Check out Iron Man's (possibly shape-shifting) Infinity War armor in this... Disneyland commercial?

It's become an established pattern by now: for every new Marvel movie featuring Iron Man, Tony Stark has devised a new suit to wear. But the Avengers: Infinity War trailer was surprisingly light on footage of Stark suited up (save for him catching a Thanos fist with his face and promptly getting knocked down flat), so we didn't really get a good look at it. That's all changed though, thanks to this... uh, Disneyland Paris commercial:

I'm sure there's some technicality on why people can't say that is absolutely, 100% the same suit, but come on, just look at it! The body matches what we've seen in the official posters for the upcoming film... 

And the overall suit matches this peek at promo / concept art that was seemingly leaked back in October 2017:

So, here's the really cool thing: it looks like the Iron Man Infinity War armor will be based on the Model Prime armor from the comics. A relatively recent invention, the Model Prime suit was introduced in 2015 as part of the "All-New, All-Different" Marvel reboot, where most of the publisher's line-up reverted back to issue #1 as new storylines were formed.

Unlike the big, heavy, chunky style of yesteryear, the Model Prime is sleek, lightweight, and modular. It operates based on molecular nanotechnology mumbo jumbo *waves hands*, but what this means is that it can basically shapeshift and take on different properties. That's (presumably) why you see those strange cannons in the leaked concept art, as well as the wing-like extensions coming off his back.

That could also explain the presence of an arc reactor on Tony's chest in the movie, which was surprising to see given he had that bit of tech surgically removed from himself in Iron Man 3. In other words, the little bit of blue we've seen peeking out from under his hoodie could just be what the armor 'unfolds' out of, kind of like how a glove formed from a watch in Captain America: Civil War.

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Sam Prell

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