_ _ ___________________ _ _ ///// C O N F L I C T: \\\\\ /////_____________________\\\\\ ___________________ ___________________ _| _ _ _ _ _ ___ | | _ ___ _ _ |_ | | ||_ |_ |_ |_| | | | |_ | | ||_||\/| | | |_||_ _||_ |\ | | | _| | |_||\ | | | \____________________| |____________________/ Conflict: Desert Storm Walkthrough and FAQ Created by: Halo 54 Version 0.4 ==================================================================== Table of Contents ==================================================================== I. Overview/General Information II. Recent Updates III. Controls IV. Gametips V. Weapons/Supplies 1. Pistols a. SIG P228 Silenced Pistol b. Desert Eagle Pistol c. Beretta Model 92 Pistol 2. Assault Rifles a. Colt M16A2 b. AK-47 Assault Rifle c. AK-74 Assault Rifle 3. Sub-Machine Guns a. MP5-SD Silenced Sub-Machine Gun b. AKSU-74 Sub-Machine Gun 4. Sniper Rifles a. Heckler and Koch PSG1 Sniper Rifle b. M82A1 Barrett "Light Fifty" Sniper Rifle c. Accuracy Int. L96A1 Moderated Sniper Rifle d. SVD Dragunov 5. Shotguns a. Remmington 870 Combat Shotgun b. Franchi SPAS-12 Combat Shotgun 6. Machine Guns a. M60E3 Light-Machine Gun b. RPK-74 c. PK Light-Machine Gun d. M249 SAW Light-Machine Gun 7. Heavy Weapons/Explosives a. RPG-7 Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher b. LAW-66 Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher c. C4 Plastic Explosive d. M67 Fragmentation Grenade e. Anti-Tank Mine f. SA-7 Grail Anti-Aircraft Missile g. M203 40mm Grenade Launcher 8. Other a. Combat Knife b. Binoculars c. Passive Night Vision Goggles d. M18 Smoke Grenade e. PCP319 Communications Headset f. Laser Designator g. MediKit VI. Walkthrough 1. Rescue 2. Safe Passage 3. Special Delivery 4. Desert Watch 5. SCUD Boulevard 6. SCUD Alley 7. Crash & Burn 8. Patriotic Defense 9. No Retreat 10. Cavalry Charge 11. Human Shield 12. On the Brink 13. Edge of Destruction 14. Counter Attack 15. Lights Out IX. Frequently Asked Questions X. Credits XI. Legal Info XII. Contact Info ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I. Overview/General Information ----------------------------------------------------------------------- The purpose of this walkthrough is to guide gamers through the Xbox version of Conflict: Desert Storm. There are spoilers in this guide, so if you do not want to find out certain details concerning the storyline, you may want to refrain from reading this guide. Anyway, here is some general information about the game: _____________________________________________________________________ | | | | Platforms | XBX, PS2, GCN, PC | |___________________________________|_________________________________| | | | | Genre | Action/Strategy | |___________________________________|_________________________________| | | | | Developer | Pivotal Games | |___________________________________|_________________________________| | | | | Publisher | Gotham Games | |___________________________________|_________________________________| | | | | Players | 1-4 | |___________________________________|_________________________________| | | | | ESRB Rating | Teen | |___________________________________|_________________________________| | | | | Price | $49.99 (U.S.) | |___________________________________|_________________________________| ----------------------------------------------------------------------- II. Recent Updates ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Tue, Dec. 10: Version 0.4 I completed 2 more level FAQs, but I have skipped level 4. I left it out accidentally, but I'll get to it soon. Mon, Dec. 09: Version 0.3 I completed 4 more level FAQs, and also updated the Gametips section with a few submitted tips. Thanks for your support! Sun, Dec. 08: Version 0.2 I updated the weapons section, and fixed some of the tables so they shouldn't be cut off by the word wrap anymore. Sorry for the long break in updates...I was away this past week. Fri, Nov. 29: Version 0.1 I have just started working on this FAQ. I'll be sure to update it regularly, so check back every once in a while. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- III. Controls ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are the controls you'll need to know in order to play the game: Moving _______________________________________________________________ | | | | Move forward/back | Left Thumbstick up/down | |_________________________|_____________________________________| | | | | Turn clockwise/counter- | Right Thumbstick right/left | | clockwise | | |_________________________|_____________________________________| | | | | Strafe | Left Thumbstick left/right | |_________________________|_____________________________________| | | | | Look up/down | Right Thumbstick up/down | |_________________________|_____________________________________| | | | | Crouch | Tap B | |_________________________|_____________________________________| | | | | Prone (Lying down) | Hold B | |_________________________|_____________________________________| Weapons/Items _______________________________________________________________ | | | | Pick up item | When "Pick Up" appears, press A | |_________________________|_____________________________________| | | | | Select item | Hold Y, and press D-pad up/down | |_________________________|_____________________________________| | | | | Use item | Right Trigger | |_________________________|_____________________________________| | | | | Action (Reload) | Press A | |_________________________|_____________________________________| Give Orders _______________________________________________________________ | | | | Follow me | Hold L, highlight specific soldier, | | | and press A | |_________________________|_____________________________________| | | | | Hold position | Hold L, highlight specific soldier, | | | and press Y | |_________________________|_____________________________________| | | | | Follow me (all) | Hold L and press Black button | |_________________________|_____________________________________| | | | | Hold position (all) | Hold L and press Black button 2x | |_________________________|_____________________________________| | | | | Everybody down/up | Hold L and press White Button | |_________________________|_____________________________________| | | | | Fire at will/stand down | Press X | |_________________________|_____________________________________| | | | | Switch character | D-Pad up/down |_________________________|_____________________________________| Other _______________________________________________________________ | | | | Pause | Start Button | |_________________________|_____________________________________| | | | | Map/Objectives Screen | Back Button | |_________________________|_____________________________________| ----------------------------------------------------------------------- IV. Gametips ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are a bunch of tips I have put together to help you while playing this game. The ones here are taken from the instruction manual, but I will add some as soon as possible. I am also taking requests for more tips from other players. So, if you have something you want to share, e-mail it to me and, if it makes sense and hasn't already been mentioned, I'll list it and give you credit for it. - Most weapons at your disposal have different firing modes, so try to learn each weapon's strengths and weaknesses for maximum effectiveness. - Fully automatic weapons have high rates of fire and will keep an enemy pinned down, so always try to fire in short, controlled bursts; this will help accuracy and conserve ammunition. - Use teamwork to defeat the enemy so that you and your soldiers can live to fight another day. - An anti-tank weapon is a precious commodity. Use these weapons wisely. - If you need to take out an enemy sentry quietly, use silenced weapons or the combat knife. - If you find yourself running low on ammo, try searching captured enemy positions for replacement weaponry/ammo. - Your accuracy improves if you fire your weapon from a stationary position. Moving and firing will make you less accurate. - Crouching and lying prone will also improve your accuracy. - Smoke grenades can create cover for an advancing squad but remember, they do not last forever. - Position your team to give maximum covering fire, this could mean the difference between success and failure. - The advance order is a useful way to get your squad into position quickly. - Multiple C4 charges can be placed and then detonated in order of placement. - Rocket Launchers, Sniper Rifles, and Machine Guns cannot be fired on the move. - Attacking Main Battle Tanks head on is suicide. Always try to outflank armored vehicles and hit their rear where the armor is weaker. - Use the MediKit to heal unconscious soldiers so they can continue the mission. - Try to avoid killing civilians. - It is best to have veteran soldiers in your squad. They are, put simply, much better than rookie soldiers. For example, if you are running through a minefield with rookies, most, if not all of the soldiers will step on the mines. But, if you are running through with experienced soldiers, none of them will step on the mines. Take that into