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Choke and Outlander

After proving to be an audience favourite at this year’s Sundance, the adaptation of Chuck “Fight Club” Palahniuk’s novel Choke is finally getting ready for its cinematic close-up.

Featuring the likes of Sam Rockwell, Anjelica Houston and Kelly McDonald, it’s the tale of a sex-addicted git (Rockwell) who also pretends to choke on food in restaurants so he can exploit those who help him for cash. Just your typical Palahniuk tale of ordinary folk, then. And did we mention that it looks fantastic?

There’s a restricted trailer up, which you can see here . Warning: it’s chock full of naughty stuff.

Much less likely to feature forced vomiting (though who knows?) is Outlander, which finds Jim Caviezel’s alien crash-landing on Earth during Viking times. When he discovers that one of his animalistic mortal enemies has also arrived, and is slaughtering humans by the claw-load, he teams up with the local warriors to fight back. This one’s already in release in Latvia, so get your tickets now, folks!

The trailer can be found lurking here .

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