Metroid Prime 2: Echoes by: deathcold --HOW THIS FAQ WORKS-- This is my first game faq, and it is written for those who have trouble with Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (obviously...). As such, I will primarily give you instructions on where to go next, what powerup to find next, how to reach it, and tips on boss enemies. However, since I myself have not been able to get all enemy/data scans nor have I gotten all the items, this FAQ will not focus on acquiring individual upgrades themselves (though I'll give you some advice as the situation permits, such as beam ammo expansions). Overall, I'd recommend that you explore on your own for missile, powerbomb, beam ammo, and energy tank upgrades to toughen your defenses for a fight. Getting more items will only make your life easier, because I warn you now, this game is NOT for greenhorns. If you are unprepared, this game will overwhelm you, not to the point of being impossibly difficult, but difficult enough over Metroid Prime. THIS GAME ASSUMES THAT YOU ALREADY KNOW HOW TO PLAY THE METROID PRIME SERIES TO AN EXTENT. ============================================== --LEGAL DISCLAIMER-- Honestly, I don't really care. Take it, use it, copy it, give it to someone assuming it's your own information, do what you want. I only write this to help people, not for credit. ============================================== --DIFFERENCES BETWEEN METROID PRIME AND METROID PRIME: ECHOES-- The gameplay is roughly the same as before, except this time, you have a new arsenal of weapons at your disposal (wouldn't be much of a Metroid game without it, right). Now, onto some basics you need to know about this game: **Difficulty - Hands down, this game is noticeably more difficult than Prime. In fact, you'll find yourself dying more often in this game. My advice is, if you haven't done so, to play Metroid Prime first and get used to the controls, especially the dash jump ability. This nifty and simple move will save your life many times. **Beam Ammunition - Unlike Prime, aside from your default Power Beam, your other weapons have ammunition, so you must use them wisely. **Shoot While You Grapple - Not too big a deal, you can now shoot your beam/ missile weapons while you use the grappling beam. I never found much use for it, but it's nice that it's there. **Rapid Fire Missiles - Ah, the old missile exploit from Prime no longer works here (The Y, A, Y, A, etc. trick that lets you shoot missiles continuously). However, there is a new weapon that allows you to shoot many missiles at once, so I guess that makes up for it. **Dark Aether/Light Aether and Temples - Unlike Prime, this game's structure is a bit more formulaic. In Prime, when you acquire an item, the game's world is free for you to explore until you can go no further, but in Echoes, you are committed to a Temple, finding the three keys and beating the guardians. Also, you have to travel between light and dark Aether to solve puzzles ala Zelda: A Link to the Past. **Environments - Three words: USE YOUR MAP. Seriously, this game is very large and it is easy to get lost. Your map is a great help, as it allows you to see what doors and areas you have yet to explore. [==========WEAPONS AND UPGRADES==========] *****(BASIC UPGRADES)***** [MISSILES] Just like in Prime, it allows you to shoot concussive blasts. No more rapid fire missile exploit, though. Find as many of these as possible to use with Missile combinations. This weapon opens RED HATCHES. If you lock onto a target, the missile will home in on it. [ENERGY TANKS] These will be critical to your success. Each energy tank raises your permanent shielding by 100 points, allowing you to survive longer. Gather as many of these as possible. [POWER BOMBS] A rare and powerful item that allows you to release a high grade explosive. This is the only weapon that can destroy DENZIUM materials found on Aether. This weapon opens YELLOW HATCHES. Acquired by defeating the Power Bomb Guardian. [ENERGY TRANSPORT MODULE] Not really a weapon, but is required and obtained very early, allowing you to complete your quest. Acquired by defeating the Dark Alpha Splinter. *****(VISOR UPGRADES)***** [COMBAT VISOR] Your default visor. Not much said here. [SCAN VISOR] Allow you to gather information. Aside from the graphical overhaul, the scan visor's function is unchanged. [DARK VISOR] The equivalent of the Thermal Visor. Allows you to see enemies and objects that don't appear on the normal spectrum of sight. Useful for fighting cloaked enemies that you normally can't get a lock on. [ECHOES VISOR] Let's you see in terms of sound. Required to solve puzzles and detect alternate targets on enemies. *****(SUIT UPGRADES)***** [VARIA SUIT] Your default suit. But since there are no "heated" environments in Echoes, this is a moot point. You never lose this suit. [DARK SUIT] Tremendously slows down the damage done to you by Dark Aether's poisonous environment. Acquired by beating Amorbis in Dark Agon Wastes. [LIGHT SUIT] It's a shame that you get this suit so late in the game. It makes Samus look pretty slick, as well as completely negating the effects of Dark Aether's environments. It also allows you to enter extremely volatile areas that you previously couldn't with the Dark Suit, such as into an Ing Storm or into Dark Aether's water. *****(BEAM WEAPON UPGRADES)***** [POWER BEAM] Your default beam with the highest rate of fire and infinite ammunition. Though it is the weakest beam, you'll surprisingly be relying on this weapon more than ever. That's because it's the only weapon that has infinite ammunition and fires incredibly fast. You never lose this weapon. The Power Beam can be used to light beacon points along with the Light Beam. [CHARGE BEAM] Not really a beam, but a beam upgrade that applies to all beams. It allows you to focus your weapon's energy and shoot a powerful blast. It is also required for Missile Combos. [DARK BEAM] The first beam you'll acquire. It roughly has the same rate of fire and speed as the Ice Beam and roughly has the same "freezing" properties. It shoots bursts of concentrated shadow energy. Incredibly useful against light creatures. A charged shot will shoot a burst of dark energy that, once it hits the target, releases shrapnel that will ensnare other enemies close by. Charge shot requires 5 units of dark beam ammo. The Dark Beam also has many uses such as causes objects to retract, shrink, open dark portals or nullifying light crystals. Acquired after beating Dark Samus. [LIGHT BEAM] Amazingly, acquired very soon after the Dark beam. It roughly has the same rate of fire and speed as the Plasma Beam and roughly has the same "ignite" properties. It shoots bursts of light energy, incredibly useful against dark creatures such as the Ing. A charge shot will shoot a powerful burst of light. Like the Dark Beam, it also has additional properties such as causing objects to grow, expand, opening light portals and energizing light crystals. [ANNIHILATOR] What a strange name to give to a weapon that looks like it does very little damage... Anyways, the Annihilator Beam is the last weapon you get after defeating Quadraxis. It shoots pellets of shadow and light energy, and is useful against both types of enemies. It also has a tremendously high rate of fire and can automatically home in on opponents. The downside, you ask? It shoots so fast that you can deplete your ammo in less than half a minute. Every shot takes away 1 ammunition unit from both light and dark. A charged shot shoots out a hyper sonic ball. As far as puzzles, this beam's usefulness is to activate puzzles that require sonic technology (echo visor). This beam can also super energize light crystals/beacon points that lure in Ing enemies and kill them. NOTE ABOUT BEAM WEAPONS: If you ever run out of ammo and require a beam for a puzzle, you can always charge up the beam to shoot a weaker version of the regular shot. *****(BEAM COMBOS)***** [SUPER MISSILES] Same as Prime, except now, you must use them to solve puzzles. These weapons open GREEN HATCHES. This is possibly the most useful of all beam combos. Just like the missile, if you lock onto a target, the missile will home in on it. REQUIRES POWER BEAM AND FIVE MISSILES. [SUNBURST] The Light Beam's combo. Creates a super high level of solar energy that fries anything in the vicinity. This combo is pretty useless, as it moves way too slow to be effective against enemies that matter. REQUIRES LIGHT BEAM, FIVE MISSILES AND 30 UNITS OF LIGHT AMMUNITION. [DARKBURST] The Dark Beam's combo. Creatures a black hole vortex that drags enemies inward. This is more useful than the Sunburst since it moves at about the same speed as the Dark Beam itself. However, it's not TERRIBLY effective against enemies, not enough to warrant its requirements. REQUIRES DARK BEAM, FIVE MISSILES AND 30 UNITS OF DARK AMMUNITION. SONIC BOOM The Annihilator's combo. Creates a super sonic wave of sound that is so powerful, it distorts the very area it shoots. This is the fastest beam combo, faster than the super missile even. It also appears to be the strongest and can take out just about anything. The only problem is how much ammunition it drains. REQUIRES ANNIHILATOR, FIVE MISSILES AND 30 UNITS OF BOTH LIGHT AND DARK AMMUNITION. *****(MORPHBALL TECHNOLOGY)***** [MORPHBALL] Same as Prime. There are more morphball puzzles this time around, and they are more involved. You never lose this item. [MORPHBALL BOMB] Same as Prime. You get this by defeating the Bomb Guardian. Also useful for doing bomb jumps. [BOOST BALL] More of the same, but with an added touch. You can actually damage enemies with the boost ball. Also, you can use the boost ball along with the spider ball to propel yourself in the opposite direction of the ledge you are grappling onto. Acquired by defeating the Boost Guardian. [SPIDER BALL] More of the same. There are more eccentric spider ball puzzles this time around. Acquired by defeating the Spider Guardian. *****(MISC. POWERUPS)***** [GRAPPLE BEAM] Same as Prime. You can now shoot while you grapple. Acquired by defeating the Grapple Guardian. [SPACE JUMP BOOTS] Same as Prime. Allows you to double jump. Acquired by defeating the Jump Guardian. [GRAVITY BOOST] The equivalent of gaining the Gravity Suit, except you now have a third jump underwater. After doing a second jump, you can hold the B button a third time to slowly drift higher into the water. [SEEKER MISSILES] Allows you to shoot multiple missiles. Performed by charging your missiles. If you lock onto a target, you will see orange dots that correspond to how many missiles will be shot at the target. [SCREW ATTACK] Ah yes, the old screw attack from the previous Metroid games. This weapon is tremendously useful, giving you the ability to do a true space jump (you can only jump continuously in the air 5 times, to my knowledge). You are also engulfed in destructive energy, destroying roughly anything that comes into your path. Be careful though, if you hit something that can't be destroyed, you'll bounce back (and possibly off a cliff if you're not careful). You must also use this to walljump. NOW, ONTO THE MEAT OF THE FAQ. NOTE: If you want to know the story behind the game, just read about it somewhere. Information on this is all over the place. In this walkthrough, I'll give you the name of the places, room by room, on where to go. ============================================== WALKTHROUGH Key: **[[place]] - means the general area. (i.e. [[TORVUS BOG]] means that the following areas described are found in the Torvus Bog) **--place-- - means the specific area. (i.e. --LANDING SITE-- means specifically a room called the Landing Site on your map. Look for the double parentheses above to see what area the room is in. **[=====message=====] - means that this is what you should be seeking. In terms of this walkthrough, you will be seeking weapons. The temple keys will be covered naturally alongside finding weapons. **"red access module" - this refers to the long, vertical and thin rectangular panels that have some kind of wheel spinning on it. They are used to activate elevators, open doors and do other things. In scan visor mode, it will be red. [[TEMPLE GROUNDS]] --LANDING SITE-- So your ship is malfunctioning. Nothing to do here but do some scanning. Break the webbing apart and go through the only door. Remember this place later in case you need to save and refill ammunition. --HIVE ACCESS TUNNEL-- Take the right fork and jump down. --HIVE CHAMBER A-- Scan the gate and the red access module. Shoot the two pods on both sides and proceed. Come up to the next door, turn right and scan the red access module again. Get the map if you want, then continue through the door. --HIVE TUNNEL-- Fight the little splinters, disable the webbing and proceed. --COMMAND CHAMBER-- Roll into morphball mode and duck under the large cargo pod gate. Watch out for the splinters. There should be another morphball access tunnel there. Go through it, bomb the gate, then roll around the cylindrical shaft to operate a morphball slot. Uh oh, GF troopers back from