Christian Bale Talks Terminator Salvation

Total Film spent some time with that nice Mr Christian Bale last month.

This week – to celebrate the new Bale and Terminator Salvation-packed issue hitting shelves 30 April – has five world exclusives from The Most In Demand Actor Right Now.

Today, he talks about why he signed up for T4 and how he bumped into Arnold Schwarzenegger in a car park.

On why he chose Terminator Salvation…

“I love making very varied movies.

"Sometimes I want to be in a rollercoaster of a movie with lots of screaming and shouting and a feeling of unity with the people you’re watching the movie with and other times I want to do movies where it’s very much like sitting reading a book by yourself or listening to a real personal piece of music.

"I would get very bored if I did the same kind of movies all the time.

“They just give me variety so I don’t feel like I’m stuck in a rut of banging out the same thing all the time and I get to work with very different personalities and people who are driven by very different excitements about movie-making and I like taking that risk and challenge.

“So many times with different movies which I’ve personally really liked, people have said, ‘What the hell are you doing that for?’ and Terminator again was a film where people looked and said, ‘Why the hell would you make another Terminator?

"But in my head I could very well see why and what I would like to see and it spurs me on when people are telling me that I’m being a little bit stupid and a little bit crazy to want to embark on that endeavour.”[page-break]

On the apocalyptic imagery of Terminator Salvation, the summer’s darkest blockbuster…

“Well it’s a little far fetched, but certainly I like the imagery and I like the dystopia – the fact the human species is on its way out and a new form of life is dominating.”

On bumping into Arnie in a car park…

“He’s got bodyguards and they were all shouting at me and I was going, ‘Hold on, hold on, I’ve met him before!’ but they were getting very worried as I walked toward him.

"But we chatted a bit. He had questions about Terminator Salvation, he didn’t know the script at all but I hear apparently he’s now seen the movie… I’ll wait to hear what his reaction is…"

For Bale on The Dark Knight’s Oscar snubs, Public Enemies, Batman 3 and, yep, that outburst check out every day for the rest of the week.

And then for plenty more where that came from, buy Issue 155 of Total Film, on sale 30 April .

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