Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator Walkthrough/FAQ v. 1.0 Compiled by Fred Delles Email: Visit my website, "The Cool Nut Archives" at the following URL: Best viewed under Wordpad under Windows 95/98 This is my first-ever FAQ, so if I get something wrong, don't flame me about it. This FAQ is also unofficial, so, obviously, do not harass Valkyrie Studios or Monolith if I blow something. E-mail me at the above address if you have any questions or corrections, or any name origins or weird facts for the "Did You Know?" section. --------+ Contents| --------+ - Updates - Walkthrough (currently unfinished) - The Characters of the World of Septerra Core - The Fate Cards of Septerra Core - Spells and Spell Combinations - Weapons, Armor, and Items - Did you Know? - Copyright Information -------+ Updates| -------+ V. 1.0: The first edition of the FAQ! Mostly the walkthrough (unfinished), items, weapons, armor, and characters, along with the locations and powers of the Fate Cards. I've already beat the game; I just have to play it again to get through the walkthrough, using only one saved game to get through the first time. -----------+ Walkthrough| -----------+ -------------------------+ The First Chapter - Oasis| -------------------------+ After the Chosen Doskias's mad rush to begin the Prophecy, he sends out his Chosen ships across the Shells to begin his operation. They pass through Shell Two, where Maya, Grubb, and Runner were doing their daily business - scavenging junk. Knowing that this was going to be trouble again - there was a war with the Chosen ten years ago, in which many people, including Maya's parents, died - Maya and Grubb ride on Runner back to the Oasis, the ruined city in which Maya lives in with the kindly Uncle, who took care of the young orphans whose parents died in the war. Unfortunately, Tori, one of the orphans, keeps getting out of line time and time again. After a brief argument with the P.O.'ed Mayor (who was searching everywhere in Oasis for any suspected weapon smugglers) and Uncle, Maya and Tori will end up going to Azziz's temple for their daily class. Here, you will gain control of Maya. Go to the east room, and raid the fridge there for some Bread. The west room contains a bed, which is free healing. If your HP or Core power is low, go there to rest. You can also talk to Uncle for a bit on the war and the Chosen. Outside, you can chat with the locals, including the Workbots and Mayor, in case you want a bit of comic relief. Talk with other locals, including the ones in the "Old Junkers" bar, for more information on the world of Septerra. The "Stock Pile" contains weapons you can purchase. Buy the Engine for your gun - it increases your firepower and accuracy, and will help quite a bit when you go outside. Alternately, you can stock up on some Bread at the Item Shop - it raises your HP when you get injured in battle. Leave the city by going to the southeastern corner of the city (not to far from Mayor and the Workbots). NOTE: Any time the icon is a gate and not an arrow, you can exit the place by clicking. Outside, you can go south to Grubb's Workshop and chat, but you still must get to class. Head west to the Badlands. You must take this treacherous path to reach Azziz's Temple. At the Badlands, there are treacherous enemies. There are Wulves on the path; The light-colored ones are weak, standard fighters. The darker-colored ones are far more dangerous; Not only are they physically stronger, they can speed up their fellow Wulves, or they can summon other Wulves to join the fight to rip you to shreds. With those ideas in mind, head northwest. You will encounter more of the lighter-colored Wulves. Use the RifleShot skill (allow the bar to reach the first level) for about three rounds to take out each of the enemy Wulves you will encounter. Heal with Bread when your HP falls below 10 HP. Head west as far as you can until the mouse icon changes into a gate, and you can leave. NOTE: Any time you feel you're lost in any location, stop your character and hit the TAB key for a map of the location. Yellow areas are locations in which your party can leave the place. Another note: Save the game often. Remember, you can hit F5 for a quick save. You can also enter the Main Menu (click on the blue CD under the characters' stats sheet), and save a game there. Right now, save the game after you exit the Badlands - if you get in too much trouble, you can load and go back. You can't save during a full-motion video sequence or during a battle. After exiting the Badlands, enter Azziz's Temple. Walk northeast once inside, and you'll see the elderly Azziz finishing off a lesson with the other kids of Oasis. Apparently, Tori played hookey and skipped class for that day. Have Maya step up to Azziz and talk to him. Talk to him about various subjects, and learn more about the world of Septerra and its legends. You'll also learn about Core Power and Fate Cards. After the day's lesson, you will gain the Water Fate Card. Head back east through the Badlands, making sure to fight off any Wulves you