Wild Arms: 2nd Ignition Version 0.2, September 5th, 1999 By Jerome Lau, This document copyright 1999 Jerome Lau Also, as I only have a basic understanding of Japanese, don't ask me about the story. Also, this is my first FAQ, so don't complain if it sucks. This FAQ is for reference only. It may not be reproduced electonically, and CANNOT be used for profitable or promotional purpose, including magazines, official/unofficial walkthroughs, and including it into a CD. If you place it on a webpage or website, you can edit everything found in this FAQ except for the disclaimer at the top. Also, please give credits where it is necessary. Also note, I will probably not finish this FAQ, due to opening of school and by the time I finish the game, the US version will be out and there would be tons of FAQ about Wild Arms for you to view. ================= Revision History ================= v0.1: Initial release on September 4, 1999 v0.2: Added Gameshark codes, 2 more beginning quest, evade battle, September 5, 1999 ================= Table of Content ================= 1. Controls 2. Game system a) Battle System b) Menu System 3. Walkthrough 4. Gameshark Codes 5. Credits ============ 1. Controls ============ Circle button: Battle: accept/ select Field/Towns: Hold down to run/ accept/ talk Menu: accept/ select X button: Battle/Field/Towns/Menu: Cancel Square button: Battle: Nothing (yet, maybe for switching characters) Field/Towns: Use Special Skill Menu: Nothing Triangle button: Battle: Nothing (yet) Field/Towns: Select menu Menu: Nothing R1, L1: Battle/ Menu: Nothing Field/Town: turn 45 degrees left/right Select button: Battle/Menu: Nothing Field/Town: Configure Start button: Battle/Menu: Nothing Field/Town: Pause ================= 2. Battle System ================= Note #1: When you see a white "!" when you are on the field, that means you are about to do battle, but you could avoid it by quickly pressing "X" Note #2: When you see a red "!" when you are on the field, that means you cannot avoid that battle and must fight it, but you could run from it. Battle: When you start a battle you have 5 options: 1. Top square is "equip" 2. Left square is "select auto/manual" (have no idea what this is" 3. Bottom square is "Stats" 4. Right square is "Run" (Run away from battle, 50% chance) 5. Middle square is "Attack" When you select the "attack" button, there are another 5 options: 1. Top square is "Magic" 2. Left square is "Items" 3. Bottom square is "?" (meaning I don't know what that is) 4. Right square is "previous" (the 5 options from above) 5. Middle square is "attack" ============ Menu System ============ Working on it!!! ============ Walkthrough ============ Starting a game When you start a game you'll have these options: "Load", "New Game", and "Memory card information". Press "New Game" to start game. Afterwards, you'll get to choose from 3 characters, one wielding a sword, one magic user, and one guy that uses fist. It doesn't matter who you choose, after you complete one's starting event, you go onto another one until all 3 are complete. After all 3 are complete, you'll have all characters in your party! "Sword person's" starting quest Anyways, lets say you chose the one wielding a sword (the one with the blue hair. Afterwards you'll be sitting on the back of an army truck. There the leader discusses the mission which you'll be facing and afterwards, you'll get to name your character. You can leave it as it is or you can choose to name it in 2 styles of Japanese or English. Afterwards, you'll be in a dungeon of some sort. Go forward 2 screens until you meet a man blocking a big hole. Talk to him and he will make way for you to pass. After you jump down, you will end up next to a wounded man. Here, he will demostrate how to lite a torch and will give you a item (throwing match?), you can use the throwing match by pressing square. Anyways go to the opened door and take the treasure. Then exit and head up the stairs to another room with a bridge on top. Ignore it for now and go to the next room. Take the treasure on the top of the stairs and exit the room on the left. You'll be back to the large hole where you jumped down and met the wounded man. Go to the hole, don't jump down, but rather throw the throwing match straight ahead. The left door will open. Run straight up the stairs and you'll be at the 2nd floor. Walk across the structure carefully as some of the blocks will fall. Get 2 treasures and exit at the bottom right. Go until you have reached another blockie structure. Go to the bottom right room and get the treasure and go back. After, go to the upper left corner and lit the torch for the upper right door to be opened. Go there and keep on going until you have reached a place where you have to lit another torch to open a door. Go to the left and fling the match at the torch. The match will miss the torch (since we are standing higher than the torch) but it will hit the back wall, which will cause it to reflect the wall and land on the torch. Now walk into the room. After the scenes, you will fight the dungeons guardian. Just attack his arms first and then his head and remember to use magic and you should be fine. The bosses two arms consist of 150 HP and the head consist of roughly 500 HP. After you defeat the