the dead. They are easy; just unleash a charged shot or a missile and they go down fast. Fight the dark GF troopers, and go back to the beginning of the room. Scan the red access module and the cargo pod gate will open. Kill the GF troopers there, and go through the door. --HIVE STORAGE-- Nothing to do here, go through the door. --HIVE CHAMBER B-- After a cutscene with Dark Samus, go through the portal after her. You'll be attacked by a horde of ing and barely escape through the portal. You'll be transported back here, but most of your equipment will be gone. There are a bunch of green pods up ahead, destroy them. Go through the small morphball tunnel on the right. [=====NEXT IMPORTANT ITEM: MISSILE LAUNCHER=====] --HIVE CHAMBER C-- Kill the GF troopers. Save if you want in one of the adjacent rooms, then move on. --HIVE TRANSPORT AREA-- Scan the red access module and take the elevator up. Take the left fork. --INDUSTRIAL SITE-- Open the gate as before. Go all the way to the end and scan another red access module. Go through the path that was previously blocked by the crate that was just removed by the winch. Jump up the platforms, come up to another red access module, shoot the gate locks and go through the gate as before. The splinters and kralees should give you no trouble. This area is a little big, but straight forward. --COLLAPSED TUNNEL-- Go through the only door here. --TEMPLE ASSEMBLY SITE-- Walk up to the center of the room, scan the red access module. The winch will malfunction. A cutscene will reveal that a point where the wire is fragile. Shoot the wire and use the gate as a bridge to the next room. --DYNAMO CHAMBER-- Go through the gates and scan a panel to the left at the end of the tunnel. Splinters will emerge, kill them and go through the door. --COMMUNICATION AREA-- Follow the path, go through the only door you can. Kill the GF soldiers as they appear. --TROOPER SECURITY STATION-- Watch out for the turret. Disable it with a missile, go through a small morphball tunnel on the right, scan the red access module, go back and morphball your way under the malfunctioning gate. You won't take much damage if you get caught, but since you have very little to begin with, be careful. --GFMC COMPOUND-- Walk up and get a cutscene. After the cutscene, scan around for a red crate, blast it with a charge beam and get the =MISSILE LAUNCHER=. You will be attacked by a swarm of dark splinters. Don't be afraid to use missiles, as they are key to your survival. You can always get refills by shooting crates. Kill them off, go into the GF ship (get the map if you want), turn left and jump onto a platform. Continue along, scan another module, and go into the morphball orb hologram in morphball mode. Jump over to the door covered with a red hatch. Destroy it with a missile and proceed. [=====MISSILE LAUNCHER ACQUIRED!=====] [=====NEXT IMPORTANT ITEM: ENERGY TRANSPORT MODULE=====] --SACRED BRIDGE-- There are two tunnels, the one to the left is blocked by a GF soldier's body. Morphball into the tunnel to your right. When you emerge, kill the war wasps. Look up and scan for another red access module. Scan it, go into the morphball hologram and proceed. --SACRED PATH-- Kill off the war wasps and destroy their hive with a missile. Scan the huge wall on your left. Hit it with a missile and go all the way down until you can't anymore. There should be another red access module nearby. Scan it, go into the morphball hologram. The morphball tunnel is straight forward. When you emerge, proceed to the next door. --TEMPLE TRANSPORT A-- Up the elevator you go. [[GREAT TEMPLE]] --TRANSPORT A ACCESS-- Watch out for a barrage of sandbats. They don't cause much damage to begin with. There is a save room accessible by morphball on the left side of the room. I recommend you save; a boss fight is coming up. Proceed. --TEMPLE SANCTUARY-- Get ready for a boss fight as you walk up to the center of the room. If you're really paranoid about being prepared, go back to the TEMPLE ASSEMBLY SITE to pick up an ENERGY TANK UPGRADE behind the red hatch door. **BOSS FIGHT: DARK ALPHA SPLINTER** DIFFICULTY: 5/10 First, you'll fight a group of dark splinters. These things are easy enough, you've fought them before. HOWEVER, I warn you not to use your missiles, because you'll want to save it for the dark alpha splinter. After killing off the splinters, you'll face the alpha splinter. Just dash jump to dodge its lunge attack (be careful, though and don't get jump-happy. It's very good at anticipating where you'll move). After doing enough damage to it, get ready for the dark alpha splinter. It has the same attacks, except now, it can spray some kind of blue liquid at you. Shoot it with all your missiles, then time your charge shots. Eventually, it'll go down. This fight should not be very difficult if you know how to dash jump and refrain from prematurely dash jumping. An =ENERGY TRANSPORT MODULE= is your reward. [=====ENERGY TRANSPORT MODULE ACQUIRED!=====] [=====NEXT IMPORTANT ITEM: MORPHBALL BOMB=====] --CONTROLLER TRANSPORT-- Scan the access module and go up. --MAIN ENERGY CONTROLLER-- A cutscene will take place. That's U-Mos, a luminoth who will 'aid' you somewhat on your journey. Now, you'll have the ability to decode PURPLE LUMINOTH DOORS. go back down the elevator and back to the TEMPLE SANCTUARY. There should be a purple luminoth door here somewhere, scan it and go through. --TRANSPORT B ACCESS-- Kill the lightflyers and proceed. Watch out, they can shoot electrical blasts from a distance. --TEMPLE TRANSPORT B-- Head down. --TEMPLE ASSEMBLY SITE-- You're back here again. Find your way back to the INDUSTRIAL SITE (two doors adjacent to where you are). You will be attacked by splinters who will turn into dark splinters if you don't kill them fast enough. NOTE: I HIGHLY recommend that you get the energy tank in the room with the red hatch in this room if you didn't already. It will increase your chances of survival in Agon Wastes. --INDUSTRIAL SITE-- Scan the purple luminoth door and proceed. --AGON TRANSPORT ACCESS-- Proceed. There is a green kralee here. --TRANSPORT TO AGON WASTES-- There is a missile expansion behind some webbing and a purple luminoth message here. Get them if you want, then go down. [[AGON WASTES]] --PLAZA ACCESS-- Watch out for the lumites. These things are relatively harmless in light aether, but in dark aether, they will prove to be a nuisance. Go through the only door. --MINING PLAZA-- Welcome to the Agon Wastes, reminiscent of the Chozo Ruins in Prime. Your target is the door all the way at the top (in front of you, on the right of the red hatch door). Through the red hatch door is a save point, so save if you want. Sand diggers will emerge when you touch the sand. They're pretty easy to kill. Jump up the platforms, destroy the rocks with missiles to create a bridge (REMEMBER, PEOPLE... SCAN IF YOU'RE NOT SURE WHERE SOMETHING IS). Watch out for the sandbats as you cross. You'll have to do some more jumping onto platforms. Eventually, you'll cross a bridge with three circles decorated above it. Go through the door. --MINING STATION ACCESS-- Morphball time. Go through the tunnel and emerge on the other side. --MINING STATION A-- Does the music sound familiar? It should; get ready to fight some space pirates. These things aren't that hard, just dodge, shoot missiles and charged shots and they should be out of commission. Jump up the platforms and cross the "waterfall" of sand. See the statue and the gate to your right? Make a mental note of it, we'll have to come back here. Watch out for the sandy falls as they will drag you down. Destroy another rock to reveal a bridge. --TEMPLE ACCESS-- Watch out for shriek bats. These things can be tough to target without the dark visor. Go through the door and prepare for a boss fight. Don't worry, this one really isn't very hard. --AGON TEMPLE-- Walk up to the center of the arena and get ready to fight. **BOSS FIGHT: BOMB GUARDIAN** Difficult: 5/10 This is a larger version of the sand digger. If you scan it, you'll know that you have to first stun it by hurting its tail, so lock on, hit its tail (try to save your missiles though), and it'll get stunned. You know it's stunned if it raises its head back in agony. At that moment, lock on its head and blast it with 2 missiles or a charged up Power Beam shot. YOU MUST DO THIS OR IT'LL START SHOOTING BOMBS EVERYWHERE. This fight should be a piece of cake if you've mastered the dash jump. You get the =MORPHBALL BOMB= for your efforts. Bomb the wall and proceed through the other blue door. [=====MORPHBALL BOMB ACQUIRED!=====] [=====NEXT IMPORTANT ITEM: SPACE JUMP=====] --CONTROLLER ACCESS-- Bomb the morphball slot and proceed. --AGON ENERGY CONTROLLER-- Scan the hologram behind the giant machine and get a cutscene. You can now access Orange Luminoth Doors. You've now been introduced to your missions: trek into the dark aether version of an area and restore the energy to the light area. Backtrack back to MINING STATION A. --MINING STATION A-- There is a MISSILE EXPANSION blocked by an orange luminoth door. Get it if you want, then head to the other blue door you haven't been to yet right below that room. There are no more space pirates here, but you'll have to fight some lumites. NOTE: Now that you have the morphball bomb, if you want another ENERGY TANK, go to MINING STATION ACCESS, get into morphball mode and bomb the small platform in the middle. --PORTAL ACCESS A-- Go into the morphball hologram and proceed to the other side of the wall (you'll know you're on the other side because there will be a dead luminoth body on the ground). There's also a missile expansion here if you want. --PORTAL TERMINAL-- Oh, that beautiful music again... get ready to fight some more space pirates. However, this time you have to fight dark space pirates after a funny (I think) cut scene of them being possessed by the ing. These are a little harder, but go down just the same way. A morphball slot will open up at the end. Go to it, bomb the slot, and head up the lift right next to it. Bomb the small blocking object. You'll see a lens fix into place. Traverse the enter puzzle, repeating the process two more times (watch out for wasps and pill bugs. Once you're done, go back to where the morphball slot was, and scan the gate. A portal will open. Go through. [[DARK AGON WASTES]] --PORTAL SITE-- Welcome to Dark Aether. A few notes: you will take damage if you stay anywhere outside of the light barriers. Hence, throughout each room, you must shoot light beacons or stay within a light crystal's barrier to be safe. There are also many pods that release refills, so make use of them. Your main objective in the dark version of any area is to find the three keys and fight the boss and guardians. These three keys are found ONLY in Dark Aether and in their respective regions, so no bother searching for them in light Aether. This room is empty of enemies, so go all the way to the other end, bomb the morphball slot and proceed. Another thing to note is that everything you do here will somehow affect what happens in Light Aether and vice versa, so the morphball slot opened up the alternate door in Light Aether. Go through. --CROSSROADS-- Here, you'll have to fight inglets. They are small, but can be very deadly if you're careless. Shoot them in puddle form, and when they materialize, blast them with one missile to extinguish them for good. They do NOT show up on radar when they're in puddle form, so beware. One good missile blast or charged shot while their heads are exposed is all that's needed. --SAVE STATION 2-- More inglets, so be careful. Collect refills as you go along. There is save station here, so save if you want, then proceed. --DUELING RANGE-- What a big place. Head to your left and prepare to fight a warrior ing. This thing really isn't that tough. It has three attacks: (1) Shoots a beam of light at you and knocks you back (2) hits you with a melee attack if you're close enough (3) rolls into a ball and covers you in darkness, slowly sucking some of your life away. This should be obvious, but ALWAYS ALWAYS STAY WITHIN THE LIGHT'S BARRIER. Dark Aether's air is too poisonous for you right now. Kill this thing, then head over to what appears to be a moving light portal along the wall. This is a light bringer, it will supply a light barrier. DON'T BE HASTY and just follow along with it all the way up; you need its light protection. Follow along the path to another light bringer and head through the only accessible door. --JUNCTION SITE-- Roll into morphball mode, go through and prepare for a boss fight. --JUDGMENT PIT-- Head to the center of the room and a cutscene will ensue. **BOSS FIGHT: JUMP GUARDIAN** Difficulty: 6/10 This thing isn't very difficult if you gotten the two energy tanks I told you about. It's basically a warrior ing except it has a jump attack that causes shockwaves into the ground. As it circles the light barrier, shoot it with charged powerbeam shots and missiles. When it charges light beam attacks at you, do dash jumps while you fire. It will sometimes jump up to the top platforms and shoot light beams at you. HOWEVER, when it prepares to jump, get ready. When it lands, it releases a powerful shockwave that'll easily knock you out of the light's protection as well as damage you. The easiest way to dodge this is to start at any position, lock onto the creature, and as the shockwave approaches you, jump FORWARD and the shockwave usually misses. There are refill pods along the circumference, so get them if you need them. You will acquire the =SPACE JUMP= for your efforts. Now that you have the ability to double jump, head back to the PORTAL SITE, back into the light aether, and back to MINING STATION A. [=====SPACE JUMP ACQUIRED!