Wild Arms - FAQ [PSX] Beginning: 1. Rody = Berry cave a.Destroy most things with bomb. b.Substory ends at town. Head to Aldehyde. 2. Zack = Ruins of Memory a.Password = name of the eru elder.goto substory section. b.Head to Aldehyde. 3. Secilia = Hidden Library a.Talk to everyone.Then talk to girl in left corridor, then a switch on statues in the center garden will appear. Replace their position and use the goods crystal. b1. Burn three books at fire. b2. A book you can't read. Leave it alone for now. c. Head to Aldehyde. 4. Aldehyde Gather everyone and have Secilia talk to king and someone talk to Emma. 5. Coffin of Lilitia Can jump off unblocked edges. 6. Ruins Festival Talk to the kid in the center w/red balloon. Event begins. 7. Demons come down. Join with Secilia and save people. You can save people before talking to Secilia. The more people you save the more reward you get at meeting room. 8.Aldehyde Castle. a. Secilia talks to king. Event begins. b. Run away from guards and goto kitchen and talk to very left cook. Escape through underground pathway. 9. Mountain pass Next to the exit. A bomb-destroyable wall. 10. Milahma Talk to women in pub, then the master. Hint on guardian shrine. 11. Guardian Shrine. a. Light according to hint. 2,10,6,12 o'clock directions in order. b. Use Zack's mouse diagonally to obtain things. 12.Buskar village Talk to village leader. Then, goto top of town. Nothing happens for now. 13. Zenom mountain Move dark statues to a certain pattern. 14. saint sentolu talk to police at west of village. Obtain key to Caging Tower. 15. Caging Tower New ARM 14b. Saint sentolu- no people Lot of items to take. Be sure to get duplicator at the place the police guarded. 16.Timney To talk to shop keeper, destroy big wooden box behind pub. 17. Kai-shi no meikyu = destructed dungeon(in desert) refer to substory. 18. Fake marriage. Answer all questions correctly and get a reward. 19. Sand River Read sign with lighter. 20. yard of ship graveyard. Talk to man in one of houses to the east. 21. Wandering Garden a. First enterance- enter from right then exit left. b. room with light shining through= way up to the right. c. Passage way that is like a cross. go left(dead end), go down,and back left. Switch should have replaced lamp. Allows entry into boss room. d. Boss room- use bombs to get boss out of ground when near. Through its head at switch. 22.Ghost ship a. get all red chests. Blue chest will be at #20. 23.Town Rosetta Talk to girl in east, goto shrine in the forest, then talk to village leader. Jane will appear(after event) at the entrance of town. 24. Holy Forest Shrine Event 25.Volcannon Trap a. Located NW of #20. b. Split with Jane at Treasure room and goto other route. Push button on wall to proceed. 26.Tripillar a.Inner sea's east end. b.Zack takes left route,secilia-middle, rody-right. 27.Carriage of giants a. NE of Aldehyde. b. Find golem, talk to Emma, Go back. c. Event ends, goto Cortseim 28.Cortseim Talk to maxwell and obtain key. 29. Epitaph of sea of wind a.Use mouse if you find a small hole and you're stuck. b.password = name of book you obtain here. 30. Hideout Hit kid w/mouse next to sister. Talk to sister. Goto back room. 31. Fortsphere a.After long upward stairs, you get the crystal back. Proceed through the passage that was blocked before getting crystal. 31b.After #31 goto Town Rosetta 32. Deep sea dragon shrine a. East of Rosetta b. Talk to village leader of Rosetta and obtain guardians name. 33. Talk to Buskar leader and goto Demon's laboratory on west part of map. 34. Wandering Isle a. Obtain giant ocarina at rody's father's house. b. use it to get to fallen sanctuary 35. Fallen Sanctuary The four statues= destroy light blue statue and put gold statue in center and alternate blue and red one. 36. Demon's laboratory Password here is obtained at very right room. Change data that is shown and the second data should reveal Japanese characters. 37. Gate generator a. wire hook connects to Zet b. Use rollerdash to avoid damage. 38. World of Eru Goto Rosetta and then to #24. 39. Turgen town Obtain key from 4 men in east house. 40. Forest prison from enterance follow right wall end you'll reach guardian of life. 41. Pashim's workshop 42. Guardian of evil in hidden library; the book that you couldn't read. 43.De le Metallica a.In room with 5 chests. open 3 and 4 from left. b.Pick up all books to learn new sword move. pathway of question towards end. take left,r,r,l,r. 44. #41 Save for 1 on 1 boss battle. 45. After airship obtained goto Gemini no nakigara west of Cortseim. 46. Gemini no nakigara. obtain jewels and place them accordingly to activate doors. 47. Aldehyde. Talk to Emma. 48. Gemini circuit in yard of ship graveyard 49. New air ship Head to Pandemonium 50.Pandemonium a.Use mouse to turn off locks. b.alternate characters to push switches c.gather all three and fight boss. 51. castle of Arctica. NE of Fortsphere 52. Ka Dingil a. Use golem to enter. b. Room w/ three doors. Open first two doors, jump down, switch left lever. c. 8 levers- move each once. 53. Malduc a. Destroy some block from diagonal direction. b. Eyes of Malduc have fakes. To reveal which one is right, walk in front of eye.If wrong, put it back and pick up right one. It should be the one second from right. The eye is covered by rocks, destroy it with bomb. c. Can return to Ka Dingil from real right room. d. Obtain old guitar, Arc smasher, and other weapons and items. Substories 1.Ruins of memory= See attached pic. 2.Ruins Festival a.buy 99 flowers from girl b.play mole game to get items to increase stats. 