Active reload
Even reloading your firearm in Gears throws up a challenge with its own rewards: successfully pull off an active reload and you'll refresh your clip in double-quick time; nail a perfect active reload and your bullets do more damage for a limited period. Bonus.

Performed by tapping the right bumper button at the optimum moment when reloading has been activated, mastering active reloads is absolutely essential.

Above: Screw up the active reload and precious seconds are lost as Fenix wrestles with his weapon.

Normal reloads can take an age and while the pause in shooting gives you an opportunity to admire the shimmering heat haze from the barrel of your shooter, it's not ideal when you've got Locusts swarming your position with their chainsaws homing in on your oesophagus.

Fast-feeding your weapon efficiently is incredibly gratifying and reloading has never been so much fun. Try it and you'll see.