=====] [=====NEXT IMPORTANT ITEM: DARK BEAM=====] [[AGON WASTES]] --MINING STATION A-- Remember that weird statue in the center with the gate behind it? Space jump on top of the statue, turn left and go through the doorway there. Scan the red access module and the gate will open. Proceed through. REMEMBER: AT ANY TIME, FEEL FREE TO BACKTRACK FOR MISSILE AND ENERGY TANK EXPANSIONS IF YOU WANT. THIS IS JUST A RECOMMENDATION. YOUR CHANCES OF SURVIVAL CAN ONLY GO UP. --CENTRAL STATION ACCESS-- Kill the two ignorant pirates here. Go through the door. --CENTRAL MINING STATION-- Get ready to take on a bunch of pirates. The first batch are easy, just like before. Some more will materialize afterwards, and then, a two will materialize above and use a turret against you. The turrets do a good amount of damage, so keep your distance and destroy them with missiles. Head through the only door you can. --COMMAND CENTER ACCESS-- You can't go through the door here, so scan the ground and blow it up with a morphball bomb. --COMMAND CENTER-- You'll enter this room in morphball mode. A bunch of pirates will go through the portal. Go through the simple morphball maze, avoiding the electrical currents, and emerge. You'll fight some pirates. Gather all the data you want here by scanning. I highly recommend you do, as the information may be helpful. Then, go to the far side and scan another red access module and go up the mini elevator. Follow long the path and fight another pirate to unlock the door. Careful, the pirate inside the glass chamber to your right may try to shoot you. --SECURITY STATION B-- Whoa, what was that? Meet Dark Samus (don't worry, you don't fight her... yet). Head through the only door back to the COMMAND CENTER. Scan the red console, go back to the COMMAND CENTER through the other door and proceed through the gate that just opened up. --BIOSTORAGE ACCESS-- Watch out for turrets, these things are powerful. Kill them off with a charged shot or a missile. Head through the laser maze and go through the next door. Don't get lazy and just run through the lasers. The damage gets cumulative. --BIOSTORAGE STATION-- Take out some more pirates. Scan stuff if you want, head all the way to the far side of the room and activate a mini elevator via red access module scanning. Follow the path. Kind of a gruesome sight, isn't it? Metroids feeding on a space pirate... anyways, go through the door. Oh yes, AVOID THE PHAZON at all costs. This stuff is possibly more toxic than dark aether's air, so stay away from it. --SECURITY STATION A-- Take out the turret. Enter the center of the room and bomb the morphball slot. Some gates will rotate and reveal a new path. Proceed. --BIOENERGY PRODUCTION-- Just when you thought it couldn't get worse... flying pirates. They fight the same way they did in Prime, so use the same strategy. After you kill them, they attempt a suicide strike, so be careful. Kill them, then head over and scan the panel revealed in the cut scene. This will unleash three columns. Head back over to the opposite side of the room with the control consoles. You'll notice that each console has TWO SMALL HEXAGONAL BUTTONS that you can scan to move a corresponding cylinder's levels up and down. If you're too lazy to figure it out, here's the answer: Scan the LEFT SMALL HEXAGON of the RIGHT CONTROL AREA once. Scan the LEFT SMALL HEXAGON of the MIDDLE AREA twice. Scan the LEFT SMALL HEXAGON of the LEFT AREA three times. Note: If you want an energy tank (recommended), scan the LEFT SMALL HEXAGON of the RIGHT CONTROL AREA THREE TIMES; Scan the LEFT SMALL HEXAGON of the MIDDLE AREA twice; and scan the LEFT SMALL HEXAGON of the LEFT AREA once. You basically want to create a stairway up to the top platforms, so just use your common sense and it should be easy. Follow the path up with space jumps, and proceed. --VENTILATION AREA B-- Morphball time. Head through the morphball tunnel, but do not go straight. The direct path is protected by blue lasers. Instead, take the upper path, avoiding the lasers. Time your bomb jumps correctly and you shouldn't get hurt. You'll eventually emerge on the other side. --SAVE STATION C-- SAVE NOW, a boss fight is coming up. --SAND PROCESSING-- Two turrets, take them out. Go to the end and missile the left wall with a crack in it (scan if you can't find it). Proceed. --MAIN REACTOR-- Jump down to the room and prepare to fight. **BOSS FIGHT: DARK SAMUS** Difficulty: 7/10 For such a small boss, she can sure cause some massive damage. For the most part, you'll want to use powerbeam shots, trying to hit her with a charged shot if possible, though she moves very fast, so it's hard. Most of the pillars in this room are destructible (and she usually does the destructing). She is invulnerable when you see a thick blue shield around her (you'll know when your shots bounce off of her). WARNING: DO NOT USE MISSILES AGAINST HER. If they hit, it's good, but they usually repel because she'll put up her shields. Not only that, but if you touch this shield, you'll take damage. For the most part, she'll just float around the room very fast, occasionally shooting you with a spray of phazon energy. It does little damage, so don't worry. After taking sufficient damage, she'll switch to phase two. This time, she's only vulnerable to damage at certain times (when the blue shield around her is gone). There are two attacks you must watch out for: (1) Her phazon missile attack. She jumps up into the air and charges a shot with her beam. Right at the last moment, double dash jump to avoid. (2) Her shinespark ability. This move is deadly, so avoid at all costs. You know she's about to do it when she jumps up in the air, does a backflip, charge up her body, and ram right into you. This attack is easy to avoid if you dash jump at the right moment. Just keep attacking her (DO NOT USE MISSILES OR GET CLOSE TO HER, SHE'LL PUT UP HER SHIELD). After she dies, go up the elevator in the room and get the =DARK BEAM=. Use the Dark Beam to go back to the COMMAND CENTER. [=====DARK BEAM ACQUIRED!=====] [=====NEXT IMPORTANT ITEM: LIGHT BEAM=====] --COMMAND CENTER-- You'll be attacked by grenade pirates. Two dark beam shots will take them out. If you scanned the portal the pirates went though, you'll know that dark portals need dark energy to activate. So what are you waiting for? Use the dark beam on the portal in the center of the room. Go through. NOTE: BACKTRACK NOW IF YOU WANT, BECAUSE ONCE YOU GO THROUGH THE PORTAL, IT'LL BE A WHILE UNTIL YOU CAN GET OUT. [[DARK AGON WASTES] --DOOMED ENTRY-- See the item on top of the platform in front of you? That's one of the Agon Keys you must retrieve. Go to the left side of your map, charging beacons as you go, until you come upon a light crystal that has been charged with dark energy. Free it by shooting it with the powerbeam. Scan for a small circular object on the platform next to you, shoot it with the missile and then, the dark beam. The platform will lower. Follow it up and space jump to get the FIRST AGON TEMPLE KEY. Proceed through the dark beam door (the black door). --OASIS ACCESS-- Prepare to fight a warrior ing. Same strategy. Kill it, then proceed. --DARK OASIS-- Watch out for the inglets. Head for the door on the right. --HALL OF STAIRS-- Walk over to where you see the three ing blade pods surrounded by light. Turn around and aim up at the giant pillar at the center of the room. You should see a crystal. Shoot the crystal with the dark beam and the pillar will shrink, giving you access to the upper floor. Double jump up. --SAVE STATION 3-- Save if you want. --BITTER WELL-- Go through the morphball tunnel, but SLOWLY so you don't accidentally fall into the phazon deposits. Bomb jump up and over to the other side. Proceed. --PHAZON SITE-- Wow, big room. There are three red access modules in this room, and you must scan them all. From where you enter, there is one on you right on a platform. There is one on your left blocked by a set of crates. The last one is atop the locked door, so you'll have to use some space jumping on floating platforms to get it. Charge beacons as you go, taking care not to walk on the phazon deposits on the ground. Proceed. --WATERING HOLE-- You will be attacked by some lumites. They are somewhat more dangerous here, so remove the darkness from the crystal on the platform and jump. BE CAREFUL NOT TO FALL OFF, THE WATER IS POISONOUS. Jump quickly to avoid the poison gas the ingclaws set off. If you need to, just stay in a light barrier and get some of your health back. Proceed through the door. --FEEDING PIT-- More big rooms. Kill off the swarm of nightbarbs with your powerbeam now. If you don't, they will become a nuisance when you try to jump on the platforms. See the two columns in the center? Aim upwards and find the crystals one one of their sides and shoot it with the dark beam to shrink them. Jump on them and proceed through the dark beam door. You get the =LIGHT BEAM= for your efforts. The light beam is incredibly effective against dark creature such as the ing. Charged light beam shots move very fast and have a mild homing ability. Go back and use the beam on the opposite light beam door. [=====LIGHT BEAM ACQUIRED!=====] [=====NEXT IMPORTANT ITEM: DARK SUIT=====] --FEEDING PIT ACCESS-- Take out the eyes with the light beam. Proceed. --DOOMED ENTRY-- You're back here again. This time, go through the light beam door. --DOUBLE PATH-- Watch out for the darkling tentacles. They retract when you blast them, so bust out that powerbeam and temporarily stun them. DO NOT LET THEM HIT YOU, they cause a lot of damage and can knock you into the poisonous water. Proceed and get ready to fight. --BATTLEGROUND-- Head towards the center where the Agon key is. Three ing warriors will attack you. Kill them as usual. Remember, the light beam is very effective against these creatures. You will be rewarded with the SECOND AGON TEMPLE KEY. Head back to the DARK OASIS --DARK OASIS-- Now that you have two agon keys and the light beam, shoot the portal with the light beam and go back to light aether. There's also an ammo refill station behind the other light beam door, if you need it. [[AGON WASTES]] Head back to the PORTAL TERMINAL. NOTE: BEAM AMMO EXPANSION. Now that you've got the light/dark beam, you'll notice that ammo depletes before you know it, so you'll want more ammo. On your way back to the PORTAL TERMINAL, you'll come across the CENTRAL MINING STATION through the upper level of the COMMAND CENTER room. When you emerge, enter one of the turrets and blast three power generators in the room. There's one to the bottom left of the turret besides the skiff ships. The second is on the right (you'll know you hit this one because space pirates will start shooting you. The last one is on the far end, blocking a morphball tunnel. Space jump on top of the Skiff ship and all the way to the other side. Enter into the small morphball tunnel and get a beam ammo expansion. This should let you be more trigger happy. --PORTAL TERMINAL-- Go through the portal again into dark aether. [[DARK AGON WASTES]] Go back to the JUDGMENT PIT. --JUDGMENT PIT-- There is a dark beam door here that leads to a save point. SAVE NOW, a boss fight is coming up. There should be a RED HATCH DOOR in this room. Go through it. --DARK AGON TEMPLE ACCESS-- Nothing fancy here. Proceed. --DARK AGON TEMPLE-- Head to the left path of where you entered. There will be a door there containing the last and THIRD AGON KEY. Go back to where you entered the room and walk into the light hologram. Jump down and prepare to fight. **BOSS FIGHT: AMORBIS** Difficulty: 7/10 This boss can be a bit tough for new-comers, but for a Metroid Prime veteran, this shouldn't be too difficult. Amorbis has three stages. (1) It jumps out of the ground and burrows back in. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT look around aimless to see where Amorbis is. Instead, just look at your radar for orange dots. Even if you see Amorbis appear, if the orange dot is not showing up, chances are it's too far for you to hit anyways. When it emerges, shoot it with whatever you've got (missiles, power beam shots and light beam shots). IMPORTANT: WHEN IT BURROWS ITSELF INTO THE GROUND, KEEP YOUR CHARGE BEAM ACTIVE TO DRAW IN REFILLS. After hitting it enough ... (2) It will attach itself to the dark sphere in the center. Now, you must destroy the helmet shielding on its head. Beware of its ability to nullify your light crystal. After you destroy the helmet, it will start to ... (3) Suck in air. When it does, go into morphball mode and get sucked in. Once you're in, lay a bomb and Amorbis will be damaged from the inside out. The same fight continues, but you must then take out two/three worms instead of just one. Repeat with the same strategy. NOTE: When Amorbis has two or three worms attached to the dark sphere, it can execute a beam attack that will HURT BADLY, so make sure you dodge it and keep inside the safe zone. You will be rewarded the =DARK SUIT= for your troubles. Head to the platform and to the next door. [=====DARK SUIT ACQUIRED!=====] [=====NEXT IMPORTANT ITEM: SUPER MISSILES=====] --DARK CONTROLLER ACCESS-- You know what to do. --DARK AGON ENERGY CONTROLLER-- Walk up for a cutscene. Now, head back to the AGON ENERGY CONTROLLER in Light Aether. [[AGON WASTES]] --AGON ENERGY CONTROLLER-- Another cut scene. Now, head back to the MAIN ENERGY CONTROLLER (Where U-Mos was) in the GREAT TEMPLE. FUTURE NOTE: In every temple, after beating the temple's boss and gathering the energy from the dark energy controller, you MUST BRING IT BACK TO THE LIGHT VERSION OF THE ENERGY CONTROLLER. Otherwise, the area will be close off until you do. [[GREAT TEMPLE]] Talk to U-Mos again, and now, it's time to head to the Torvus Bog. After talking to him, go down to the TEMPLE SANCTUARY and scan the orange luminoth door. Go through. --TRANSPORT C ACCESS-- Hit the purple crystal on the door with the light beam, and watch out for the pulse bombu. They're pretty harmless. Proceed. --TEMPLE TRANSPORT C-- You know what to do. Go down. [[TEMPLE GROUNDS]] --MEETING GROUNDS-- Big area, just go straight across the half-pipe structure and go through the only door there at the end of a twisted tunnel. --HALL OF EYES-- Space jump onto the top ledge. The door here is blocked by a green hatch which you can't open yet. Go through the portal on the second level. [[DARK TEMPLE GROUNDS]] --BASE ACCESS-- Watch out for inglets. Go through the blue door. --ABANDONED BASE-- Just keep going through the one-way path until you get to the end. Double jump up to the platform and it's time for a morphball puzzle. Notice that on both sides there are pistons that go up and down. First, face the dead-end wall. Turn into a morphball and go through the right-piston going up. Hit the second morphball slot you come in contact with. Then hit the third, fourth, and go back to number one. That should activate the luminoth lift. Jump on and get ready for some fancy shooting. Shoot the nightbarbs that fly at you. Get off the lift at the end, shoot the portal with the light beam and enter the light portal. [[TEMPLE GROUNDS]] --PATH OF EYES-- Head all the way to the blue door, energizing the purple icons with light energy as you go along and double jumping. Be on the lookout for space pirates, they get possessed by ing. Open the orange luminoth door at the end and proceed. --TORVUS TRANSPORT ACCESS-- Proceed, avoiding war wasps. --TRANSPORT TO TORVUS BOG-- You know what to do. Go to it. --TEMPLE TRANSPORT ACCESS-- Watch out for shriek bats. --TORVUS LAGOON-- Torvus Bog, the waterworld of Aether. Watch out for the shredder plants that sprout up out of the ground and attack. If you kill one, it will explode and usually kill the surrounding ones. Go underwater, and head to the dark beam door. Keep in mind, at the current level you're at, water hinders your movements tremendously. Proceed with caution. --PATH OF ROOTS-- Kill the little creatures for some refills. Emerge out of the water and through the door. --GREAT BRIDGE-- Shriekers will appear out of the water. Be careful, you can only see them accurately with sonic gear, so currently, they phase in and out of existence. They also attack you with sound, so don't be surprised if you can't see what they're hitting you with. Take them out with the dark beam if you want. Enter through the red hatch door. --PORTAL CHAMBER-- Go through the morphball tunnel. --TORVUS LAGOON-- Scan the red access module and the bridge will rise. There is a save room blocked by a red hatch door if you want to save. Go through the light beam door. --RUINED ALCOVE-- Watch out for shredders. They explode on impact and can hurt. --FORGOTTEN BRIDGE-- Prepare for a semi-tough fight. Meet the grenchler, Echoes' version of the baby- sheegoth from Prime. Like the baby sheegoths, you can only hit them from behind. But that's not all... these things seem to do an almost uncanny amount of damage at any range, and they electricity attacks are faster than the baby sheegoth's ice breath. Also, these things turn around faster, so you have to be quick. Try hitting them with a charged dark beam shot to stun them. Head up the mushroom looking platforms. See that morphball slot that looks like it's there, but it's not? Remember where it is.Ccross the metal bridge and activate the dark portal. Go through. [[DARK TORVUS BOG]] Again, like in Dark Agon Wastes, the goal is to get the three keys and fight the guardians. But that's still a ways off. Your primary goal is to first gather all the abilities you can. Only then does the search for the keys become easier and, in some cases, possible. --DARK FORGOTTEN BRIDGE-- Head across the bridge to the morphball slot. Remember that everything you do in dark/light aether affects the alternate world. Bomb the morphball slot and head back to the portal by traversing the under area, careful not to touch the water. [[TORVUS BOG]] --FORGOTTEN BRIDGE-- As you emerge, be VERY CAUTIOUS. You now have to take on the dark pirate commando. These things are tough to fight without the dark visor, so just try your best. They can phase in and out of existence, making them hard to target. The best weapon against them is the charged light beam shot. The best way to fight them is to look at your radar for orange dots. YOU CANNOT LEAVE THIS ROOM UNTIL THEY DISAPPEAR. You currently have no way of killing them, so just survive, hit them whenever possible and wait for them to disappear. After that, go across the now-rotated bridge and go through the door behind the missile expansion. --ABANDONED WORKSITE-- Go through the small morphball area and traverse it. Be careful, as there is a plant creature that tries to knock you off. If it does, KILL IT BEFORE YOU PROCEED. This thing can be very annoying. Enter the morphball tunnel and exit through the light beam door. --GREAT BRIDGE-- Scan the red access module. This will open up a morphball hologram on the opposite side of the room. Go to it, and you'll be launched up onto a bridge. Watch out for shriek bats. Kill them, then proceed through the dark beam door. --TEMPLE ACCESS-- If you want, bomb a part of the floor near the center (over one of the circular floor panels that appears cracked. It should lead you to an ENERGY TANK (recommended). If you've gotten all the Energy Tanks I told you about so far, you should have 5 full tanks of energy. Otherwise, proceed. --TORVUS TEMPLE-- Get ready to fight more pirates. Defeat them like usual. Get the =SUPER MISSILES=, your first missile combo. Head up the elevator and through the green hatch (they must be destroyed with super missiles). [=====SUPER MISSILES ACQUIRED!=====] [=====NEXT IMPORTANT ITEM: BOOST BALL=====] --CONTROLLER ACCESS-- Look familiar? You know what to do. --TORVUS ENERGY CONTROLLER-- Business as usual. After a cutscene, go back the way you came. --TORVUS TEMPLE-- Scan the green luminoth door in the center of the room and go down the elevator. There are four doors at the bottom here, three guarded by green hatches, and one guarded by a purple hatch. Go through the green door that leads to the UNDERGOUND TUNNEL. --UNDERGROUND TUNNEL-- Watch out. A grenchler is just around the corner, and it's hard to fight being that the passage is so narrow. Get through it somehow, go through the crack in morphball mode and go through the light beam door. --TORVUS GROVE-- You knew it was coming, didn't you? Two pirate commandos, these things can be a pain because they have shields. At least they can't disappear from sight like their dark versions. Hit them when their shields are down. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT ENGAGE IN CLOSE COMBAT. These pirates have melee blade weapons that can really hurt. As you'll discover later, super missiles are your best friends against pirates. Go through the laser guarded door after you kill them. --MEDITATION VISA-- Scan the device, go through the portal. [[DARK TORVUS BOG]] --GLOOM VISTA-- Proceed through the door. --POLLUTION MIRE-- Jump onto the center of the room, and watch out, because a new type of ing will attack you. This is a hunter ing, and it's annoying because it can phase in and out of existence. Even if you can see it, you can't hit this thing until it is completely solid. Charged light beam shots work best. The best way to fight them is to lure them into one of the light beacons, then when they're within range, charge the beacon. They take a lot of damage this way. Anyways, once you kill it, jump onto the platforms that spiral the main column. Exit through the only dark beam door at the top. --DARK FALLS-- There is a save station here. SAVE NOW OR YOU WILL REGRET IT. A very hard boss fight is coming up (or at least, from what others have told me. I didn't find it too difficult with the 5 energy tanks I had). --DARK FORGOTTEN BRIDGE-- Take out the lightflyer creatures and proceed. --DARK ARENA TUNNEL- Whoa... freaky. Head down to the half-pipe structure and through the tunnel. --DARK TORVUS ARENA-- Head through the morphball passage and get ready for a fight many consider to be one of the hardest. **BOSS FIGHT: BOOST GUARDIAN** Difficulty: 10/10 For this fight, I recommend at least 5 Energy Tanks. What makes this fight particularly difficult is that there are no safe zones and your health constantly goes down. Not only that, but the boost guardian has some horribly annoying attacks. First, it can swing its arms at you, spawn inglets (which you should kill for energy), shoot some light beams and latch itself onto you. Super missiles work wonders here, so I hope you have enough missiles. After you damage it enough, it will go into boostball form and boost around the room, occasionally destroying a mini pillar (and even its own inglets) and dropping refills. Try your best to avoid this thing as well as the inglets if they spawn.After it boosts 3 around times, OR if it runs into a column, it will form into a puddle of darkness. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES LET IT TOUCH YOU. IT DOES A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF DAMAGE. While it's in this form, it will chase you, so roll away from it in morphball form and drop bombs to stun it. It'll eventually get stunned and go back to solid form. Repeat this process until the boost guardian is dead. For your efforts, you will get the =BOOST BALL=. [=====BOOST BALL ACQUIRED!=====] [=====NEXT IMPORTANT ITEM: SEEKER MISSILES=====] Now that you have the boostball ability, in the same room, go to the center of the room where you saw the Torvus Key with the halfpipe structure. Boost your way up and get it. FIRST TORVUS KEY acquired. Now, it's time to look for some weapons before we go off and look for the other Torvus Keys. First, go back to the light world by going through the same portal in the GLOOM VISTA. [[TORVUS BOG]] Head to the TORVUS GROVE again, and go up the half-pipe structure in this room to get to the dark beam door (the only other door in this room). --GROVE ACCESS-- Nothing to see here. --FORGOTTEN BRIDGE-- Make sure you activate the spinner device here (because it will affect the dark world). Head down from here and head back to the elevator leading to TRANSPORT TO TEMPLE GROUNDS. [[TEMPLE GROUNDS]] Head back to the MEETING GROUNDS. --MEETING GROUNDS-- Boost up the half-pipe structure and go through the morphball tunnel (there's only one, so it shouldn't be hard to find). --SERVICE ACCESS-- Be CAREFUL not to go too fast, because there is an area where you need to use the boost ball to pass. If you fall, you'll have to trek back to the MEETING GROUNDS and do it again. --PATH OF HONORS-- Just keep going. --HALL OF HONORED DEAD-- Get ready for a morphball puzzle. The objective here is to get all the panels on the ground to glow. There are four spinners, each with a color and each spins a certain set of two adjacent rings. So the goal is to get all the rings to glow without throwing the neighboring rings out of alignment. Sound hard? Not really. You could figure it out yourself... but if you don't want to, here's the solution. (1) Spin the purple spinner until the outermost ring glows. (2) Spin the blue spinner until the second-outermost ring glows. (3) Spin the yellow spinner until the third-outermost ring glows. (4) Spin the red spinner until the inner-two rings glow. For your efforts, you get the =SEEKER MISSILES=. Go through the purple door by using the seeker missiles to hit all five targets at once. One way or another, get back to the TORVUS TEMPLE in the Torvus Bog. Our next objective is to get the Gravity Boost. [=====SEEKER MISSILES ACQUIRED!