might encounter. Go back through Oasis, and back to Uncle's place. You'll find that Tori skipped class for that day, and will run off before he gets in lots of trouble with Uncle. Talk to Uncle. Maya will be a rat and turn Tori in. Uncle will tell Maya to bring Tori back from the Pumping Station. After exiting (and stocking up on Bread at the Item Shop - you'll need it!), go to the Pumping Station just past the city of Oasis. When you arrive, you find that Tori was the smuggler that Mayor was looking for! You also find that three Holy Guards from Shell Three will surround you, thinking that YOU are the smuggler! Tori makes like a total wuss and runs away. This is your first major fight. The enemies are weak, but so are you. Pound on the weaker Holy Guards (they have only 20 HP) with RifleShot and RifleVulcan attacks, taking out each of them one at a time. Heal with Bread when your HP falls below 10 HP. This shouldn't be too difficult - the two underling Guards will deal only 1-2 HP of damage per attack, and the sergeant isn't that much stronger. Watch out for his healing and fire spells, though. After defeating the guards, you will steal a Heal Fate Card from the sergeant, and run off, heading back to Oasis. The Holy Guards, only knocked down from Maya's attack, will get back up and chase you. Back in Oasis, news spread that Maya was the smuggler. The Mayor used Grubb's Workbots to capture Maya if she enters the city. However, the Workbots are too damned pacifist, and will not really to anything in means of force. Talk to them, and the Workbots will hilariously go on strike after Maya reminds them of Mayor's poor treatment towards them. Go back to Uncle. He will have Maya find Tori and set things straight. Unfortunately, that's in Outlaw Canyon, and Maya never traveled such a distance. So, she must persuade Grubb to help her. Exit Oasis (LOL at the little skit with the Mayor and striking Workbots) and hoof it to Grubb's Workshop. Talk to Grubb about the problems, and he and Runner will join. Go to the Badlands and fight the enemies there for some experience and a level or two - you'll need it for the trek. Remember to take the Power Generator from the floor near Grubb's bed before you leave. NOTE: Grubb is a weak, but speedy fighter, and Runner is a slow, but powerful fighter. If Runner gets in too much trouble, use Grubb's Repair skill on him - ordinary healing items aren't as effective on the mechanical pooch. If you need to cast a spell (i.e. Kyra's Heal), use Grubb to do so. Note that while a spell can be cast as early as 1/3 of the bar being filled, a spell is more effective if the bar is 2/3 full, or maxed out. Return to Oasis. Neither Mayor nor the Workbots will not bother you as you enter the city. Get Engines for your party members, and Bread with the rest of the money. If you're broke, either fight off more enemies in the Badlands, or sell off items you don't need (Skins, etc.) Rest up at Uncle's house. Exit Oasis, and go to the Pumping Station. Go around the ramp and search the sand for the Conduit Wires. After picking them up, climb the series of ramps until you reach a control box and a large fan. Look at the control box, and select Grubb. He will open the box. Then, select the Conduit Wires and use them on the box. After soing so, select the Power Generator and use that on the control box. Grubb will then short out the fan, and you can proceed. After exiting, you will enter the World Map. Head southeast, traveling on the pipes. You will then enter a large series of Desert Pipes. Once you enter the Desert Pipes, head southeast, and continue southeast, fighting off Unicorn Beetles and Arachnids. Take out the Arachnids first; they have the potential of badly injuring a character with one shot. However, these battles aren't too tough if you heal with Bread (or Repair on Runner) after each fight. Once you reach the cliff edge, go southwest, until you reach a massive crab blocking a stairway up the pipes. Fight the crab. Don't worry if you're only dealing 1 HP of damage per attack - just pound him with a bunch of Level 1 attacks, and he'll go down after 11 HP of damage. Climb the stairway-like ramp. You will encounter a junction in which you can go right or left. Head right, and continue along the path to a chest with a Healing Potion, SmellSalts, and a HeartStone. Head back to the same junction, and continue left. The pipe will turn northwest. Continue along the path until you reach another ramp that will take you back to the sand. Head southeast, past thelong pipe sticking out in the sand. Then, turn east and go between the two large elbow pipes. You'll see another ramp. Climb it, and after reaching the top, head southeast. You should be on the World Map. Enter the town. DO NOT enter Outlaw Canyon yet, especially if you are low on Bread and need healing. Also, remember to save the game. Galdon is almost like a town straight out of a Western movie. After entering, search the saddlebags of the three Helgaks (the floating horse-like animals tied to various posts) for a couple of Roots. Enter the saloon - the