consideration the next time you leave another soldier behind. - When using a sniper rifle, you will probably notice the two red dots moving along the center of the horizontal and vertical axes. These represent how much movement you are making, and by staying still, crouching or lying prone, the movement of the red dots will decrease. When the two dots are still, you will have the most accurate shot. - Remember that you have a four-member squad to control. Make the best of each soldier in missions by giving each of them oppurtunities to complete objectives. This means that you should reserve different "jobs" for each soldier, and try to complete them individually. - Listen to your fellow soldiers; they often alert you when there is an enemy presence, whether it be infantry, armor, gunships (helicopters), turret gunners, or group transport trucks. All are important, and can help you if you do not notice the enemy yourself. - Tanks and APCs can often be heard patroling also enemy soldiers can too. Try listening out for them before proceeding into unknown areas (good for the urban enviroments). [By: Danny1517] ----------------------------------------------------------------------- V. Weapons/Items ----------------------------------------------------------------------- In this section, I'll list and explain each weapon/item available for use in Conflict: Desert Storm. There are quite a few, so I have not finished this section yet (you may notice that the machine gun section is quite a ways from being finished). I have also used a rating system for each weapon. My rating system is based on a scale from 1-10, using my experience with each one to roughly judge them. 1-3: Poor The weapon is not proficient in the particular category. 4-6: Average The weapon is average in the particular category. 7-9: Good The weapon is good in the category it represents. 10: Very Good The weapon is exceptional in the specified category. I rate them on 5 different categories: Reload rate, rate of fire, noise level, accuracy, and power. All of these categories represent the scale used above EXCEPT for noise level. Noise level uses a different scale, from 1 meaning "Quiet", to 10 meaning "Very Loud". I feel that these five categories best represent the abilities of each weapon. *********************************************************************** Section One: Pistols *********************************************************************** ________________________ SIG P228 Silenced Pistol Reload Rate: 8 Rate of fire: 5 Noise level: 1 Accuracy: 6 Power: 4 ________________________ Mainly carried by Bradley, this lightweight pistol uses a compact silencer to quiet the usual loud sound from a gun. So, this makes it a very useful weapon to use when trying to keep a low profile, and remaining stealthy. But, its accuracy is limited, and is sometimes ineffective at medium to long range. _______________________ Beretta Model 92 Pistol Reload Rate: 8 Rate of fire: 5 Noise level: 5 Accuracy: 7 Power: 5 _______________________ The Beretta, a police issue handgun, is used by Foley. As an alternative to sniping, it is good for close range combat, and quite powerful. ___________________ Desert Eagle Pistol Reload Rate: 8 Rate of fire: 4 Noise level: 7 Accuracy: 5 Power: 7 ___________________ A powerful handgun used by Connors, the Desert Eagle fires large .50 calibre rounds. *********************************************************************** Section Two: Assault Rifles *********************************************************************** ________________________ Colt M16A2 Assault Rifle Reload Rate: 6 Rate of fire: 8 Noise level: 5 Accuracy: 6 Power: 6 ________________________ The M16 is a very useful weapon, and great to use in most situations. For close combat, medium range, and sometimes even long range, it proves to be more than effective in most situations. It has three firing modes: Single Shot, Burst Fire, and also comes equipped with an M-203 40mm Grenade Launcher, which can take down distant targets. Overall, an excellent choice for a primary weapon. ____________________ AK-47 Assault Rifle Reload Rate: 6 Rate of fire: 10 Noise level: 5 Accuracy: 6 Power: 6 ____________________ With a high rate of fire, the AK-47 is a good weapon to use when trying to suppress enemy infantry. There are two firing modes: Single Shot and Fully Automatic. Although firing fully automatic may seemingly be a good thing, it expends ammo much more quickly, and should be fired in quick burst for maximum efficiency. *********************************************************************** Section Three: Sub-Machine Guns *********************************************************************** _______________________________ MP5-SD Silenced Sub-Machine Gun Reload Rate: 6 Rate of fire: 8 Noise level: 1 Accuracy: 6 Power: 6 _______________________________ A great weapon for all-around usage. It combines a good firing rate with a silencer fitted to it to achieve a powerful, yet quiet weapon. Used by Jones, the MP-5 can be used in Single Shot, Burst Fire, and Fully Automatic modes. Once again, the best method for combat is using the Burst Fire, because it is more efficient. Single Shot mode is best suited for stealth, when only one shot is needed to deliver a quick headshot. _______________________ AKSU-74 Sub-Machine Gun Reload Rate: 5 Rate of fire: 9 Noise level: 6 Accuracy: 6 Power: 7 _______________________ The AKSU-74 is a fast-firing, powerful sub-machine gun. Like many other weapons, it can be switched from Fully Automatic to Single Shot. Single shot is never needed, and you should almost always keep this in Fully Automatic, unless you want to preserve ammunition. ____________________________ M16 Silenced Sub-machine Gun Reload Rate: 5 Rate of fire: 8 Noise level: 1 Accuracy: 7 Power: 6 ____________________________ A great improvement over its assault rifle predecessor, the Silenced M16 is a very good weapon to have at your disposal. Its silenced ability makes it much better, but the fact that it no longer carries the grenade launcher brings it down a couple notches. But overall, a great weapon. *********************************************************************** Section Four: Sniper Rifles *********************************************************************** __________________________________ Heckler and Koch PSG1 Sniper Rifle Reload Rate: 5 Rate of fire: 3 Noise level: 8 Accuracy: 9 Power: 8 __________________________________ An extremely accurate weapon at long distances, the PSG1 is the weapon of choice for sniping. Although it is not silenced, it is still useful for targeting long- range threats and eliminating them. ________________________________________ M82A1 Barrett "Light-Fifty" Sniper Rifle Reload Rate: 5 Rate of fire: 3 Noise level: 8 Accuracy: 9 Power: 8 ________________________________________ One of the first heavy battlefield sniper rifles to achieve success. The Barret uses a large .50 calibre round, which has an effective range of over 1500 meters. ___________________________________________________ Accuracy International L96A1 Moderated Sniper Rifle Reload Rate: 5 Rate of fire: 4 Noise level: 3 Accuracy: 10 Power: 7 ___________________________________________________ This sniper rifle is a step-up from the previous ones. It is somewhat silenced, making it a much better weapon to use when sneaking. Its accuracy is also increased. _________________________ SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle Reload rate: 5 Rate of fire: 3 Noise level: 8 Accuracy: 9 Power: 7 _________________________ An Iraqi sniper rifle. Found in some bunkers, or captured Iraqi buildings. Good, but there is a noticeable amount of "kick-back" caused by firing multiple bullets in a relatively short time. *********************************************************************** Section Five: Shotguns *********************************************************************** _____________________________ Remmington 870 Combat Shotgun Reload rate: 1 Rate of fire: 3 Noise level: 7 Accuracy: 6 Power: 8 _____________________________ The Remmington 870 fires magnum rounds that separate into many pieces once fired. This allows it to be very effective at short range, but also causes it to lose accuracy at medium to long range due to the separation. It is best used inside buildings, or in small, enclosed areas. ______________________________ Franchi SPAS-12 Combat Shotgun Reload rate: 2 Rate of fire: 3 Noise level: 6 Accuracy: 6 Power: 8 ______________________________ Like the Remmington, the SPAS-12 is a somewhat upgraded version. It is a bit quieter, but nonetheless powerful. Use it in the same manner as the Remmington. *********************************************************************** Section 6: Machine Guns *********************************************************************** _______________________ M60E3 Light-Machine Gun Reload rate: 5 Rate of fire: 9 Noise level: 6 Accuracy: 5 Power: 8 _______________________ The M60E3 is the first light-machine gun you'll use in the game. Like all other machine guns (bar sub-machine guns) in the game, you'll only be able to fire it when you are standing still. This adds to the realism