3. Guardian of death After defeating boss in destructed dungeon, destroy cracked wall in front of save point. Also crestographs here. 4.Treasure call Rody's good-in east house at Milahma. Use Secilia's goods staff to move dog. 5.Guardian in Wandering Garden At warp points with three in one room, warp in certain order. 6.Heaven pathway a.Search pot in area( the upper right area soon as you enter) with bookshelf for switch. Push it. b.Between two trees at end, use Secilia's crystal to obtain her 4th force. 7.Rody's 4th Force Talk to Pashim after Rody is fixed. 8. Repairing Aldehyde. Talk to one of the people in the house with about seven people in it. One asks for money to repair the town. Pay, Leave, Pay, Leave & so on. People should increase in town. Required for many events. 9. Leviathon= golem of sea. Repairing aldehyde, a ship maker should appear at the NE corner of town. Talk to him and obtain ship. Golem appears at low rates. 10. Black market. Black pass should have been obtained at Gemini. Use this at Aldehyde weapon and item shop bookshelf. 11. Stonehenge like structure. Talk to Buskar leader's dog and a new man in Aldehyde's pub that will give you an item. Use it i this order. NW,SW,SE,NE,W,S,E,N next to stones. 12. Saint Sentol( near end of game) Zet should appear. Kill him to get Doombringer. 13. Abyss a.goto eru shrines(warp ones). Keep everyone in best shape and then have rody puch near the warper. Enter warp. Repeat until reached. b.don't light up lamps c.Use Zac's old guitar at circular area to fight Ragyu O Ragyura. To beat it you need the l.hand item: the sheep-look-like item that prevents death. Obtain it at black market. At least enough like 99.Gives sheriff star. 14. Colessium Another major boss here. To get there, need 5 duplicators from beating normal enemies from colessium. To get there punch out the bluish glass-like wall in the room behind the host. 15. Boomerang boss. After beating him at Ka Dingil entrance, he appears at Colessium. Equip sheep-like accessory to survive easier. Other hints. 1.Easy leveling= Accident Rabbits in strip of desert NW on map. Little Nw of Aldehyde. Goto the most southern part of the desrt to fight these. Kill a group of these and get about 60000 exp. 2.Best equipment: guards are love, hope, courage. Rody Divine weapon: Boomerang guy at colessium sheriff star Buleibar vest: Golem in Malduc 2nd area where eyes are. Zack has to use guitar Deadheat: Abyss(need duplicator) Zack Juggarnaut: Hidden boss at colessium sheriff star Shadewilder: Golem in Malduc 1st area that looks like shrine.Zack needs to use guitar Texas Number: Abyss Secilia Dist Dimus: NW stretch of desert on map. fighting Barbados the Golem. Necronomicon: Strong book enemies drop it in De la Metallica Autokutulu: Leviathon Terrace Tiara: Abyss 3.4th Force Rody(boost attack): Pashim Zack(double command): after Ka Dingil boss Secilia(dual cast): heaven pathway 4.Golem Lilitia - Fortsphere Diablo - gate generator Leviathon - Inner sea Barbados - Nw strech of desert Seto - Malduc mine area Lucifer - Malduc shrine area Berial - Malduc 5. Sword attacks psychocrack- starts with sonic buster- mountain pass meteor drive- Zenom mountains Trickster- Timney Healing Factor- Sand River Divide Shot- Tripillar Blaster charge- Epitaph of sea of wind Slash rave- hideout soul breaker- aldehyde, one of citizens- west of magic guild blade guilty- gemini shadow bind- fallen sanctuary-furthest part magnum fang- demons laboratory phaser zap- De le Metallica Infinity Nova- Gemini Cross Dimension- Arctica castle (chair) Ace in the Fall- Malduc 12. Rody's ARMS Cannon- begins with prism laser- caging tower. ABM launcher- Volcannon trap Twin Device- Fortsphere Napalm Flare- Demon's lab Banishing ray- gemini wild punch- arctica castle arc smasher- malduc 13. Guardians water: library earth: guardian shrine fire: " wind: " Mountain: Zenom Holy man (centaur looking knight): Saint Sentolu Death: detructed dungeon lightning: Sweet Candy ship Stare Roe: Wandering Garden Star: Fortsphere( after destruction) Rucardia: deep sea (swirl east of Rosetta) Life: Forest Prison Evil: De le Metallica Love: Pahim's workshop sword: cave above Carriage of giants courage: Arctica castle hope: Buskar defense: Aldehyde(give construction item to man in house left of magic guild)and later search the fixed statue. snow: NE island on map holy(solas emus) one of the Islands south of snow guardian time: stonehenge like structure. 14.Goods Rody might glove- gemini treasure call-milahma Zack lighter-mountain pass hook- wandering garden guitar- Malduc Secilia clock- beginning area staff- sweet candy ship after fake marriage magic pot- deep sea dragon shrine Author: Akira Nakada - akiran@uky.campus.mci.net *************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************</p>