locals will treat you like the junk your people collect and deal with. Talk to the three dudes messing around near the automated bronco Helgak. Have Maya and Grubb pick on them, and your cliched bar brawl will occur. Fight the three dudes (they have about 45-50 HP). Remember to heal when necessary, and fight them one at a time. Watch out for their Barrier and Poison spells. After defeating the three, talk to the bartender about Tori. You can also buy supplies and rest for the night. If you have the money, buy the Grenade for Maya, and more powerful armor and boots for the team. Use the rest of the money for Bread and the Inn fee. Exit the saloon, exit Galdon, and enter the World Map - we've off to Outlaw Canyon. Right when you enter Outlaw Canyon, the outlaws will demand your money for safe passage. However, Maya becomes quite pugilistic on them, and a battle will occur. After defeating them, head northwest, and then northeast. Climb the nearby ramp. (It's pretty hard to find, but take a close look at the cliffs, and you'll find something that looks like a ramp.) Once on the upper level, head over the bridge. After crossing it, head northwest, and then take the bridge northeast. NOTE: Any time you encounter a group of enemies, take them out one at a time. An injured enemy deals just as much damage as a healthy one. You will then find Tori's camp. At the same time, a Holy Guard will appear, accusing Maya and Tori of smuggling weapons to the warriors allied with the Chosen. Unfortunately for him, a couple of minions enter the scene and fry the Holy Guard. Angry at the destruction that occurred the last time the Chosen messed around with Oasis, she commands Tori to go back home and warn the people of Oasis about the possible danger. Maya will then try to figure out what just happened, and will also try to find out why Wind City is involved. Search the dead Guard for a couple of useful supplies. Then, snag Tori's Helgak mounts. The game will then go auto-pilot as the group chases the Chosen ship. However, the three get blown up the Chosen ship's nostril and right inside. No, it isn't THAT gross. 8-) The three will overhear Doskias and Dugan's plan to dissolve the Holy Guard as part of Doskias's still-enigmatic master plans. Maya vows revenge against Doskias, but must warn the Holy Guard first. ------------------------------+ The Second Chapter - Wind City| ------------------------------+ After disembarking from the Chosen ship, you'll find yourself on the grass- lands of Shell Three. Note the tower in the north and the woods in the south. Don't bother with either - the tower serves nothing at the moment and the woods contains ultra-powerful enemies that'll really boot your rear. Enter the pentagon-shaped village of Southfarm. After chatting with the locals (and a couple of drunks at the bar), enter the northernmost building, and purchase one Acid Vial. (Plus supplies, if you need 'em.) Talk to some of the people, especailly with Grubb. One of them should give you bird seed. Return to the World Map, and head on over to the Graveyard. Once in the Graveyard, head on north. You will see a mist on the ground; examine it and you will then fight one of the Living Dead. He should be easy; just wail on him with as many hits as possible. After defeating the Living Dead, you will see a pool of zombie blood. Use the Acid Vial on the blood, and you will have some acidic solution. You'll also notice a headless statue at the western end of the area. Leave the Graveyard. Enter Wind City, and its main section of the city. (The Resivoir is closed off for now.) Talk with the various locals, and have Grubb fix some of the peoples' items for free stuff. You'll pass by an array of shops - they have awnings over the doorways and green-colored marble floors. Shop if you want, and then enter the Capitol building. Once inside, head northeast to the Library. The Library contains a broken model of Septerra (Grubb can't fix it), plus lots of books. Look at some of the books for some facts on the world of Septerra, its demi-gods, and its legends. You'll run into a bunch of monks who haven't got much to say. However, you'll eventually run into a talkative monk. He provides lots of information on Marduk, Bowman, the monks, and the weird statue in the Graveyard. Head back east past the Septerra model, and you'll find another set of shelves... and a head. It's bolted by an iron collar to the table. Remember the headless statue you found at the Graveyard? Use the Acid Vial on the head, and add the head to your inventory. Return to the Graveyard, and go back to the headless statue. REMEMBER TO SAVE YOUR GAME! The upcoming fight is a damn tough one. Select the head, and toss it on the statue. The statue of Draxx will then rumble, shake, and will start to fight your party. Draxx has about 150 or so HP, but can deal lots of damage on your party. NOTE: Try to use healing spells (using Fate Cards, not items!) on the undead. It will damage them significantly. Use your firepower on Draxx, firing off your most powerful attacks. Have Runner and Grubb attack Draxx, and