of the game, as it is not possible to fire these accurately while running in real life. ________________ RPK-74 Reload rate: 5 Rate of fire: 9 Noise level: 6 Accuracy: 5 Power: 8 ________________ Adapted by the Soviets in the late 1970s, the RPK-74 is the Russian equivalent of the M249. ____________________ PK Light-Machine Gun Reload rate: 5 Rate of fire: 9 Noise level: 5 Accuracy: 5 Power: 8 ____________________ The PK is another Iraqi machine gun, comparable to the other machine guns in the game. A bit quieter. __________________________ M249 SAW Light-Machine Gun Reload rate: 5 Rate of fire: 9 Noise level: 6 Accuracy: 5 Power: 8 __________________________ The M249 was developed to replace the shortfall the U.S. Army had in a squad- based automatic weapon, one that had never been fulfilled since the retirement of the WW2-era BAR in the 1950s. Using the same round as the M16A2, it is a lightweight and reliable weapon, reckoned to provide the same amount of firepower as 10 M-16 riflemen in defense. *********************************** Section 7: Heavy Weapons/Explosives *********************************** _______________________________ RPG-7 Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher Reload rate: 3 Rate of fire: 1 Noise level: 8 Accuracy: 8 Power: 10 _______________________________ The RPG-7 fires rocket-propelled grenades at a high velocity, used mostly for taking out heavily armored tanks or other vehicles. ________________________________ LAW-66/80 Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher Reload rate: 3 Rate of fire: 1 Noise level: 8 Accuracy: 8 Power: 10 ________________________________ More powerful than the RPG-7, the LAW-66/80 rockets serve the same purpose as an anti-tank weapon. Always reliable, you can guarantee destroying a tank by firing at the rear, where the armor is weaker. ____________________ C4 Plastic Explosive Reload rate: N/A Rate of fire: N/A Noise level: N/A Accuracy: N/A Power: 10 ____________________ C4 is a very destructive tool used for taking out machinery, computers, or even bridges. Just place it on the object you want destroyed, back away, and use the C4 Detonator to set it off. Be careful, though, because nearby explosions will destroy it prematurely. _________________________ M67 Fragmentation Grenade Reload rate: N/A Rate of fire: N/A Noise level: N/A Accuracy: N/A Power: 8 _________________________ Frag grenades are powerful and used for many purposes. If you are being attacked by a large group of infantry, these are ideal to use to take out a large number of soldiers. Also, if you are hiding behind a building, you can bank one off a nearby wall to ricochet and kill any nearby soldiers. Non-armored vehicles can be destroyed with a well-placed grenade, as well. _________________ Anti-Tank Mine Reload rate: N/A Rate of fire: N/A Noise level: N/A Accuracy: N/A Power: 9 _________________ Anti-tank mines are effective, but often times very hard to place if you want a tank to run over them. You'll have to know ahead of time the course in which the tank travels, and use it to your advantage by placing a mine on that course. Like the C4, nearby explosions will set these off. ________________________________ SA-7 Grail Anti-Aircraft Missile Reload rate: 3 Rate of fire: 1 Noise level: 8 Accuracy: 8 Power: 9 ________________________________ The SA-7 is a shoulder-mounted launcher that fires high-explosive missiles. Use them to take out enemy gunships; wait for them to hover, and then destroy them. Do not waste these on tanks, because the missiles do not penetrate their armor. __________________________ M203 40mm Grenade Launcher Reload Rate: 4 Rate of fire: 1 Noise level: 7 Accuracy: 4 Power: 8 __________________________ Equipped to the M16A2, the Grenade Launcher is a highly effective way to propel grenades at much farther distances than possible by throwing them. You can only have three grenades per mission that you have the M203, so use them wisely. **************** Section 8: Other **************** _________________ Combat Knife Reload rate: N/A Rate of fire: N/A Noise level: N/A Accuracy: N/A Power: N/A _________________ The weapon of choice for stealthy action; you can use it to slit enemy soldiers' throats in order to make less noise. When trying to sneak around, the last thing you want to do is make a lot of noise, and the combat knife is used best for staying silent. _________________ Binoculars Reload rate: N/A Rate of fire: N/A Noise level: N/A Accuracy: N/A Power: N/A _________________ These are used best when you need a clear view of a distant object. Also, an alternative for a sniper rifle's scope. Carried by Bradley. ____________________________ Passive Night Vision Goggles Reload rate: N/A Rate of fire: N/A Noise level: N/A Accuracy: N/A Power: N/A ____________________________ A good thing to have when you're having trouble seeing in the dark, the night vision goggles allow you to see much more clearly at night, or in dark areas. _________________ M18 Smoke Grenade Reload rate: N/A Rate of fire: N/A Noise level: N/A Accuracy: N/A Power: N/A _________________ Smoke grenades are mainly used to give yourself cover by hiding behind a blanket of smoke. Be sure that you are ready once the smoke dissipates. _________________ Laser Designator Reload rate: N/A Rate of fire: N/A Noise level: N/A Accuracy: N/A Power: N/A _________________ The Laser Designator is used to call in airborne attacks. To use it, zoom in on a target, and wait while it attempts to lock-on to it. Once this is done, you will receive a confirmation tone, and then you will be able to press A to call in the air strike. _____________________________ PCP319 Communications Headset Reload rate: N/A Rate of fire: N/A Noise level: N/A Accuracy: N/A Power: N/A _____________________________ Used in the same manner as the Laser Designator, the Communications Headset will allow you to set a target for an artillery strike by MLRS. _________________ MediKit Reload rate: N/A Rate of fire: N/A Noise level: N/A Accuracy: N/A Power: N/A _________________ An invaluable tool for Conflict: Desert Storm. You will need these many times throughout the game, especially in harder difficulties. These can be used to heal yourself or your teammates, and can be taken from unconscious soldiers, if you do not have any yourself. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- VI. Walkthrough ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Here, I will list the way that I use to complete each level. Since there are an infinite amount of ways to do most things, I am only listing the way that I use because there is no possible way to list everything. I feel that my strategies helped me to succeed in this game, but you may have different opinions on what to do and what not to do. If possible, I have also included a stealth approach for certain parts of the game. There is not always a way to be stealthy, but if there is one that I know about, I will list it. I have only completed 8 full mission walkthroughs at the moment, but more will come very soon. *************** Level 1: Rescue *************** Briefing: On July 24, 1990 Iraqi forces began massing on the Kuwait border. As negotiations broke down, United Nations Special Forces teams were dispatched to the Middle East. On August 2, Iraq invaded Kuwait. As the Iraqi tanks crossed the border the Special Forces moved into action. Paul "Eagle-Eye" Foley, one of our best snipers, was captured while trying to destroy one of the bridges along the Kuwait-Iraqi border. This bridge must be destroyed to slow down the Iraqi advance. We can't spare enough men for a full- scale assault, but one man should be able to penetrate the defenses, locate and rescue Foley, then destroy the bridge. Once the mission has been completed, return to the LZ for helicopter extraction. Objectives: ______________________________________________________________________ Rescue Foley is being held in a small building, northeast of the bridge. Secure the position, then rescue Foley. ______________________________________________________________________ C4 When Foley was captured, the guards took his C4 plastic explosive charge. Find the C4, then use it to blow the bridge. ______________________________________________________________________ Bridge Use the C4 to destroy the upper central struts of the bridge. ______________________________________________________________________ Extraction Return to the landing zone with Foley for helicopter extraction. ______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ ======================================================================= BRADLEY: As U.K. Special Air Services soldier: Rifleman - *** Pistol - ** Medic - * As U.S. Delta Force soldier: Rifleman - *** Pistol - ** Combat Engineer - * The first soldier you will have the ability to command, Bradley will become the leader of your squad. He is skilled in close to mid-range combat, and is mostly used for quickly running through an area and sweeping through the defenses. Bradley is the soldier in your squad that will be most likely to use advanced gadgets, such as the PCP319 Communications Headset and the Laser Designator. Overall, he is not