=====] [=====NEXT IMPORTANT ITEM: GRAVITY BOOST=====] [[TORVUS BOG]] --TORVUS TEMPLE-- Go down to the lower area (with water and those pods surrounding the room). This time, take the other green hatch door that leads to a mini-elevator, leading further down in Torvus. --UNDERGROUND TRANSPORT-- Go down. --HYDRODYNAMO STATION-- Does the music sound familiar? It's a remix of the Brinstar Red Soil Music. Anyways, first, head down into the water. CAREFUL NOT TO AGITATE THE BLOGGS. These things don't mess around and can be a pain to fight since you're very sluggish in water. Right under the platform with the purple door is a red access module. Scan it. Then jump into the middle and take the morphball hologram up to the top level. There's a door leading to a save station if you want to use it. Head back into the water and head to the purple door with a missile expansion in front of it. Open it with the seeker missiles and proceed. --TRAINING ACCESS-- Whoa, what was that light? Look familiar? Proceed and see. --TRAINING CHAMBER-- Dark Samus appears (you don't fight her) and mocks you. There are two bloggs in the water. This time, you must kill them. They can only be damaged once they open their mouths. So, you have to hit them with a missile (or charged blast) to provoke them, then get another missile ready for when they charge at you. They only open their mouths at the last minute, so have good timing. After that, activate the spinner to align the red lines. Enter the crevice and follow the red path. Go through in morphball mode and go through the dark beam door. --TRANSIT TUNNEL EAST-- Just go through the tunnel. You can't do anything else now. --CATACOMBS-- Traverse through the water, kill the bloggs if you must, then emerge out of the water. Go through the dark beam door. --CATACOMBS ACCESS-- Few small enemies, nothing to do here. --HYDRODYNAMO STATION-- Scan the red access module to unlock another part of the room. Find a way back to the TRAINING CHAMBER. --TRAINING CHAMBER-- Since we went with the dark beam door last time, we're going to go through the light beam door this time. Align the spinner rotation device so that the blue lines align. Enter the crevice again in morphball mode, and follow the path. Go through the light beam door. --TRANSIT TUNNEL WEST-- A simple enough morphball puzzle. --GATHERING HALL-- First, head underwater and shoot the two spiky things from underneath with a dark beam shot. This will cause them to flip upside down, effectively turning them into platforms. Head back up to where you entered, and using the spiky things as stepping stones, hop across the opposite side of the room and activate a morphball slot. A passageway will open underwater. Go through the portal down there. [[DARK TORVUS BOG]] Welcome to the lower areas of Dark Torvus Bog. --CRYPT-- Dark pirate commandos again. Try to fight through them somehow until they disappear. Hop onto a platform and activate the spinner until the laser hits the center of the opposite wall. This will affect the laser beam in the light world. Go back through the portal. [[TORVUS BOG]] --GATHERING HALL-- A morphball hologram has opened up on a platform opposite of the laser beam device. Use it, and go through the light beam door at the top. --GATHERING ACCESS-- Watch out for the puffers. The toxic gas they release is deadly and resonates around their deaths for a bit before the air is safe. --HYDRODYNAMO STATION-- Scan the red access module for the final lock. A boss fight is coming up. Now that all the locks are released, go down to the very bottom level of the room and through the door. --HYDRODYNAMO SHAFT-- Descend. Near the bottom, there are lots of small creatures if you want to get a refill of ammunition. Head down to the very bottom. --MAIN HYDROCHAMBER-- Head down to the bottom door and get the =GRAVITY BOOST=. You can now freely move in water, your vision is clearer and you have a third jump in water. Sounds great? Well, prepare for a not-so-great fight. [=====GRAVITY BOOST ACQUIRED!=====] [=====NEXT IMPORTANT ITEM: GRAPPLING BEAM=====] **BOSS FIGHT: ALPHA BLOGG** Difficulty: 7/10 This boss can be either really hard or really easy depending on how good your timing is. The first stage is just the alpha blogg. It shares the same weakness as the blogg, meaning you can only hit it when its mouth is open. This can be a bit tough since you have to first hit it with a concussive blast to provoke it to ram you. Basically, just think of it as a blogg with more health and more damaging power. In addition to ramming you, it can also shoot jets of water that immobilize you for a second. They're easy to dodge though. A good strategy is to first dodge it and let it ram into the wall as you prepare your shot. Then, it'll come after you. Shoot it and dash quickly. Now that you have the gravity boost, go back to the HYDRODYNAMO SHAFT. --HYDRODYNAMO SHAFT-- Using the gravity boost, you should be able to find a portal at the top level of the bottom area (where you see those creatures floating in schools) somewhere. Go through it. Enter the dark world, get the SECOND TORVUS KEY. Now, get back to the CATACOMBS. We need to get the Grappling Beam to finish our mission in Torvus. --CATACOMBS-- Go underwater. You should see a morphball slot somewhere there that was previously unreachable. Access it. The gate above you will lower, revealing a portal. Go through it. [[DARK TORVUS BOG]] --DUNGEON-- So what could be worst than a grenchler? A dark grenchler, obviously. There are two of them here, so you could take them out, or leave to your right. --UNDERTRANSIT TWO-- Go through the morphball maze and proceed. --SACRIFICIAL CHAMBER-- Hunter ings await you here. Kill them, or proceed through the light beam door. --UNDERTRANSIT ONE-- Go through the morphball maze and proceed. --CRYPT-- Hit the crystal with the dark beam. Some pirates will emerge, take care of them as usual. Some platforms will start to move, so use them to get up to the light beam door at the top. --CRYPT TUNNEL-- Watch out for reaper vines. --UNDERTEMPLE SHAFT-- Jump down to the bottom. A hunter ing is waiting for you. Kill it, then jump to the middle platform where you'll see a morphball hologram. Use it and it'll propel you to the top. There is a save room behind red hatch door. SAVE NOW, another boss fight is coming up. Drop down to a platform with a light crystal and a gate leading towards the center. At the center, bomb the morphball slot and enter the pathway that opens. --SACRIFICIAL CHAMBER TUNNEL-- Hit all the pods for refills. You'll need it. Watch out for venom weeds. --SACRIFICIAL CHAMBER-- Walk to the middle and see a cutscene. **BOSS FIGHT: GRAPPLE GUARDIAN** Difficulty: 8/10 IMPORTANT: BEFORE YOU EVEN FIGHT THIS THING, SCAN IT. If you do not scan it, you will not acquire an alternate target on this thing. This fight can be tough for the same reasons grenchlers are tough: you can only damage them from behind. However, you can first stun the grapple guardian by shooting its eyes. Charged light beam shots and super missiles are the way to go here. One strategy is to stay very far, hide behind one of those light emitting cylinders, let it use its tongue and it will drag itself in and stun itself, providing a perfect opportunity to hit it's back. It'll also release refills this way. Once it gets to lower health, it actually becomes easier. Just shoot its eye until it's stunned, then keep shooting because you don't have to shoot it from behind anymore. Anyways, good luck. The grapple guardian really isn't very hard if you're used to fighting grenchlers. Congratulations, you now have the =GRAPPLING BEAM=. Head back to the MEDITATION VISTA in the light world of Torvus Bog. [=====GRAPPLING BEAM ACQUIRED!=====] [=====NEXT IMPORTANT ITEM: DARK VISOR=====] [[TORVUS BOG]] --MEDITATION VISTA-- Activate the portal and go back to Dark Torvus Bog. It's time to get the remaining two keys. [[DARK TORVUS BOG]] Head back to the DARK FORGOTTEN BRIDGE. --DARK FORGOTTEN BRIDGE-- Now that the gate has been released by the spinner in the light world, go through the gate and exit to the green hatch door with a super missile. --BROODING GROUND-- Watch out for the puffers. Use your light beam to make the plant grow by shooting its crystal. Head to the left through the dark beam door. --PORTAL CHAMBER-- Proceed. --POISONED BOG-- Get another beam ammo expansion here (trust me, you'll want it). Go back to the VENOMOUS POND. --VENOMOUS POND-- Use the light beam to make the mushroom grow. Stand on it, and use the grapple beam to get the THIRD TORVUS KEY. There is a save room behind a red hatch in this area. SAVE NOW, YOU WILL REGRET IT IF YOU DON'T. I also strongly recommend backtracking to get more energy tank and missile expansions, because you'll need every single one. --DARK TORVUS TEMPLE ACCESS-- Proceed. --DARK TORVUS TEMPLE-- First off, before you place the keys, go through the green hatch door and get an ENERGY TANK, and the other door leads to an ammo refill station. After placing the keys, you'll be led up to the top. Shoot the four pods next to the cocoon against the wall to reveal Torvus' boss. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HAVING AT LEAST 8 ENERGY TANKS, 150 BEAM AMMO, AND AROUND 120 MISSILES FOR THIS BOSS. THE MORE THE BETTER. I hope you saved. Because I warned you. **BOSS FIGHT: CHYKKA LARVAE** Difficulty: 6/10 This first part is actually pretty simple. Just stay in the center and fire, basically. The larvae just swims around in a circle, then diving down. Get ready, because it'll jump out of the water, allowing you to cause some damage to it. However, when it crashes into the water, make sure you jump over the shockwave or it'll knock you into the poisonous water. Occasionally, it'll send some dark shredders against you (easy, just shoot them with charged shots or missiles. They're mainly there for refills). Eventually, the larvae will emerge from the water exposing its front. Use light beam charged shots as many times as you can. If you're even consciously aware of your health, you should leave this battle with almost all your health intact. Plus, you're constantly healing due to the light crystal field. Eventually, it'll 'die'. So far, everything seems easy, right? But don't celebrate yet, the fight's not over. **BOSS FIGHT: CHYKKA ADULT** Difficulty: 10/10 And you thought boss fights couldn't get harder than the boost guardian? Think again. The Chykka Adult is a nightmare. Let me explain it to you so you'll see exactly what you're up against. First off, the field is divided in three platforms, each separate by nothing but a grappling point and poisonous water, and the Chykka adult has a projectile attack that easily blasts you off the platform and into deadly water. Second, the Chykka Adult must FIRST be stunned by shooting it up front, then you MUST grapple onto a platform behind the Chykka Adult and shoot it's wings (preferably with super missiles. Some people like to use seeker missiles to hit all four points, but I prefer to just hit each point one by one with a super missile). This can prove to be very difficult for some people who haven't mastered the grappling beam. The Chykka Adult will not stay stunned for long, so be quick about it. After destroying all four weak points on the back of its wings, the creature will fall into the water and mutate into... the Dark Chykka Adult. The only thing you can do to this creature is shoot its pouch, so take out that light beam and blast away. Charged light beam shots work the best. It may sometimes launch a bunch of small creatures at you (mainly to kill and get some refills). After beating the Dark Chykka Adult, it'll revert back to the normal Chykka Adult again, and you have to repeat the same process again: Stun the creature, grapple behind it, blast the back of its wings with missiles. It may sometimes try to run into you, but usually fails. Then when it turns into the Dark Chykka Adult, use the same strategy and hit its pouch with charged light beam shots. This battle could take a while, so be prepared. For all your efforts, you are awarded the =DARK VISOR=. Now you can kill those dark pirate commandos with ease, as they'll always be visible now (and so will just about every enemy you'll encounter from then on). Now, do what you did in the Dark Agon Wastes: Use the Dark Visor to go all the way up the room and get the energy from the Dark Energy Controller. Go back to the light world TORVUS ENERGY CONTROLLER. Restore the energy there, then go back to the GREAT TEMPLE'S MAIN ENERGY CONTROLLER and talk to U-Mos again. [=====DARK VISOR ACQUIRED!