Maya zap the Living Dead. Zap the closest ones to minimize the damage to your party. Heal if a character is low on health, and watch out if a character is poisoned (loses HP each turn) or cursed (all stats decrease). Once Draxx is defeated, you then can pass through his altar and enter the Catacombs. The Catacombs have lots of Living Dead. Just pound on the closest ones (if they are in a line near Runner, zap 'em with his Beam attacks), and they should go down quickly. Go northwest. After passing theough a stone arch, go northeast. Cross the green river of goo and flip the switch at the end. Walk over the green goo and head northwest. Enter the door, and head northeast, following the wall. At the end, head southeast until you reach the end of the narrow corridor. At the end of the corridor, climb the stone steps, and follow the brick path to an illuminated stairway. Climb the stairway, and enter the Cathedral. You will find the Holy Guard there. Maya will tell the group about Dugan's plans to dissolve the Holy Guard. Bowman doesn't believe them at first, but once Dugan's forces show up, they must react. Runner scampers off with Layla and the rest of the Holy Guard (much to the chagrin of Grubb), and Corgan comes with Maya and Grubb; this group is your new party as you will make your escape. Bowman will stall off Dugan as the two groups escape - only to die. Head southeast across the bridge over green goo. Once you reach the arch, head southeast. Dugan will send his thugs, Duke and Araym, to attack your group. An encounter ensues. Attack Duke first - his attacks are stronger. Then take out Araym. After fighting, you will leave the Catacombs and enter the northern part of the cemetary. Inside the Graveyard, take the northwest route. You'll reach an intersection. Head southeast until you reach another junction. Head northeast from that junction until it turns. Take the turn. Go around the church and head southwest. You'll find a switch. Click on the switch and it will open another exit in the Graveyard. Follow the path back to the intersection and head northwest. Turn northeast through the gate. You'll run into - you guessed it - Duke and Araym. Like before, take out Duke first, then Araym. Heal when necessary. You'll meet with Layla again. Corgan will tell her about Bowman's death, and Doskias's plan to control Wind City, using it as a supply station as he ventures to the Core of Septerra. The group must go to the Shell Five to get help from the armies of Ankara and Jinam, but must travel to Armstrong to collect supplies. If you want, you can rest up in one of the tents for free. Go north past Layla, then turn east. This one-way path is simple... except for the enemies. The Wulves and Cats should be easy if you pepper them with Level One attacks. Once you re-enter the World Map, head west to Armstrong. Sadly, Armstrong was practically nuked, flash-broiled, and given the works at the hands of the Chosen. The group angrily confronts Selina, and must fight her and two Chosen guards. The battle is a little tough. Take out the two guards first, then perform full-power attacks on Selina. You will win a Barrier Fate Card after the battle. After the battle, head northeast. Once you reach an intersection, head north- west. Once you reach another intersection, head northeast until you reach a chest containing the supplies. Backtrack to the entrance, get back on the World Map, and head back through the Mountain Pass, and trek through the long trail of the Mountain Pass until you reach Layla again. Ain't "fetch quests" wonderful? ;-) Give Layla the supplies. Corgan will also tell about the destruction of Armstrong, and they find that Ankara and Jinam, the countries that can stand against the Chosen, are warring with one another yet again. They must get to Shell Five ASAP! You must go to the Helgak Port to travel there, but must go through the graveyard. Make sure Corgan is in your party. NOTE: There will be a "cut scene" where Selina will talk with her lover Doskias aboard his Chosen ship. He commands Selina to stay in Wind City and cut off all the supply lines to the small villages. After Selina leaves, three Magi arrive. (Remember them toasting the Holy Guard in Outlaw Canyon?) Doskias will announce that he is going to dump Selina. Dugan is also brought in. Seeing no further use for him, Doskias plans to have Dugan executed. Dugan turns around and flees. Once in the graveyard, follow the dirt path. When you reach the intersection, head southwest all the way through the gate. Once through the gate, head southeast toward the exit. Once on the World Map, go west across the bridge, and you'll find the Helgak Port. Enter it. You'll see a couple of Chosen Guards talk with the desk clerk, but they'll leave before you arrive. Talk to the clerk, especially about passports. You'll need passports to ride to Shell Five. With Wind City closed off, head to Southfarm. Once inside, you'll notice two guards at the gate. Unless you think you can boot their rears, just zip your lips and pass by them quietly. Enter the Weapons Shop to the