boss, you will get to save your game, and can choose to play another characters starting event. The Fist guy starting event You will start off in a rainy path, continue up the path. This is pretty straight forward, just keep on going right (remember to get treasures, and when you reached some crates, walk up to them and press "O" to throw them away. continue on until you've reached a cliff. Jump off on the left side if the camera is facing the cliff and you should get everything. Smash the crates and see if there are any healing herbs. Continue until you've met the dog, and continue until you've reached a branching path. Take the right path and you will reach a house. enter and save, explore the house until you've found a special skill (kick). Now go out of the house and go to the right hand side of the house. Kick the fence, go get the treasures. Now go back to the branching path and take the north way. Walk and smash the crates until you've reached a line which will take you to the end of this path. Just kick the pole and you will ride the line. There you'll face a boss, the easist boss in the game probably. Just use magic and after 3 rounds he's dead. Just remember to heal whenever necessary because the boss does have a special attack which will take off 50 HP!!! After the boss you will be at the world map. Go to the sign and you'll learn direction to a town. Go North past the forest and press square, and enter the town. Now you have finished another beginning event. Onto the Magician's event. Magician's beginning event This is a stage where you have to activate all 4 cubes on the roof. You do that by using your special skills. Once you have control , go to the crystal and it will transport you to another place with a save spot! There would be a puzzle in the next room, you have to use "square" to shoot at the cubes and the paths will change. It's pretty easy. Continue forward until there is a branching path of three crystals. say the top one is going back to where you came from, the bottom and right crystal will take you to treasures while the left one will be the one which you should continue forward in. Go to the left one after you have gotten all the treasures and ou will be lead to a structures that is stacked up with a lot of cubes. Go to the top by standing on the colored block and use your special skills on the cube. There it will take you up to the crystal where it will transport you to the roof where you can activate a second cube. Another crystal will open. Go inside it and go to the other side of the room. First, activate the cube at the beginning of the room, then activate the one on your side of the room, there you have made a bridge. Continue until you have reached the roof again, and activate the third switch on the roof. Another crystal will open. Go in. In this room is the trickyist one of all. You have to go to all 4 crystals on the platforms to see how much of the "towers" is raised. You don't have to do that since I have provided the answers below. Go to the crystal farthest from the four platforms and raise the red cube once only (quickly go off), the blue one, raise it all, the yellow one, raise it all, and the green one, raise it 2 cubes only. Now you can continue and reach the roof. Activate the 4th cube and the doors will open, finishing this quest. To be continued...hopefully! ================ Gameshark Codes ================ General Codes ================ 1. Unlock Protect: D002A51A 1040 8002A51A 1000 2. 1 Fight for Level Up 800FB690 FFFF 3. 1 Fight for Max Money 800FB68C FFFF 3. Infinite Money 8011AF5C 967F 8011AF5E 0098 Main Character 4. Infinite HP 8011A79C 270F 5. Max HP 8011A7A0 270F 6. Infinite FP 8011A7AA 03F0 7. Max FP 8011A7AC 03F0 8. Max STR 8011A7AE 03E7 8011A7B0 03E7 9. Max VIT 8011A7B6 03E7 8011A7B8 03E7 10. Max SOR 8011A7BE 03E7 8011A7C0 03E7 11. Max RES 8011A7C6 03E7 8011A7C8 03E7 12. LUCK Always BEST 8011A7EE 0004 13. Max EXP 8011A810 967F 8011A812 0098 2nd Character 14. Infinite HP 8011A818 270F 15. Max HP 8011A81C 270F 16. Infinite FP 8011A826 03F0 17. Max FP 8011A828 03F0 18. Max STR 8011A82A 03E7 8011A82C 03E7 19. Max VIT 8011A832 03E7 8011A834 03E7 20. Max SOR 8011A83A 03E7 8011A83C 03E7 21. Max RES 8011A842 03E7 8011A844 03E7 22. LUCK Always BEST 8011A86A 0004 23. Max EXP. 8011A88C 967F 8011A88E 0098 3rd Character 24. Infinite HP 8011A894 270F 25. Max HP 8011A898 270F 26. Infinite FP 8011A8A2 03F0 27. Max FP 8011A8A4 03F0 28. Max STR 8011A8A6 03E7 8011A8A8 03E7 29. Max VIT 8011A8AE 03E7 30. Max SOR 8011A8B6 03E7 8011A8B8 03E7 31. Max RES 8011A8BE 03E7 8011A8C0 03E7 32. LUCK Always BEST 8011A8E6 0004 33. Max EXP. 8011A908 967F 8011A908 967F 8011A90A 0098 Caetla Item Codes (Note, if you want to use it in Gameshark download Codequest @ 34. All Item B0FF0002 00000001 3011AC58 0000 35. Infinite Item B0FF 0002 00000000 3011AC59 00C6 This game trademark of SCEI. Credits: 1. Thanks to Sony for such a good job on this game. 2. Thanks to GameFAQs for posting up this faq. 3. Thanks to Kao Megura for giving me ideas for writing a good disclaimer, but I must admit, I copyed some of it. THANKS!!! 4. Thanks to Asian Gameshark Code Central and AR_Zone for providing me with the Gameshark Code. Their website is the best for Asian Gameshark Codes, strongly recommended! </p>