=====] [=====NEXT IMPORTANT ITEM: SPIDER BALL=====] [[GREAT TEMPLE]] --MAIN ENERGY CONTROLLER-- Another cut scene with U-Mos. Now, it's time to head to Sanctuary Fortress. Head back down to the TEMPLE SANCTUARY and go through the green luminoth door (the only one that hasn't been opened). --TRANSPORT A ACCESS-- You've been here. Save if you want. Also note that next to the save is a bombable wall that reveals a missile expansion. Proceed. --TEMPLE TRANSPORT A-- Go down. --SACRED PATH-- Remember this place? Anyways, kill off the war wasps if you want and go through the door that leads to the GFMC COMPOUND (ignore the portal for now). --SACRED BRIDGE-- Switch on your dark visor. See those five red points? Charge up a seek missile and hit all five simultaneously. A new path will open up. --GFMC COMPOUND-- Look around near the ship for a luminoth coded door. Go through. --FORTRESS TRANSPORT ACCESS-- BE VERY CAREFUL of the two turrets in this room. These are the highest level turrets with heavy armor shielding and can cause massive damage if you're not careful. 3 missiles should destroy them. --TRANSPORT TO SANCTUARY FORTRESS-- You know what to do. Go to it. [[SANCTUARY FORTRESS]] This place is a giant palace-in-the-sky sort of thing, majestic in a way, isn't it? Anyways, this place is crawling with machines, so be on guard. Some of the toughest (and annoying) enemies are in this place. --TRANSPORT TO TEMPLE GROUNDS-- Proceed. Scan stuff here if you want. --TEMPLE TRANSPORT ACCESS-- Destroy the two turrets and scan the red access module. Again, use maximum firepower and evasive maneuvers. In the next area, there are lots of little tiny maintenance bugs crawling across the wall to your right. They are harmless, but you can be cruel and kill them if you want for some refills. Head over to the end and use the spinner to reveal the path. --SANCTUARY ENTRANCE-- Damn is this place vast. Walk across the bridge and you'll be attacked by commando pirates, so be prepared. Don't worry too much if you fall off the cliff; you just lose 10 points of energy. Note the black/red boxes you see scattered: those are luminoth crates that hold refills, so use them if you need it. Kill the pirates (there's one behind you) using the same strategies as before. Again, DO NOT ENGAGE IN CLOSE COMBAT. Some of the pirates are hard to hit unless you walk down the bridge some more. After they're gone, go through the door on the opposite side. Keep your distance. Remember, commandos have shields and can hit you with a very powerful energy sword if you're too close. --POWER JUNCTION-- Shoot the octopedes, but keep your distance. They will roll off randomly and self-detonate. The explosion is major enough to cause you pain. Proceed. --REACTOR ACCESS-- See those two big sentinel soldiers? Those are ingsmashers, but don't worry, you won't have to fight them yet. Switch to your dark visor, and use the seeker missile once again. A rezbit will come out to attack you. I should take some time to explain strategies on how to defeat these things, as they can be either very easy or painfully annoying. Rezbits have three attacks: (1) They shoot bursts of defense turret energy at you. These hurt, so avoid them by doing dash jumps. These beams fire very rapidly and can be hard to avoid. (2) They raise a shield, making it impossible to hit them. (3) They seem to do nothing for while and then hit you with a virus. You can tell they're about to do this when you suddenly can't lock onto them anymore. This is just plain annoying, because it'll disable your suit. IMMEDIATELY, push L+R+B to recover from this. It'll take about a second to get your systems online again. The easiest way (without the screw attack) to beat these things is to hit it with a charged dark beam shot, then fire a missile to shatter it. Hop onto the platform and head through the next door. --REACTOR CORE-- Sheez, another tricky enemy. These are Quads and they have two parts, a head and a body. My recommendation for killing this thing is to take out the head with a super missile, keep your distance, then when it begins to spin, get in morphball mode and charge up a boost. Right when the quad is about to hit you, boost into it. This will stun it, allowing you to boost into the bottom of its body and destroy it easily. The door to the right is a save room. Save if you want. Otherwise, head up and BE CAREFUL. There are three rezbits on guard here. Destroy them and go through the only door you can. --MINIGYRO CHAMBER-- Morphball puzzle time. First, scan the red access module, then head into the morphball tunnel on your left. When you enter the ringed area, there are four morphball slots around the circumference, two on each side, all of them colored. Bomb them in this order: yellow, blue, red, green (don't ask me why, I just did a guess and check). Go through the newly formed path and head to the next door. --HALL OF COMBAT MASTERY-- They wouldn't call it a hall of combat mastery if there weren't combat, would they? Be prepared to take out two more quads. Head through the glass tunnel and activate the portal. [[DARK SANCTUARY FORTRESS]] Be on your guard here. There are some tough enemies, but nothing you can't handle, right? --CULLING CHAMBER-- Head to the door on your right if you want to get a missile expansion at the end. Otherwise, go straight. You'll have to fight an ing warrior. Piece of cake, you've dealt with them before. Here, you have a choice: If you go through the BLUE DOOR at the end of the hall, you'll eventually have to fight some ing, but at the bottom, there's a save station and an ammo refill (though you'll have to come back to this room anyways), so if you need ammo or need to save, go down that way, then come back to this room. Otherwise, go through the dark beam door. You'll notice a temple key here, but you can't get it yet. --CENTRAL HIVE EAST TRANSPORT-- Destroy the ing cocoons if you need refills. Go up and destroy some more if you need it. --HIVE DYNAMO WORKS-- Do not fall off the cliff (as if you need to be told that). First, kill off all the nightbarbs, then grapple across the chasm. Turn around and switch to your dark visor. Again, hit the five points with your seeker missiles. This will open up a portal to your left. Go through it. [[SANCTUARY FORTRESS]] --DYNAMO WORKS-- Watch out for the two quads in this room. Head through the dark beam door. --DYNAMO ACCESS-- Take out the pulse bombu creatures, then head down into the floor in morphball mode. Watch out for the triclops looking creature. It has the same attacks and patterns as it did in Prime. If it snares you in its jaws, it'll spit you back to the beginning, so either avoid them or destroy them the same way you did in prime (lay a bomb in its path and watch it die). --MAIN GYRO CHAMBER-- This place is huge, so try not to get lost. First, go into morphball and enter the small morphball area in this room. It'll transport you to another part of the room. Go through another morphball tunnel and emerge once again. Here, bomb the morphball slot and get ready for a simple puzzle. Here's the answer in case you can't figure it out. Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right. Bomb the new morphball slot that appears and the outer ring of the gyro will stop. The red hatch door leads to a save, so save if you want. Go back the way you came and jump onto the outer ring of the gyro. Traverse along the circumference until you find another area you can jump into. Go through the morphball tunnel again, and when you emerge, activate the spinner to open up half of the door in front of you. This will make it easier to get through next time. Scan a red access module and take a mini elevator up and go through the door. The other mini-elevator goes down, but you can't do anything down there yet (thought you may need if you accidentally fall off of the gyro ring. You can't do anything else here... yet. IMPORTANT NOTE: A boss fight will come up soon, so I recommend you save. --TEMPLE ACCESS-- Prepare to fight a quad. Then go through the door. --SANCTUARY TEMPLE-- This place is HUUUUGE, but it's really not that complex. First off, jump down and you'll have to fight two dark quads. They have the same weaknesses, so use the same strategy. Kill them, then head all the way up by space jumping and grappling to the only door you can access at the moment. --CONTROLLER ACCESS-- You know what to do. Go to it. --SANCTUARY ENERGY CONTROLLER-- You've seen this before and you know the drill. Go back down to the SANCTUARY TEMPLE. --SANCTUARY TEMPLE-- Grapple over to the top platform and on your right, you'll see a luminoth coded door. Open it, grapple through and proceed. NOTE ABOUT THIS ROOM: From now on, there will be new enemies in here. I WARN YOU, DO NOT FIGHT THESE THINGS. They require obscure aiming to defeat and you'll just waste missiles. If you really want to fight them, go right ahead, but I warned you. --WORKER'S PATH-- There are three platforms in this room including the one you're standing on. Go to the lowest platform, switch to your scan visor and scan the red target on the middle platform. This will cause a morphball hologram to appear. Go into it and you'll be propelled to the other side of the room. Go through the only door, and prepare for a boss fight (you saved, right?). --DYNAMO WORKS-- Get ready for the most annoying (thought not necessarily hardest) fight of this game. **BOSS FIGHT: SPIDER GUARDIAN** Difficulty: 9/10 (if you don't understand its maneuvers) 6/10 (once you understand its pattern) This is easily the most interesting fight of the game, as you must defeat the spider guardian COMPLETELY in morphball mode. This boss can be very hard and frustrating to beginners or if you don't understand how this boss works. This was the only boss I died against the first time I played, but the second time, it was only able to hit me ONCE. Okay, so let me tell you how to beat this thing. First off you cannot directly damage the spider guardian. You must fight in a way that the spider guardian will electrocute itself by running into the blue electrical nodes. Keep in mind, the spider guardian is ignorant, it just follows the tracks, so i'll never actively hunt you down, making its pattern predictable (as if that makes the fight any easier though). The spider guardian has 4 stages. In each stage, the objective is to first hit the guardian with a bomb until it glows a green aura (it starts off as blue, then when you hit it once/twice more, it'll turn red, then once more and it'll turn green). Then, you must access the morphball slot and detonate a bomb before the guardian turns back to blue. Here are some tips you want to keep in mind: TIP 1: When the spider guardian is blue, it's speed is medium; fast when it's red and slow when it's green. Remember this. TIP 1: The spider guardian, once it is hit with a bomb, is temporarily stunned and cannot cause you any damage. Use this to your advantage. TIP 2: When it is green and you feel you don't have enough time, just hit it with a bomb again to prolong its green aura. This is crucial in the fourth stage. TIP 3: Patience! The fight is not timed, so you have nothing to worry about. The worst thing you can do is rush in before you thoroughly understand your enemy. ==PHASE ONE== This should be simple enough. Just hit the guardian, work your way over to the bomb slot and detonate it. If you feel you don't have enough time, just hit it with a bomb again. The layout of the area is simple enough. Don't get hit, because you'll lose 30 units of energy PER HIT. Also, the spider guardian's aura extends a great deal, so try to hug the wall as much as possible as you're moving up. After you set off the morphball slot, let the spider guardian electrocute itself, then move onto the next stage. ==PHASE TWO== Possibly the most annoying simply because it's easy to mistime your boosting. Hit the spider guardian again until it glows green. Now, do you see the middle platform right beneath the morphball slot? You'll hear a sound indicating that it's active (and the spider guardian turns green. Boost all the way to the top left and drop to the platform. Bomb jump up to the morphball slot and detonate a bomb. Piece of cake, right? Head over to the next phase. ==PHASE THREE== This stage is surprisingly easy. First, what you want to do is boost your way up to the top, but DO NOT drop down yet. Wait for the guardian to come near and drop down, releasing a bomb. Time it just right so that the bomb will hit it. On the last bombing (before it turns green), when you drop, drop farthest to the right so you'll land on a platform close to the morphball slot. Bomb the slot, and continue to the hardest phase. ==PHASE FOUR== This phase is a nightmare if you don't time it right. IMPORTANT, KEEP IN MIND THAT YOU CAN PROLONG THE GREEN AURA IF YOU BOMB THE GUARDIAN WHILE IT'S ALREADY GREEN. This will save you a lot of headaches. There are now three of those blue electric nodes. Always, always, when you hit the guardian with a bomb, BOOST THROUGH the guardian to the other side so it won't corner you. After it turns green, hit the morphball slot with a bomb, BUT MAKE SURE THAT THE GATE WILL CLOSE BEFORE THE GUARDIAN HAS A CHANCE TO GO UNDER IT. If you hit the morphball slot too late, the guardian will not follow the spiderball track and you'll have to do it all over again. You'll have to repeat this process and hit up to three morphball slots consecutively. Just remember: you can prolong the green aura and pass by the guardian safely as long as you stun it with a bomb. For your efforts, you get the =SPIDER BALL=. Make sure to save, you dont' want to have to do this again. The next upgrade we need are powerbombs. So, try to leave the Sanctuary Fortress by going back to the SANCTUARY ENTRANCE. [=====SPIDER BALL ACQUIRED!