southeast. Talk to the people there, especially with Corgan. Corgan will recognize Maxon, who's actually a monk helping to get people out of Wind City with a secret passage before the Chosen nuke the place. He will then open the grate, allowing you to enter Wind City's library. Once inside, talk to Abbot. Ask about passports and he'll give you some fakes to exit Shell Three. Chat with him a little, then exit the place using the secret passage. Exit Southfarm. Go back to the Helgak Port and give the pass- ports to the desk clerk. You then can leave the Shell. Once inside the airship to Shell Five, you'll run straight into a battle between the Ankaran and Jinam forces. The airship is destroyed, and crashes onto a Shell Five continent... This walkthrough will be continued... --------------------------------------------+ The Characters of the World of Septerra Core| --------------------------------------------+ Grading of the characters: -------------------------- All the ratings you see here are based on when I played the game, and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of other players. Attack: Attack power and accuracy Defense: Ability to absorb or avoid damage Speed: Rate in which the character can do actions Magic: Power of that character using Fate Cards and absorbing magical damage Skills: Usefulness of the character's skills throughout the game Fighting (normal): Overall fighting power against regular enemies Fighting (boss): Overall fighting power against boss enemies Overall: Overall usefulness of the character throughout the game, compared to others Maya: A young woman from Shell Two, who scavenges useful items from the junk piles. As a girl, her village was destroyed and her parents killed when the Chosen, the inhabitants of the topmost Shell, decided to bring their airborne conflicts to her peaceful home town. She is the main character of the Septerra Core story; hoerver, she will encounter eight other characters who will help her save the world from destruction. Being a permanent member of your party, Maya has lots of useful skills and almost no weaknesses. Her skills, though must be store-bought, are pretty useful (Heat Seekers, etc.) for taking out multiple enemies, or groups of enemies. Her only real weakness is the lack of extremeties, i.e. she does not fully excel in any stat. However, she also has no real lack of anything. Attack: B Defense: B+ Speed: C Magic: B- Skills: A- Fighting (normal/boss): B+/B Overall (not an average): B+ Grubb: A reclusive mechanical wizard who can turn the junk of the second Shell into almost anything he can think of. He created machines like the Workbots and Runner. Grubb, well, is your stereotypical mentally strong/physically weak mage. He has a total lack of fighting offense or defense, and his Core spells will really whup your enemies. Unfortunately, he just doesn't have the usefulness of many of the other characters - Selina or Led could emulate him, and then some with their improved offense and defense. But don't ditch the skinny mohawked dude - he's quite useful when teamed with Led (after getting his LedCombo and Led's GrubbCombo), and just rips enemy robots to shreds with his Repair ability, or heals allied robots with ease. Attack: F Defense: F Speed: B+ Magic: A Skills: B- Fighting (normal/boss): D/C Overall (not an average): D (against or allied with no robots, or without Led), B- (fighting or allied with robots, or with Led) Runner: Runner is Grubb's mechanical companion, an enormous and affable robot that can walk on two or four legs. While Runner seems like a massive overgrown puppy- dog at times, he's a ferocious ally in combat. Runner, plain and simple, sucks. He has lots of power in each of his attacks, but he's just too damn slow and is a total hinderance to your Core energy total. He also can't cast spells well, and does not heal well with healing- based items. Ditch him to the scrap heap. Attack: A Defense: A Speed: F Magic: F Skills: D- Fighting (normal/boss): F/D+ Overall (not an average): F Corgan: A member of the courageous and dedicated Holy Guard, the protectors of Shell Three and Marduk, Corgan is a skilled defensive swordsman with a knack for diplomacy. His one true love is Layla. Corgan is just mediocre in almost everything. He's slightly better at fighting than Maya or Selina, but a bit slower. His magic skill kinda blows, and he has a lot of useful skills (Core Force and Protect), but the others are pretty sucky (Charge). It's up to you if you want to take him. Attack: B+ Defense: B+ Speed: C+ Magic: D- Skills: C+ Fighting (normal/boss): C+/C+ Overall (not an average): C Led: The daughter of General Campbell of Ankara, Led is a skilled mechanic with her weapon as a giant wrench. Her robotic legs were the result of an accident during military training. Ever since, her father refused to let her fight for her country, and threw her to a remote Ankaran base to prevent her from getting into trouble. Led rocks! Sure, she has pretty crappy physical prowess, but she has very powerful magic, and her skills are quite powerful. She has the best