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Christian Bale in Terminator: Salvation?

And here we thought that Christian Bale’s only current idea of blockbuster film star status was filling Batman’s suit. Turns out he might have another huge franchise in his otherwise indie-focused sights: The Terminator.

According to the duelling rumour hounds of CHUD and Ain’t It Cool , Bale has been cast in McG’s entry for the long-running franchise, Terminator Salvation.

But the news splits at that point – one story has him playing John Connor, while another puts him in the villainous central Terminator role. So which is it? And might he be playing someone completely different? Chances are we’ll find out soon enough.

Terminator Salvation (with its unwieldy subtitle “The Future Begins”) continues the story of T3, though updates the plot and launches a new franchise with John Connor emerging from safe shelter to start leading the human resistance against the evil robot overlords. Michael Ferris and John Brancato penned the script and McG plans to kick off shooting early next year.

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