=====] [=====NEXT IMPORTANT ITEM: POWER BOMBS=====] --SANCTUARY ENTRANCE-- Dark Samus once again mocks you and destroys the bridge. Luckily, you have your spider ball. Head up the spiderball track and follow the instructions given to you on the screen to get yourself to the other side. When you reach a dead-end on any spiderball track along the way, just charge up a boost and you'll latch onto another track. Now, head ALLLL the way back to the TORVUS BOG and into the room where you fought the Dark Alpha Blog, MAIN HYDRO CHAMBER (it's the room all the way at the bottom). However you choose to get there is up to you. If you want, backtrack and get some missiles or whatever you felt you missed. [[TORVUS BOG]] --MAIN HYDRO CHAMBER-- Remember there was one area we couldn't reach down here before even with the gravity boost? Now that you have the spiderball, go up the tracks and go through the portal. NOTE: SAVE FIRST BEFORE YOU ENTER THE PORTAL. You are going to fight a boss. [[DARK TORVUS BOG]] --UNDER TEMPLE-- Get ready for the second most annoying (though, again, not necessarily the hardest) fight. **BOSS FIGHT: POWERBOMB GUARDIAN** Difficulty: 9/10 (if you're not good with the spider ball tracks) 6/10 (if you are) This fight is actually pathetically simple if you're good with spiderball traversal. One thing to keep in mind in this fight: PATIENCE. Don't be in such a rush to beat it that you get knocked off the spiderball track. Like the spider guardian, you can only indirectly attack it. However, the powerbomb guardian's strategy is much simpler. You can only damage it by hitting those four morphball slots with bombs. So all I can say is to do it. If it is about to launch a powerbomb, FREEZE and see where it throws the bomb first. It can only shoot one powerbomb at once (unless you see it charging its mouth, then it can shoot 2 consecutively). Then hurry and get to the next morphball slot. My recommendation for this fight: try to reach the "hardest" morphball slots first and get the two easy ones after. This boss should be a piece of cake compared to the spider guardian. For your trouble you get the =POWER BOMBS=. Now, head ALL the way back to SANCTUARY FORTRESS again, and go to the MAIN GYRO CHAMBER. On your way back, you might have to fight some ing smashers. These aren't too hard, they're just like the elite pirates in prime (almost identical, actually). [=====POWER BOMB ACQUIRED!====] [=====NEXT IMPORTANT ITEM: ECHO VISOR=====] [[SANCTUARY FORTRESS]] --MAIN GYRO CHAMBER-- Go back to the one room with the rubble made of DENZIUM (the area above the light beam door; you get to this room by taking a mini-elevator up). This material can only be destroyed by a powerbomb. Destroy it and solve another simple puzzle. Here's the solution: Bottom Left x 3, Upper Left x 2, Lower Right x 2. Bomb the next morphball slot and see the inner ring of the gyro shut down. Walk on the outer ring of the gyro until you see the intersection with the inner ring. On one side, there should be a spiderball track. Follow it up, and boost through the window with the crack. Proceed through. NOTE: I'd recommend saving before you go on to the next area. There is another boss fight. --CHECKPOINT STATION-- Watch an interesting scene where Dark Samus wastes the space pirates and starts consuming more phazon. Go after her. --AERIE TRANSPORT STATION/AERIE ACCESS/AERIE-- Get ready for... **BOSS FIGHT: DARK SAMUS** Difficulty: 7/10 You have to fight her again, and to be honest, it's really not that much difficult than the first time you fought her. There are only three extra things you need to watch out for: (1) Invisibility. She will disappear from normal sight. So turn on your dark visor and fire away. Simple. (2) She can boostball around the room just like the boost guardian. This one is a bit more annoying moves and can come very randomly. It's not too big a deal, just lock onto her and strafe. (3) Phazon missile. It's the same as before, but this time, the phazon can freeze you in place, so try not to get hit. If she hits you with this, you'll be frozen in phazon, so tap b and wiggle the joystick to get yourself out. After you're through with her, jump out the window after her and follow the path to the dark portal. I won't tell you how to get the =ECHO VISOR= from here since it's very straight forward and simple (and writing it would require too much unnecessary writing of going back and forth between dark and light). But once you get it, you'll be back in the AERIE elevator again. Turn on your echo visor and shoot the sound points to activate the elevator. Okay, now that we have the echo visor, the last powerup we need from this place is the screw attack. Head back to the REACTOR CORE on the first floor. Again, feel free to put your new abilities to use by backtracking and finding powerups. QUICK NOTE: There are certain sonic security doors you can't open yet, even with the echoes visor. You'll need the annihilator for that, so don't stress yourself over a puzzle involving the echoes visor that you can't solve yet. [=====ECHO VISOR ACQUIRED!=====] [=====NEXT IMPORTANT ITEM: SCREW ATTACK=====] --REACTOR CORE-- This time, take the yellow hatch door by using a powerbomb. NOTE: There is an energy tank in this room you can get if you want. Use the morphball hologram at the bottom of the level and attach onto the orb with the spider ball. Be careful traversing the entire puzzle because some of the magnetic orbs periodically release electricity, knocking you off. --TRANSIT STATION-- Watch out for turrets. Proceed through the next door (there is a wall here guarding a portal. You can shatter the wall with a powerbomb, go through the portal and do a little portal hopping to get another powerbomb. It's up to you). --MAIN RESEARCH-- Take out the two quads patrolling the bottom. Then, head over to a door that's blocked by sonic security. Use your echoes visor and unlock the door. Go through the portal. Before you proceed, from where you entered, you should scan the large device at the top of the middle cylinder. You should also save if you're paranoid about boss fights, because there is a 'mini-boss' fight coming up. [[DARK SANCTUARY FORTRESS]] Haven't been here in a while eh? --STAGING AREA-- Take out the ing hunters. There is another sonic puzzle here. Open the locked gate and scan the red access module and head under the cylindrical shaft. Go through the portal again. [[SANCTUARY FORTRESS]] --MAIN RESEARCH-- Spiderball your way up. Get ready for a mini-boss fight. It's actually pretty easy if you know what to do. First off, NEVER under ANY circumstances touch the ground. The machine will shock you. Stay on the spiderball tracks and just boost yourself to avoid the cranes that sweep along the rim of the spiderball track. You'll have to hit the antennae that pops out from under the center. You'll have to do this three times and then hit a generator looking thing. You then move to a higher level where the spiderball track is disjointed, so it gets a little harder, but still the same strategy. Piece of cake, really. Anyways, go up the morphball maze and emerge through the only other door in the room. --CENTRAL AREA TRANSPORT WEST-- Another sonic puzzle. Unlock and go into the morphball hologram. --WATCH STATION-- Be careful not to fall off, and be careful of the two rezbits patrolling the area. Take them out. Go through the light beam door on the other side of the room if you want a quick ENERGY TANK. Otherwise, get ready for a spiderball puzzle. Go to the small platform in between the light beam door and an adjacent blue door. Spider ball your way up to the top of the central platform. When you enter the hologram, KEEP THE R BUTTON DEPRESSED. As you land, you have to cling to a spiderball track or you'll have to start over. Follow the spiderball track (watch out for the moving spiderball track. If you hit the red square, you'll drop. It's easy to time it; just plant a bomb once you move in between those two red nodes above and below you) until you come to a giant square spiderball track grid. Go to the lower right and enter a morphball slot. Bomb the slot to reveal a portal. Go through the dark portal. You're very close to the screw attack. [[DARK SANCTUARY TEMPLE]] --AERIAL TRAINING SITE-- You'll be assaulted by dark pirate commandos. Take them out if you want. Then, from the portal, head to the blue door on your right. --JUDGMENT DROP-- Kill off all the puffers before you proceed. Grapple across the chasm. Head through the light portal right below where you land. [[SANCTUARY FORTRESS]] --GRAND ABYSS-- Jump up the platform and exit through the only door. --VAULT-- Take out the rezbit and proceed to the center of the room. Drop down to the lower level and scan the red access module. Cross the bridge and enter the DARK WORLD again. Grapple your way across, avoiding the war wasps. Enter through another portal on the other side back to the LIGHT WORLD. From this platform, you need to activate FOUR SPINNERS on four different platforms at four different corners. Watch out for rezbits. They are especially dangerous since you have very little room to move. Activate all the spinners, then go back to the portal. Back in the DARK WORLD, grapple back and head back to the LIGHT WORLD. Now, go to the center platform again and bomb a morphball slot located right under the screw attack. The =SCREW ATTACK= is your reward. With the screw attack, rezbits are at your mercy. Now you might be wondering why we spent so much time getting powerups instead of getting the keys. Well, now that you have all the suit upgrades, getting the keys should be a cinch. First, head back to the MAIN RESEARCH room. [=====SCREW ATTACK ACQUIRED!=====] [=====NEXT IMPORTANT ITEM: ANNHILATOR=====] --MAIN RESEARCH-- Go back through the dark portal in this room. [[DARK SANCTUARY FORTRESS]] --STAGING AREA-- This time, jump on the platform in the middle of the room and go through the only door. --CENTRAL HIVE WEST TRANSPORT-- Time to put your screw attack to the test by doing some impressive looking wall jumps. You have to traverse the wall upwards with it. Just practice a couple of times and you should get it. --AERIAL TRAINING SITE-- Get your the FIRST SANCTUARY KEY. Dissolve the gate by shooting the white crystal with the dark beam. Screw attack your way over to the portal. Go through it, and find your way back to the HALL OF COMBAT MASTERY. Enter the portal there and you'll be in the CULLING CHAMBER. --CULLING CHAMBER-- The SECOND SANCTUARY KEY is in plain sight. Get it using your spiderball technology. Now, head up the elevator through the dark beam door and back to HIVE DYNAMO WORKS. --HIVE DYNAMO WORKS-- Grapple across the chasm. Remember the light beam door we didn't go through before? Go through it now. --HIVE DYNAMO ACCESS-- Take out the ing warrior there and solve the sonic puzzle with your echo visor. --HIVE GYRO CHAMBER-- The last key is at the very top of the magnetic orb. Jump onto the platforms and go up a spiderball track, avoiding the reaper vines. Get the THIRD SANCTUARY KEY. Now, in this room, there is a blue door that leads to an ammo refill station and a red hatch door that leads to a save room. SAVE NOW, a boss fight is coming up. Go through the last blue door on the top level after you feel you're ready. NOTE: Now that you have the screw attack (basically, the ability to jump incredible distances) and all the other technology you'll need, I'd recommend backtracking a bit to get some energy tanks and missiles. It would help, but not necessarily. --HIVE TEMPLE ACCESS-- Proceed. --HIVE TEMPLE-- Oh crap... you knew it was coming, didn't you. Meet Quadraxis, the largest boss in this game, but honestly, it's not that difficult if you can refrain from being overwhelmed by its tremendous size. **BOSS FIGHT: QUADRAXIS Difficulty: 8/10 Quadraxis isn't very difficult if you know what to do. This thing also has several stages you must combat. =PHASE 1= Quadraxis pretty much just stomps around. See those four glowing points at the tip of its feet? You have to either boost them to destroy them, or bomb them. After you hit all four, you will see the 'knees' of its legs change color. Blast it to death (you can only hit it from the side or behind). Watch out when the pods glow a vibrating red, because it's about to launch a shockwave. Break each of them one by one. Not too hard. You just have to watch out for quadraxis' attacks. The first attack is when it stomps the ground, you have to jump to avoid the shockwave. The second attack is a lock-on attack. IMMEDIATELY, boost ball your way out of the lock-on, or you will be in seriously pain. If it hits you, your vision will be blurred for a while and your controls won't respond. The third is a set of four missiles that suspend into the air, then launch at you. The fourth is a serious pain because I've never been able to dodge this. It'll spin into the ground like a quad and drag you inward like a vortex. My only advice is to boost as hard as you can away from it. After breaking one joint, quadraxis will look injured but you have to re-destroy the four feet nodes again and then destroy another joint. Rinse, lather, repeat. REMEMBER: When it stomps the ground and after the four nodes on its feed break, refills will pop up, so keep that charge beam charged. =PHASE 2= After taking enough damage, Quadraxis' head will separate from its body. If you scanned it, you'll know that the body and head and communicating through sonar technology. So get out the echo visor and destroy the antennae on top of the body. This will stun the head. When the head is stunned, hit one of the 3 antennaes on its head (you can only target the antennaes if you're equipping the echo visor). Simple enough. Just watch out for some of its attacks. Again, it can shoot a lock-on blast at you. ALSO, watch out for the quads that it releases. They're just fodder, but if you're not careful, they can be annoying. =PHASE 3= After destroying the 3 antennae on the head, now you come to the last phase. This one's actually pretty simple. First, watch out for its attacks again, and hit the head with one or two Super Missiles. This should stun it. IMMEDIATELY, find your way to the closest leg and spiderball your way up to the top. Get ready to boost ball onto its head (keep the R button down in order to latch onto its head) as it passes by. Once you're on top, head into one of the morphball slots and bomb it. Just once more and quadraxis is scrap metal. After a cool (cheesy?) finish, you'll be rewarded with the =ANNIHILATOR=. Go up the spiderball track and through the only door you haven't been through yet. [=====ANNIHILATOR ACQUIRED!