks of whiffy gastric debris, but chunks of sopping blubbery flesh.

There's a variety of ways to Swiss cheese your enemies and make them quite literally fall to pieces - the Troika gun turrets, for example, will cut anyone or anything unfortunate enough to get in the way of their wrath into itty-bitty pieces. Neat.

Above: Stick 'em with a bolo grenade and bathe in a shower of alien entrails.

But if you really want to "oooh" and "aaah" at a fleshy fireworks display, equip yourself with a frag grenade, slope up to an enemy and press B to stick the spiky boom ball on them. Move away and wait for the chunks to fly skyward before gravity brings the guts and gizzards back down with a satisfying splatter.

If you're looking for some comic relief minus the bloody mess, stick a smoke grenade on an enemy in an online fracas and laugh as they tear about the level in a cloud of fog. Then run in and go to work on their internal organs with the chainsaw.

Now that's what we call a punch line.