Check out the exclusive new trailer for League of Legends spin-off Song of Nunu

Song of Nunu
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The next League of Legends spin-off, Song of Nunu, comes out in just a few weeks, and we've got an exclusive new trailer to show off.

A puzzle adventure featuring the titular Nunu and his yeti companion Willump, Song of Nunu comes from indie developer Tequila Works, best known for 2017's Rime. The new trailer kicks off with a snowball fight followed by some chaotic yeti-tobogganing and then a better look at the puzzles that you'll have to solve to make your way through the Freljord.

As with most of the League of Legends spinoffs that have come before - from RPG Ruined King to Metroidvania Convergence - Song of Nunu will feature several guest appearances from Riot's other MOBA characters; the friendly Braum turns up to lend his own hand to some sledding (and a standoff against some much-less-friendly wolves); the mysterious Lissandra appears, watching over Nunu and Willump; and the gods of the Freljord make an appearance thanks to Anivia.

Song of Nunu's puzzle gameplay looks set to make the most of Nunu and Willump's skills. From Nunu's skills with a flute to Willump's strength making him both an expert snowball-roller and a pretty handy yeti to have around in a seesaw puzzle, a lifetime in the Freljord has made this a pair to be reckoned with. They're also a dab-hand when it comes to sledding, which does seem to be the reward you'll get for finding the solution to most of these puzzles.

The cute and cuddly (if slightly cold) aesthetic of Song of Nunu might not be the first thing you'd associate with League of Legends, but it's not the only upcoming spin-off leaning into the game's softer side. Next year, life sim Bandle Tale will add a touch of Stardew Valley to the LoL universe, taking fans to the home of the mysterious Yordles.

Song of Nunu is set to release on November 1 on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store, and if you pre-order now you'll get a bonus of a digital art book.

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