=====] [=====NEXT IMPORTANT ITEM: LIGHT SUIT=====] --HIVE CONTROLLER ACCESS-- You've done this before. Get to it. --HIVE ENERGY CONTROLLER-- Another cutscene. Now, head back to the SANCTUARY ENERGY CONTROLLER in the light world. [[SANCTUARY FORTRESS]] --SANCTUARY ENERGY CONTROLLER-- Cutscene again. Now, head back to the GREAT TEMPLE'S MAIN ENERGY CONTROLLER and talk to U-Mos again. [[GREAT TEMPLE]] --MAIN ENERGY CONTROLLER-- At the main energy controller, after a cutscene with U-Mos, he will grant you the =LIGHT SUIT=, which will nullify the effects of Dark Aether and the poisonous water. The only thing left to do now is to search for the NINE SKY TEMPLE KEYS. [=====NEXT IMPORTANT ITEM: NINE SKY TEMPLE KEYS=====] From here, it's completely up to you how you want to finish off the game. Get some more energy tanks, scans, missile expansions, and beam combos. The nine keys don't need to be found in any particular order. But first, a word about them so you don't get confused: The nine keys can only be found in dark aether, so don't bother trying to search every nook and cranny of light aether to find them. Second off, these keys are protected by invisible creatures only visible with the dark visor. These creatures are not difficult to kill (finding them is the only hard part); just hit them once while in dark visor mode, then switch back to combat mode, kill them and get the key. You MUST HAVE THE LIGHT SUIT to get some of these, as they require going into areas that your dark suit can't handle. There are (3) sky temple keys in the DARK TEMPLE GROUNDS, (2) in DARK AGON WASTES, (2) in DARK TORVUS BOG and (2) in DARK SKY TEMPLE. Let's go to DARK AGON WASTES first. [=====KEYS IN DARK AGON WASTES=====] --DARK OASIS-- You can get here via the portal from the space pirate's base (or any portal in agon, doesn't really matter). Once you're in this room, powerbomb the DENZIUM wall in the center. DO NOT GO INTO THE AREA WITHOUT THE LIGHT SUIT. The ingstorm will rip you apart. Go underwater and switch to your dark visor. Kill it and take the key. --BATTLEGROUND-- This is where you got the second agon key. Look in the air and there should be some platforms to jump on only visible with the dark visor, and the ing creature with the key at the top. Kill it and get the key. [=====KEYS IN THE DARK TORVUS BOG=====] --POISONED BOG-- This room is in the upper area of Torvus, two rooms away from the VENOMOUS POND. Go underwater and kill the creature. --DUNGEON-- This room is in the lower area of Torvus. You can reach it by going through the portal in the CATACOMBS. There will be two dark grenchlers here. Take care of them if you want, then dive under water. Get past the robots by shooting the light portal above their heads. The ing and the key should be at the end. [=====KEYS IN THE DARK SANCTUARY FORTRESS=====] --HIVE DYNAMO WORKS-- Go back to where you defeat the spider guardian in the light world (DYNAMO WORKS) and blast open the yellow hatch door with a powerbomb. That should lead you to a portal into the dark world. You have to traverse the chasm (either through spiderball boosting or screw attack). The ing is on the other side of the chasm. --HIVE ENTRANCE-- Go to the dark world portal in the HALL OF COMBAT MASTERY. You'll emerge into the CULLING CHAMBER. Proceed through the door leading to the UNSEEN WAY. Cross the chasm of the room, you'll be in another room called the HIVE REACTOR. Go through the yellow hatch door at the bottom to reach HIVE REACTOR ACCESS and ENTRANCE DEFENSE HALL. Go through the door again and you'll be at the HIVE ENTRANCE, a dark version of the sanctuary fortress' entrance. Screw attack all the way over to the other side and ride the light portal up. Then screw attack again over to the other side, the top level above the entrance where you came from. The ing and the key are there. [=====KEYS IN THE DARK TEMPLE GROUNDS=====] --ING RELIQUARY-- Go to the SACRED PATH in the light world and take the portal there into the dark world. You'll emerge at the PROFANE PATH (Note: there is a beam ammo expansion here you can get by solving a sonic puzzle with the annihilator). I won't give you any room names along the way simply because each room has only one way to go, so take the one-way path and keep going until you reach your destination (the path is very linear). Just check your map to see where the next door is. The room is on the second floor of a large complex looking structure. AGAIN, DON'T GO THROUGH THESE AREAS WITHOUT THE LIGHT SUIT. --ACCURSED LAKE-- In the light world, go to the TEMPLE ASSEMBLY SITE. There is a door with a purple crystal on it, so search around and shoot it with the light beam and activate the portal behind it. You'll emerge at the PLAIN OF DARK WORSHIP. Go through the seeker missile purple door and continue along the one-way path. You'll now be at the accursed lake. The ing is floating in the air. Kill it and get the key. --DEFILED SHRINE-- This final key is actually very close to the SKY TEMPLE GATEWAY (your destination after you get the nine keys). In the light world, start at THE HALL OF EYES. Go through the portal here. You will emerge in BASE ACCESS in the dark world. Go through the green hatch door. At the WAR RITUAL GROUNDS, Go through the only door there. You'll be at the SHRINE ACCESS. Go through the morphball tunnel and when you emerge, go through the green hatch door. The ing and the key are in here. NOW THAT YOU HAVE ALL NINE KEYS, DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO PREPARE FOR THE FINAL FIGHT. WHEN YOU'RE READY, HEAD TO THE SKY TEMPLE GATEWAY IN THE DARK TEMPLE GROUNDS. GET ALL THE ENERGY TANKS, POWER BOMBS, MISSILES, AND MISSILE COMBOS IF YOU REALLY FEEL LIKE IT. [[SKY TEMPLE]] Whenever you're ready, enter it from the SKY TEMPLE GATEWAY. --SKY TEMPLE ENERGY CONTROLLER-- There's a save point here. Save, obviously. You can also head back down via the hologram at the center of the room. --SANCTUM ACCESS-- Wall jump up. And get ready because a boss is coming up. --SANCTUM-- You saw it coming. Get ready for the Ing Emperor. **BOSS FIGHT: ING EMPEROR** Difficulty: 10/10 Well obviously it'd be difficult, right? This boss is hard... just hard. Like Quadraxis, it has three phases with some very annoying attacks. I'll guide you through it to see that you live. Pray that you have AT LEAST 14 energy tanks and all the beam ammo you can get as well as missile expansions. Power bombs are nice for the second part of the fight, but not necessary. =PHASE ONE= This is an annoying fight simply because of the tentacles. You have to first hit them and destroy them. This is easier said than done, because the tentacles have a habit of moving fast. There's one attack where the tentacles circle the room furiously and try to swipe you with it. This is sometimes hard to dodge, but try your best. The tentacles can also bundle up and release a charged shot that HURTS. Charged light shots work well against the tentacles. After you've taken out all the tentacles, the Ing Emperor will open up its core surrounded by two shields. The shields oscillate in and out, and you have to hit the center of it to cause damage. WATCH OUT, because the core occasionally releases a SUPER POWERFUL red laser at you that will knock you back and cause you to lose focus. The Annihilator works wonders, but you might not want to use it because of how much ammo it takes up. Super Missile shots are good if you can time it, or just light beam/dark beam shots are okay. The core will close eventually and you'll have to repeat the whole process until the Emperor is dead. NOTE: Don't worry about losing too much energy and ammo from this phase (well obviously, don't lose so much that you die...) because the second phase is coming up. =PHASE TWO= You knew it wouldn't be that easy, right? Actually, you're wrong, the second phase is pathetically easy. So easy, in fact, that you should take this time to refill your energy tanks, missiles and beam ammo. Just make sure you don't fall off the sphere because you'll take damage from whatever's down there. However, just because it's easy doesn't mean you should get overconfident. First, this is entirely in morphball mode, so morph and cling onto the core using your spider ball. You have to destroy all the tentacles on the ball to move on. You kill them by setting bombs (powerbombs can take out two or three at once). Destroy ALL THE TENTACLES EXCEPT FOR ONE. Then, just hang around, killing inglets with your bombs for refills. Occasionally, the mist will rise, so stay at the top when this happens and you'll be fine. This is a breather fight, so take advantage of it, because the third phase is murder. =PHASE THREE= First off, DO NOT USE THE DARK BEAM. It's too slow and will almost never ever hit. Charged light shots are the way to go. However, you can only shoot the emperor when its mouth opens and changes to red. You must first stun the creature (it will flash yellow when it hits), then you can damage it (flashes red). It has some annoying attacks, such as jumping right on top of you. It may also release a bunch of nightbarbs. Kill them for more light beam ammunition. It can also do some weird teleportation attack with its arms, shoot a powerful white laser and cause shockwaves at will. All I can say is keep your stamina up and hit the Emperor as often as you can. It's more about timing than about how much damage you can dish out, so be patient. You've killed the Ing Emperor (right?) and now, a timer initiates. You have 8 minutes. Go back the way you came through the SKY TEMPLE ENERGY CONTROLLER. A cutscene will ensue, and now, you'll have to fight the REAL last boss... **BOSS FIGHT: DARK SAMUS (FINAL)** Sheez, not only is there a timer, but now it's one boss fight after another... Anyways, don't worry so much because Dark Samus is not as hard as she may look. She has changed from your last fights, and this time, she has some attacks that require some knowledge before you can engage her: (1) Phazon laser: She jumps into the air (or stays on the ground) and shoots a laser, sweeping the entire ground. Just jump over it. (2) Invisibility: Except this time, she can only be seen with the Echoes visor. Just switch and shoot. (3) Phazon shield: She will ball up into a shield and do one of two things: (3a) Phazon missile: This attack is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO DODGE if you do a double dash jump because the projectile homes in on you. However, if you dash jump once to the left/right, and then dash jump TOWARDS dark samus, you will almost always dodge it (it worked for me). (3b) Phazon extract: She will pull her body inward, the sphere will momentarily contract from her body and releases phazon particles. At this moment, you MUST charge up your beam and collect the phazon. Once you do, you can release a blast that will damage her. This can be a bit tricky since some of the phazon can actually hit you, causing you to lose the charge. There are two main things you have against you: the timer and the phazon. Don't worry too much about the timer, you should have plenty of time. Just don't freak out and cause yourself more grief than you have to. And don't worry if you die, you get to start from the countdown. Good luck and enjoy the ending.</p>