the best member, but he proves his worthiness to the team many times throughout the game. Every mission that you are resupplied for, Bradley starts out with the following items: Assault Rifle (Colt M16A2) Pistol (SIG P228) Smoke Grenades (M18) Frag Grenades (M67) Combat Knife MediKit And in some cases: Laser Designator, PCP319 Communications Headset, and/or Sub-machine gun (M-16 Silenced) _______________________________________________________________________ ======================================================================= At the start of the level, go forward and turn to the right around the corner. As you start to go down the ramp, an A-10 will fly by and bomb the nearby trucks. You should now hold be to stay prone, and wait about ten seconds. During this time, a guard will run over from the other side of the bridge to where the trucks are, and will turn around, facing the other direction. Now, advance down the ramp, and when you get to the bottom of the hill, you can either go in guns blazing, or take each guard out quietly. I prefer to kill them quietly, but whatever works for you is best. --Stealth approach: Crouch walk behind the small shack, and shoot the guard that is standing inside with the silenced pistol (make sure you get him in one shot). Now, go around to the right of the shack, and take out your combat knife. Go up to the first guard and slit his throat by going up against him and pressing the right trigger. Repeat the same method for the second guard. Be careful not to get spotted! After the three guards are dead, head inside the shack and take the medikit box that is inside. A medikit box holds 6 medikit packs. Now, proceed past the bridge, and you will come to a fork. I strongly recommend going to the right side rather than the left, as the left approach is highly guarded and therefore risky. It makes more sense to go right, so that is the way I'll explain it. Proceeding to the right, you will come to a hill that heads downward. If you go down there, you will be faced with two guards. Kill them and continue on. --Stealth approach: Instead of going down the hill, head to the small shack to the right and find a hiding spot inside that allows you to see the top of the hill. Shortly after the A-10 flies over, you should be able to see the two guards run by. You can follow them back to the bridge and slit their throats, if you want. Moving along, when you come to the end of the canyon, you should be near a dry riverbed. If you see the bridge, you know you're in the right place. Up along the riverbed is a tank, so be careful not to let it find you. Once you see it, fire a LAW-66 Anti-Tank Rocket at it. This should destroy it. Be careful now, because destroying the tank will set off the alarm. This will cause Iraqis to come running around the next corner, so take caution. --Stealth approach: Using the sides of the riverbed for cover, you can sneak by the tank, and make your way past without setting off the alarm. Just stay prone, and crawl by it. After you get past the tank, head to the right. You will have to make your way up a hill, and end up near a small camp. There should be two guards here. Kill them. --Stealth approach: Sneak up the hill, and find out where the first guard is. If you can get behind him, run up to him and slit his throat. The other guard should be standing over at the camp, so do the same to him. Now, find the AK-47 and ammo for it, located at the small campsite. Pick it all up. Coming out of the camp, head to the left, and proceed through the somewhat narrow path. Follow it until it starts to bend to the right, and then stop. There should be a group transport truck driving by at this point. Switch to the M203 40mm Grenade Launcher equipped on the M16, and fire a little above where you want to hit it. Grenade shooting takes practice, but can be a lifesaver. Once you hit it, make sure you kill the Iraqi that comes running down the hill up ahead. There will be another guard to the left, as well. --Stealth approach: Instead of destroying the group transport truck, let it drive by. Shoot the guard at the top of the hill with the Silenced Pistol (make sure it's a "stealth kill bonus"), and then go to the left of this, and find the sleeping guard (sleeping standing up??). Slit his throat. Going left, you will come to a structure with a big dome on the top. This is where Foley is being held; you'll need to secure the area, and then rescue Foley. Enter the area and kill any guards you see. There should be about 5 in total, including the one inside the jail. --Stealth approach: Sneak into the area undetected, and wait for one guard to walk inside the jail (now there will be 2 guards in there). Wait outside the entrance, and when the guard walks out, get behind him and slit his throat. Now, if you watch the guard inside the jail, you'll notice he is walking around, but he has a certain route that he follows. Use this to your advantage, and slit his throat when he is standing where the Sniper Rifle is, near the desk. Go outside the jail and find the last few guards. Some will be patrolling, but it shouldn't be too hard to get to them undetected. Once you've killed them all, head inside the jail, and pick up the cell key and the RPG-7 Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher. Walk over to the cell, stop, and press A to open it. Foley will now run out, retrieve a Sniper Rifle and a Medikit box, and then stay there. If you didn't use the stealth approach, then there will probably be guards running in from where you came. Kill them. Now, you can use this time to practice with giving orders to Foley. Once you feel you are ready, tell him to follow you, and head back from where you came. _______________________________________________________________________ ======================================================================= FOLEY: As U.K. Special Air Services soldier: Sniper - *** Pistol - ** Medic - * As U.S. Delta Force soldier: Sniper - *** Rifleman - ** Pistol - * An expert marksman, Foley uses his sniper rifle to skillfully take out his enemies from afar. As with all soldiers in the game, his progression through the game will lead him to become more skilled, and therefore much easier to use. Foley is great to have when you are at a distance from the enemy. If you are heading towards enemy territory, it is a good idea to keep him a safe distance away, in case something happens to the other soldiers. This way, he can stay back and be just as useful because of the addition of his sniper rifle. Every mission that you are resupplied for, Foley starts out with the following items: Sniper Rifle (PSG1, M82A1, L96A1) Pistol (Beretta Model 92) Smoke Grenades (M18) Frag Grenades (M67) Combat Knife MediKit _______________________________________________________________________ ======================================================================= When you get to the hill up on the left, go up and find a spot at the edge of the cliff to leave Foley. You'll need him to snipe for you while you go down and place the C4 with Bradley. Now, tell him to hold position, and head back down the hill from which you came. Go to the left, and go into the small shack on the right. Pick up the C4 and the detonator, and the Medikits, as well. Walk over to the middle of the bridge, and when you get the message displayed onscreen to place the C4, select the C4 in your inventory and press the right trigger to place it. After a few moments, the C4 will be set. Now, go back to where you left Foley, and tell him to follow you. Detonate the C4 wherever and whenever you like...except when standing on or under the bridge. Make your way back to the LZ by using the map and by memory, and when you finally reach the LZ, you'll know it because of the red smoke flare. Stand near the smoke and soon your evacuation helicopter will arive to pick you up. Good work. Now, watch the mission debriefing screen to check out your stats on this mission. ********************* Level 2: Safe Passage ********************* Briefing: The Iraqi army has invaded Kuwait City. Your team must locate the Emir of Kuwait and get him safely out of the city. Connors, your heavy weapons specialist, has been sent to clear the way through the city. Rendezvous with him, then make your way to the extraction point. Objectives: ______________________________________________________________________ Rescue The Emir and his entourage have been ambushed by forward elements of the Iraqi invading force. Get to the ambush spot and rescue the Emir before he is captured or killed. ______________________________________________________________________ Armor The Iraqi forces have deployed Russian-made BMPs and T-62 Main Battle Tanks in Kuwait City. Destroy any you encounter. ______________________________________________________________________ Rendezvous Corporal Connors, your heavy weapons specialist, is waiting for you at Position Blue. Rendezvous with him as soon as possible. ______________________________________________________________________ Extraction Get the Emir and your team to the extraction point, where an RAF helicopter will fly you to safety. ______________________________________________________________________ This level takes place in Kuwait City. The city is swarming with Iraqi soldiers who aren't so happy to see you, so you'll have to be careful at all times. At the start of the level, start moving forward, making sure Foley is following you. Try not to kill the first four guys that come at you, because they are just civilians. After they pass by, continue forward and watch out on your left for Iraqis. When you come to the burning limo, turn right and find the Emir behind the boxes. Get him to follow you and then proceed farther down the road...and watch out for the Iraqi on the small bridge up above to the left. After he is dead, walk down the side road to the left, and take a right when the path ends. Keep going, and when you see a RPG-7 Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher to the right of you, pick it up. Now, turn to the left and watch for Iraqis. Once again, try to avoid killing the civilians. After you kill a few of the soldiers, a BMP armored tank will appear near the hill up ahead. Use the RPG-7 you just picked up to destroy it, and then go down the stairs and to where the tank came from. If you would like some more rocket ammo, you can go inside a few of the buildings in this part of the city. After you are happy with your weapon supply, go down the hill, staying cautious of Iraqis in nearby windows. Follow the road to the right, and when it forks, look to the left and kill the two soldiers waiting there. Turn around and go the other way now, and you will see Connors waiting behind a car, at Position Blue. Walk up to him, and he'll turn around and tell you that he just had a run-in with a T-62 up ahead. _______________________________________________________________________ ======================================================================= CONNORS: As U.K. Special Air Services soldier: Machine Gun - *** Anti-tank - ** Medic - * As U.S. Delta Force soldier: Anti-tank - *** Machine Gun - ** Pistol - * Connors is the heavy weapons specialist of the squad. His expertise is using machine guns, rockets, and grenades. So, if there is a nearby tank, he is your best bet at destroying it. Make sure you keep him supplied with at least one rocket at all times. Every mission that you are resupplied for, Connors starts out with the following items: Machine Gun (M60E3; M249 SAW) Rocket Launcher (LAW-66, RPG-7) Pistol (Desert Eagle) Smoke Grenades (M18) Frag Grenades (M67) Combat Knife MediKit _______________________________________________________________________ ======================================================================= Proceed down the road, with your teammates' backup, and when you see the tank, take a shot at it. Now, go down this road, watching for any Iraqi soldiers. It is a good idea to use Connors for this part, because his machine gun can be used to take out multiple enemies in a relatively short time without reloading. When you get to the end of this road, turn right and go up the stairway leading to the highway. Be careful, as there is another T-62 up here. Listen for it to roll by, and then take out the rocket launcher, aim at its rear, and destroy it. Now, take your fellow soldiers and follow the highway (once again being careful of soldiers in windows) to the point where it is destroyed, and ramped downward. Walk down the ramped section and take a left when you get to the street. Walk down this street and kill any soldiers you encounter. They will mostly be coming from the left hand side, but watch for the right side, as well. As you near the end of this road, you should see the red smoke appear in a parking lot. Wait here with the Emir and your teammates until you are picked up by helicopter. Hold your position until it arrives. ************************* Level 3: Special Delivery ************************* Briefing: The United Nations deadline for Irag to withdraw from Kuwait expired at midnight on January 16. The UN and its allies were authorized to use all measures to force Iraq out of Kuwait. Cruide missiles were launched from warships in the Gulf to mark the beginning of Operation: Desert Storm. Your Special Forces team is ordered to destroy Iraq's Early Warning Radars. Before the air campaign can begin, it is essential that several early- warning radar installations along the Iraqi and Saudi Arabian border are destroyed. These strikes will be followed up with an F-15 fighter-bomber strike against the local air-defense command center in An-Nagaf. This combined strike will cripple Iraq's ability to launch intercept flights against Allied aircraft, thereby ensuring Coalition air superiority over Iraq. One of the key Early Warning Radar installations is located inside the local Iraqi air force base near An-Nagaf. Your team is to be air-dropped near the enemy base. Infiltrate the base undetected, and destroy or disable to SAM emplacements protecting the airbase from airborne attack. Once this has been done, Apache strike mission "Alpha 2-1" will fly into the area and destroy the Early Warning Radar installation. The secondary phase of this mission is to retrieve any data concerning Iraq's SCUD launcher capabilities. Search for this information within the base mainframe. Iraqi computer security is likely to be lax, so retrieving the data should not be a problem. Command also authorizes the destruction of any viable targets of oppurtunity such as military aircraft or airbase supply buildings. The fourth member of your team joins you on this mission. Corporal Jones is a demolitions expert and a close assault specialist. Tactical suggestion: Instead of destroying the SAM emplacements with C4 and alerting the base to your position, infiltrate the base undetected and destroy the main power generator with C4. This should cut off the power to the Early Warning Radar, and render the SAM emplacements useless. Objectives: ______________________________________________________________________ Camp ______________________________________________________________________ SAM Sites ______________________________________________________________________ Retrieve ______________________________________________________________________ Disrupt ______________________________________________________________________ Extraction ______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ ======================================================================= JONES: As U.K. Special Air Services soldier: Combat Engineer - *** Rifleman - ** Medic - * As U.S. Delta Force soldier: Medic - *** Combat Engineer - ** Rifleman - * Jones is the demolitions expert of your special forces team. He specializes in setting C4 charges, as well as in close assault. Use Jones whenever you need a stationary object destroyed. Just place the C4, run away, and detonate it. He is also good to use when trying to remain stealthy. Switch to single shot on the MP-5SD and go for headshots. Every mission that you are resupplied for, Jones starts out with the following items: Sub-machine Gun (MP5-SD) Combat Shotgun (Remmington 870, Franchi SPAS-12) Smoke Grenades (M18) Frag Grenades (M67) C4 Plastic Explosive Anti-tank Mine Combat Knife MediKit _______________________________________________________________________ ======================================================================= Start this mission by going down the nearby ramp and heading towards the small campsite. There will be a goat herder here that will alert the guards if he spots you, so your best bet is to kill him or sneak by him. I would prefer killing him, but since he's a civilian, you may want to reconsider. Moving along...go towards the riverbed and follow it around the corner. Kill the two patrolling guards and head towards the bridge. You will be faced with about 7-10 guards, so be prepared for them. Watch out for the turret gunner, also. --Stealth approach: When you come around the corner of the riverbed, use Jones to sneak around and stealthily kill both of the guards. The easiest way to do this is stay behind the corner and wait for the guards to pass by. They will stop behind you, and you should now be able to sneak over and slit their throats. Now, as you head forwards, use Foley to snipe the turret gunner. Since the sniper rifle is not silenced, you should probably run away before you are spotted. When you feel safe enough to venture out again, sneak into the camp with Jones and be extremely careful where you go. Almost all of the guards here are patrolling, and you'll need to know where each one is at all times. Slit all the guards' throats, if possible. Now that you've killed all the guards here, head across the bridge and go forward, to the left of the protruding rock formation. If a group transport truck comes, use Bradley's M203 to launch a grenade at it. Go past these next two corners, and at the third corner, kill the patrolling guard. Turn to the left and head into the next large area. There are two turret gunners, and about 5 other guards here. Use Foley to snipe the gunners and use any means necessary to take out the rest of the defenses. --Stealth approach: When you come around the third corner after the bridge, use Jones to stealthily kill the patrolling guard. Give Bradley's binoculars to Jones, as you may need them as you do the next part alone. Using Jones ONLY, crawl past the opening to the left, and around the entire area. You will be faced with at least one patrolling guard, whom you may shoot or knife, depending on the situation. Whatever you do, make sure you don't set off the alarm. If you are going for stealth in this level, you can't achieve it if the alarm is triggered. If you are willing to, you can try to kill all the guards in this part of the level stealthily. Be aware that this can be very frustrating, as there are many variables that you will have to take into consideration, such as even though your weapon is silenced, other guards may see a dead comrade and be alerted. So, after shooting someone, try to hide in order to avoid detection. After you escape this area, follow the path as it bends a few times and make your way to the main airbase. You will know when you have arrived because you will see a chain-link fence there. Using Foley, snipe the two guards (one is on the same ground level as the base, and one is on the recessed path, near what is called a "wind sock", or a sort of tubular flag used to measure wind direction. Go down the ramp to the right and go along the cliff-edge. As you approach the main base, use Foley to snipe the guards in the towers as you stay cautious of other guards in the base. --Stealth approach: If you have only Jones, you may want to get Foley as well in order for him to snipe certain guards. When you come to where the chain-link fence is, snipe the two guards, as usual, and then go down the path to the right. Look up and zoom all the way in. Look for a air-traffic control tower (it is wider and looks different than other towers). When you see a guard walking around on the outer path, snipe him. Make sure that every shot is a kill in this area, so you can even go for torso shots if it is easier. Sneak up the ramp to the left and get behind the curved bunker. Be very careful because there is a patrolling guard up ahead. Use Foley to snipe the guard in the tower to the far side of the base, and quickly lie prone to avoid detection. Crawl over to the left, and around the building. When you see the ramp leading to the top of the building, sneak to the left of it and snipe the guard in the tower ahead. Now, you will have to be very, very careful of the patrolling guard I mentioned earlier. After killing a certain amount of guards, he will be alerted and will rush to your position. I got past this part with a little luck by hiding on top of the roof, lying prone right on the side of the ramp. The guard rushed towards me, but luckily, he stayed on the ramp and didn't go any further. As he made his way back to his original position, I followed him and slit his throat. You may find an easier way to do this, but I feel that this is the best way. Snipe any remaining guards in towers, and then have Jones run in and place C4 on the main power generator. It is located in a fenced-in building, and looks like a large machine with a gauge on it. Don't set off the C4 just yet. Now, you'll need to disrupt the Iraqis' air force, accomplished by destroying two MiG fighter jets and the base's fuel supply. Find each plane hangar, and enter them by pressing the switch near the door. Kill the guards inside (they won't set off the alarm) and place C4 somewhere near the MiG-29 fighter jet. Repeat for the second jet. Find the base's fuel dump (two large fuel tanks), and place C4 somewhere near it. After this, you will need to find the data disk that contains the SCUD positions information. Find the building that holds the data disk (refer to your map if you are having trouble finding it). Open the door and head to the left. Kill the guard in the room to the left, and then go through the door on the right, take a left, and then another left after the shower room. Kill the guard in this hallway, and then proceed up the stairs. Run to the left, killing the next two guards (one is in a room to your left and one is up ahead). Retrieve the data disk from the main computer room, and then make your way back outside. The next objective in this mission is an easy one: Extraction. You will need to escape the base; there are two possible ways to do this. First use your map to discover the location of the landing zone. Either backtrack from where you came, or find the different route, which will lead you to a large gate that you will now be able to open. Once it is open, gather your squad and remember to set off all the previously laid C4 charges. You will now be able to be picked up by an evac helicopter, so just wait for it to come. Congratulations on completing mission 3. ********************* Level 4: Desert Watch ********************* Briefing: Intelligence analysis of the data taken from the airbase has shown that a large number of Iraq's mobile SCUD carriers are operating north-west of Highway 10 near Al-Qaim in northern Iraq. It is believed that these SCUDs will be launched against Isreal in an attemp to daw them into the war. Your team is to be flown in by helicopter to a DOP (drop-off point) south of Highway 10. Your mission is to infiltrate this area undetected and observe Highway 10 for any signs of SCUD activity. This hunting ground has been designated "SCUD Boulevard". Destroy all SCUDs in the area before they can be launched against Isreal. HQ has given the go-ahead to destroy the local signal booster system that powers the Iraqi communications landline. This landline runs parallel to the MSR (main supply route) The signal booster is situated in a small concrete cunker next to the MSR. A C4 charge placed on the signal booster system will interrupt Baghdad's ability to communicate with their forces in the Al-Qaim area. Once all mission objectives have been completed, proceed to the LZ for helicopter extraction. Objectives: ______________________________________________________________________ SCUD ______________________________________________________________________ Support ______________________________________________________________________ Anti-Aircraft ______________________________________________________________________ Signal Booster ______________________________________________________________________ Extraction ______________________________________________________________________ Walkthrough N/A yet! *********************** Level 5: SCUD Boulevard *********************** Briefing: With the successful destruction of the SCUD launchers operating near Al-Qaim, attacks against Israel have dropped dramatically. However, there is still a large number of operational SCUD launchers in the area farther north. We must put an end to the SCUD threat once and for all. If Iraq is successful in bringing Israel into the war, the Arab coalition is likely to collapse. Last night, satellite imagery picked up several tell-tale heat signatures of SCUD launchers from 2 areas to the north of your position. These 2 areas are both close to the Iraq/Syrian border, and well within striking distance of Israel. Your squad is ordered to Area 1, designated "SCUD Boulevard". Destroy all SCUD launchers in the area before they launch their payloads towards Tel Aviv. Once this is done, assemble your squad and make your way to the second area, designated "SCUD Alley". You have permission to take out any targets of oppurtunity. Once you have completed this mission, you will not be resupplied before the next mission, so watch your ammunition expenditure carefully. Objectives: ______________________________________________________________________ SCUD Locate and neutralize the SCUD threat in Area 1 before they can launch their payloads at Israel. ______________________________________________________________________ Assemble Once Area 1 has been cleared of SCUD launchers, assemble your squad at the canyon road at the northern edge of the combat zone. ______________________________________________________________________ This level would be easy, except for the fact that your vision is severely blurred by the whirling sandstorm around you. Start by advancing your squad forward, around the rock structure to the left, and use Jones to take out the Iraqi up ahead on the elevated ground. Then, go up to where he was, and shoot the other Iraqi below. Now, go to the left and follow this road. There will be a fork in the path, where I would advise going right. Kill the guards behind the sandbags on the left. Run up to the right, and kill the soldiers in the small campsite. A BMP is in the area, so watch out for it, and destroy it when you get the chance. After you have killed everyone, check the surrounding campsite for an RPG-7, two AK-47s, and a couple Medikits. Use Connors' light-machine gun to take out the nearby SCUD launcher. Just keep going forward along the path. You will come across a few enemy soldiers on your way, so don't let them become a problem. Soon, you should come to another SCUD, which, of course, you must destroy. Now, you must enter a small village, which is being guarded by a BMP. Locate the village on your map, and head towards it. Once you find it, immediately destroy the BMP and go into the village. You will be ambushed by a lot of enemy soldiers, so be prepared for a good fight, and make sure you have plenty of Medikits. Destroy the SCUD located in the village and also try to find the building with the weapons and items inside; you will need them, since you aren't being resupplied before the next mission. Find an exit south of the village, and find the final SCUD, making sure you take out all the surrounding enemy infantry first. Once this is completed, use Connors once again to destroy it with his machine gun. Now, locate the exit on your map, and go towards it. You will be met with slight resistance on the way out, but nothing that you can't handle. Congratulations...and let's hope that you are adequately supplied for the next mission. ******************* Level 6: SCUD Alley ******************* Briefing: You are to destroy any functioning SCUD launchers in Area 2, designated "SCUD Alley". Intelligence indicates that the SCUD launchers are heavily guarded by infantry and armored units. Once this area has been cleared of SCUDs, make your way to the southern edge of the valley for helicopter extraction. Objectives: ______________________________________________________________________ SCUD Destroy all SCUDs in Area 2 before they attack Israel. ______________________________________________________________________ Extraction Once all SCUDs have been destroyed, proceed to the landing zone and wait for pick-up. ______________________________________________________________________ I find that the best way to do this first part of the level is to bring Foley down the path from the beginning and have him snipe the tank commander (the one using the gun on the tank). After this, the tank should have more trouble seeing you. If you have rockets, use them to take out the tank. If not, throw a smoke grenade and have Jones place a C4 Charge near the tank, and destroy it. Now, there will be a large number of infantry coming from the path on the left, so make sure you have full squad support. Destroy the nearby SCUD launcher when you get a chance, and try to save explosives by using a machine gun. Go into the small campsite, shoot the fuel drum a few times to blow up the tent, and collect the AK47 and Medikits inside. You will also find a couple RPG-7 rockets and SA-7 anti-aircraft missiles at nearby tents. You can now either go left or right (I prefer right), and you'll have to destroy another tank and a SCUD launcher. After you destroy this SCUD Launcher, go forward and you'll most likely come face-to-face with a MI-24 "Hind" helicopter. You should use Connors to shoot an SA-7 anti-aircraft missile at it when it is hovering. Once it is destroyed, keep going forward and locate the nearby SCUD launcher, and destroy it. Continue forward until you reach an incline, which you can use as a safe place to take down any enemy forces from. There is a large number of Iraqi infantry in the area, as well as a T-72 tank, so be on guard at all times. Destroy the fourth SCUD, and after you have weakened or eliminated the enemy threat in the area, follow your compass towards the landing zone, where you will finally be picked up in an evac helicopter. Don't get too comfortable in that helicopter... ********************* Level 7: Crash & Burn ********************* Briefing: Situation Report: Your extraction helicopter has been shot down by an Iraqi SAM. Enemy forces are closing in on your position. This force consists of infantry supported by BMPs, plus enemy gunships. Coalition Search and Rescue teams are on their way to your position. Hold the plateau until they arrive. Tactical Suggestion: Set up your squad across the length of the plateau with overlapping fields of fire. It is crucial that any armored targets are quickly destroyed before they can get a foothold on the plateau. Once the Search and Rescue helicopter arrives, protect it until your squad and the helicopter crew can get on board. Objectives: ______________________________________________________________________ Protect ______________________________________________________________________ Extraction ______________________________________________________________________ Use Connors and have him pick up all the heavy weapons. Allow each member of your squad pick up a Medikit box, and then set up each soldier so that they will be able to take down any targets coming from the three main openings. This level is fairly easy, but you just have to constantly be on the lookout for enemy infantry, armor, and gunships. I prefer leaving Bradley where he is, protecting the gunner and copilot. I have Foley stay around the center of the area, and Connors and Jones to the right of Foley. If you know where the tanks will come beforehand, you can use this to your advantage by placing anti-tank mines with Jones. Otherwise, you can just use Connors to take out all of the tanks with LAWs. Make sure you keep Foley alive. He will be a major help to you in this mission, especially when there are snipers on the tops of the cliffs surrounding the area. Bradley is also a key member of the squad in this mission, since you need him to watch out for the two helicopter pilots. A few stray enemy infantry may be able to sneak by you and your squad, so Bradley is there to defend against any sneak attacks. After all tanks have been destroyed, and the search & rescue helicopter arrives, make sure you protect it on your way back, and gather your squad around it to complete the mission. ************************** Level 8: Patriotic Defense ************************** Briefing: Elements of the Iraqi 5th Mechanized Division have crossed the Kuwait/Saudi Arabian border and have occupied the border town of Al-Khafji. Your squad is cut off from friendly forces, and must attempt to destroy as much of the occupying force as possible. MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket Systems) have been ordered to assist you. These long-range rocket strikes are capable of defeating armored targets as well as concentrations of infantry. The MLRS are currently moving into position to support you. Until they are deployed, use LAW anti-tank rockets against the invaders. We cannot allow the Iraqis to get a foothold in Saudi Arabia. Drive the 5th Mechanized Division back across the border. Objectives: ______________________________________________________________________ Infantry Iraqi infantry squads have entered the town and are advancing on your position. They must be destroyed before they get a chance to dig-in. ______________________________________________________________________ Armor The enemy has deployed several BMPs and T-62s. In the narrow streets of Al-Khafji, your squad has the advantage with LAWs. In open areas, use your radar to call in MLRS strikes. ______________________________________________________________________ Begin this mission by switching to Connors. Wait for the first BMP to roll by, and destroy it immediately. Go around the corner to the left of the flaming BMP, get out your machine gun, and kill any infantry that come from the left side from around that corner. There will be quite a few, so be patient. If you left your men behind, they will hopefully be taking down any Iraqis that try to sneak up behind you. After you notice the Iraqis stop coming, go around the tank to the right, and destroy the tank waiting over here. Call your men to follow you, and go down the street that the tank is on. There will be a couple Iraqis on the balcony up ahead, so you can either take them out stealthily or go in guns-blazing. As you turn the next corner, look above you and to the left to see another Iraqi on a rooftop. Kill him before he becomes trouble. Proceed up the stairs to your right. At the top of the stairs, go down the street and kill the Iraqis that come towards you. Look to the left when you enter the small city, and kill any enemies you spot here. A tank will appear from the opposite side of the city, so make sure you destroy it quickly. There are 1-2 RPG-7s to your left, so get them, and then make your way to where the tank was. Be careful on the other end of the village, because there is a turret gunner and a tank to your left. After you destroy both, head to where the turret is, and pick up the grenades and medikits there. Now, head back to the start of the village, and go left to the large opening with a limo inside. Go in this room, and go up the stairs, eventually leading to a rooftop. When you are on the rooftop, you will receive a radio message from the MLRS saying they are in position and ready to fire. This means that you can now use Bradley to call in artillery strikes with the PCP319 Communications Headset. To use the headset, select it, zoom in, and press A to call in the coordinates. It will be relayed to the MLRS, who will immediately respond by launching multiple rockets at the designated target. You can only do this 3 times, so use them wisely. While on the rooftop, use Jones to pick off the enemies on the adjacent rooftop. Pick up the AK-74, ammunition, and medikits while you're up here, and then head down the other door leading to the city streets. Using Bradley, locate a tank and use the headset to call in an artillery strike. Make sure you don't hang around the area so you don't get caught in the explosions. Also, make it a point to call in an artillery strike on the dug-in tank ahead of you to the right. It is very hard to destroy it with rockets (wasting ammunition and time), so your best bet is using artillery. Use the remaining artillery strike on the next tank you see, and then get ready for a massive amount of infantry, of whom you'll have to kill in order to complete one of this mission's objectives. After you receive the confirmation drumroll, proceed back from where you came (the rooftop), except instead of going back to the rooftop, continue down the road adjacent to it. You will eventually come to a tank, which you must destroy. Now, you should have beaten the level. If not, then look around the city for any leftover infantry or tanks that you may have missed. It is a big city swarming with enemies, so it isn't unusual if you didn't get them all on the first run-through. ******************* Level 9: No Retreat ******************* Briefing: Not available yet Objectives: ______________________________________________________________________ SAM Sites There are three static SAM emplacements guarding the bridge from air attack. Destroy the control trailers and the missile launchers. ______________________________________________________________________ Anti-aircraft Satellite imaging has picked up heat traces of a number of SA-8 Gecko mobile SAM launchers. Locate and destroy them. ______________________________________________________________________ Armor The Republican Guard has deployed BMPs and T-72s to defend the bridge. Locate and destroy all enemy armor. ______________________________________________________________________ Bridge Laser designate the bridge for air strike "Reaper-One". "Reaper-One" will not start its attack run until all static and mobile SAM launchers have been destroyed. ______________________________________________________________________ Escape Once your team has successfully completed all mission objectives, head to the north of the bridge and escape into the desert. ______________________________________________________________________ At the start of this mission, you will be in control of a military jeep, armed with a heavy machine gun, and 10 TOW anti-tank rockets. This truck is not indestructable, so if there is a large amount of black smoke coming out of it, and your speed is greatly decreased, you might as well leave it behind before you get you and your squad killed. Start out by switching to Connors, and waiting in the truck for the MI-24 Hind Helicopter to come around the corner ahead of you. Once you see it, immediately zoom in on it with the truck's TOW missiles and destroy it. If you look closely, you may also be able to see a tank around the corner. Destroy it, if possible. If you can't get a shot at it, gather your team, switch to the driver, and drive forward until you can get a shot at it, in which case you should destroy it as soon as possible. Now, follow this road, and you will be attacked by a large number of enemy infantry. Be sure that you kill as many as possible. Also, destroy the SA-8 Gecko Mobile SAM (the tan-colored truck) with a TOW missile. Another tank will come approach, so when you get a chance, destroy it with a TOW. Now, proceed down this road, under the bridge, where you will come to a fork. Go left, and kill any enemies you see here, including tanks. Drive up to the dead end to make sure that no more enemies will come, and then turn around and go left. Kill the enemies on this path, and then you will come to another fork. Wait at the intersection for a group transport truck to drive by, which your teammates should destroy. Drive to where the large rock-pillars are, and take a right. Now, follow this path and you'll eventually come under a thin rope-bridge. As you come under it, watch out, because there is a T-72 coming from the right of this area. Destroy the tank. As you continue on, you should see two ramps: one to the left, and one to the right of you. There are enemies on both, but the one you'll want to go up is the left ramp. You won't be able to drive up, so you'll have to walk up. You will encounter a large amount of infantry up here, so be prepared. Also, take out all the turret gunners in the area. There are a few different things you'll want to do while you're here. First, you want to place C4 near the SAM control trailer. Next, you should destroy all the SAM missile launchers. If you want some extra medikits, go into the building with the truck inside, and go behind it. There is a small room with a few medikits and a key card. The key card can be used to enter the small building near your current position; there is ammo here...lots of it. After you have destroyed everything and are set to go, head to the small rope-bridge and go across it. When you get off the bridge, keep going forward, following the rocky path. You should now be entering a somewhat large area, with 3 SAM sites, and a SAM control trailer in the middle. Take out all enemy defenses in the area, and then destroy each SAM site. After everything is destroyed, you can now move on to the next part of the level, which is another large area. Once again, neutralize the enemy, and destroy any SAM sites and the mobile anti-aircraft platform. Now, as you exit this area, you should now be within the general area of the bridge, but now be at the same level as it. This is the bridge that you will be laser designating for air strike, but you'll need to complete your other objectives before you can do this. So, go forward and set a C4 charge right near the SAM control trailer. Back up a bit, and then detonate it. Hopefully, the C4 will destroy not only the trailer, but the four SAM missiles, as well. Moving along, you will come to the bridge, where you will encounter a few enemy soldiers. Pick up the rocket launchers and medikits, and leave 3 men behind while you go alone with one soldier. Make sure you have explosives so you'll be able to destroy the T-72 up ahead. Strafe-run to avoid the shots made by the tank, and make your way towards it. When you finally get to it, run behind it and destroy it from the rear. Now, run to the right and stop at the cliff edge. You should be able to see a mobile anti-aircraft platform across the chasm, so fire a missile at it when you spot it. You should now have completed 3 mission objectives: SAM Sites, Anti-aircraft, and Armor. Call all your men to the other side of the bridge, and select Bradley. Equip the Laser Designator, and switch to first-person mode to aim it. Point the target over any point on the bridge, and wait for it to lock-on. You will receive a confirmation tone, which means that the designator has achieved a target, and now you can press A to paint the target. The RAF pilot of the Tornado will fly by and bomb the bridge. Now just turn around and head for the north end of the bridge, which will end the level. ************************ Level 10: Cavalry Charge ************************ Briefing: Not available yet Objectives: Not available yet ********************** Level 11: Human Shield ********************** Briefing: Not available yet Objectives: Not available yet ********************** Level 12: On the Brink ********************** Briefing: Not available yet Objectives: Not available yet ***************************** Level 13: Edge of Destruction ***************************** Briefing: It is imperative that you locate the ICBM before it can be prepared for launch. Infiltrate the factory, and get Dr. Franklin to defuse the missile. Once this has been done, return to the LZ for extraction. Objectives: ______________________________________________________________________ Locate ICBM The warhead is being prepared for launch somewhere in the factory complex. Find is so that Dr. Franklin can defuse it. ______________________________________________________________________ Protect Make sure that Dr. Franklin comes to no harm. Without him, you cannot complete your mission. ______________________________________________________________________ Plutonium The Iraqis have a small supply of weapons-grade plutonium that could be used to make tactical nuclear missiles. Locate and remove the plutonium. ______________________________________________________________________ Extraction Get your squad and the plutonium to the landing zone and board the waiting helicopter. ______________________________________________________________________ ************************ Level 14: Counter Attack ************************ Briefing: Not available yet Objectives: Not available yet ******************** Level 15: Lights Out ******************** Briefing: Not available yet Objectives: Not available yet ----------------------------------------------------------------------- IX. Frequently Asked Questions ----------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the section that is used to answer any legitimate questions that I receive from others. I have not yet included any, but there will be in the future. ~~ ----------------------------------------------------------------------- X. 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