skills; not one of them is completely worthless. Repair is like Grubb's, only faster (but weaker), and the GrubbCombo is one of the game's best skills. Her Core power is second only to Grubb. Team Led with Grubb, Araym, or Selina. Just watch her defense - it's pretty low. Attack: D+ Defense: D Speed: B Magic: A- Skills: A Fighting (normal/boss): A-/C Overall (not an average): B (teamed without Grubb) A (teamed with Grubb) Selina: One of Doskias's generals, and his lover, Selina is a dark, mysterious, and powerful warrior with a knack for mystical Core spells. She allied herself with Maya to save the world, but her loyalty toward Maya is complicated with her love for Doskias. Selina is easily up there with the best. Her fighting power is quite high, and her magic prowess is only behind Led and Grubb. She's also quite speedy, and has fair defense. Her skills are fairly useful, with the potent (but expensive) Curse Strike and the cheap and quick Core Force. If you're confused on what to pick as a third party member, pick her. Attack: B+ Defense: B Speed: B Magic: A- Skills: B- Fighting (normal/boss): B+/B+ Overall (not an average): A- Araym: A thief, bounty hunter, and former demolitions expert, Araym ended up helping out after being rescued from Duke. His detachable, spider-like arms were the result of a mining explosion. In terms of overall fighting, Araym is argubly the best character in Septerra Core. He's very speedy, has high attack power (and can hit multiple enemies for free), and his magic and Core power makes the cut. Steal and Mug are useful abilities almost anytime, and while Taser and Venom aren't THAT useful, his speed might make up for the expensive Core cost. A must-have for almost any party. Attack: A- Defense: C Speed: A+ Magic: B- Skills: A Fighting (normal/boss): A+/C Overall (not an average): A Badu: A part of the Underlost, Badu is quite an enigma, with a mysterious language, and his former home in the Mold Forest. The Chosen imprisoned his tribe for slave labor, working to extract corite from the mines of Shell Seven. Badu is an okay character, with obvious strengths and weaknesses. While slow, he can deal tremendous damage very quickly with Core Knife, and is a big help against bosses. Unfortunately, I never really cared for him that much - he's too slow to be highly useful, his skills just aren't what I want, and his magic isn't too hot. If you know you're going to fight a very powerful enemy, take him; otherwise, forget it. Attack: A Defense: A- Speed: D Magic: C- Skills: D- Fighting (normal/boss): D+/A Overall (not an average): C- Lobo: A Jinam cyborg forced to fight for his country, Lobo acquired free thought by a friendly mechanic, and became that mechanic's "son". Lobo then became a pirate, fighting against the country that created him. He also desires revenge against Conner for killing his "father". Other than his weak magic (about as bad as Runner), Lobo is about as powerful as Maya, and then some. His gun power and multi-target skills are quite useful against groups of minor enemies. He is halfway decent in almost any party, but more useful with characters like Grubb or Led. Attack: B Defense: B Speed: B Magic: D- Skills: B+ Fighting (normal/boss): B/B- Overall (not an average): B- --------------------------------------------+ Locations of the Fate Cards of Septerra Core| --------------------------------------------+ Water: From Azziz after the first lesson Heal: After the Holy Guard fight Rock: After fighting the Draxx statue in the Shell Three Mourn Graveyard Barrier: After the fight with Selina at Armstrong Air: In a storage cylinder in Ankaran Base Summon: Awarded by Gunnar Fire: After the fight with Lava Boss Cure: Given by the Underlost Chief in Shell Seven Resurrect: At the grave of Bowman (in Catacombs) Bless: After fight with Connor Law: After fight with first Magi Slow: After fight with second Magi Mirror: After fight with Hell God All: After fight with Balcaam Achilles' Heel: same as above Chaos: After fight with Doomsday Brain Speed: To the northeast, near fallen bridge in Chosen Temple Area 1 Cloak: In Chosen Temple Area 3-Found with Chosen Talisman Curse: In chest to the far southeast in Catacombs Area 3 Vampyre: Same as above Joker: After the fight with Alisa -----------------------------+ Spells and Spell Combinations| -----------------------------+ Here, you will find all of the spell combinations found throughout the game. Spell Combo Cost Effects ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Heal 10 Heals one ally Heal + Mirror 30 Harms one target Cure 10 Removes poison from one target Cure + Mirror 30 Poisons one target Bless (!) 25 Raises all stats (Power, etc.) of one target by 1/4 Bless + Mirror 45 Lowers all stats of one target by 1/4 Resurrect 18 Revives an unconscious ally with about 1/2 their Hit Points Resurrect + Mirror 38 Pounds one target with mega-damage Cloak 25 Cloaks one target, increases evade % Cloak + Mirror 45 Removes cloak from one target Joker 25 Puts Berserk, Curse, Stun, Slow, and Poison on one target Slow 25 Slows one target Slow + Mirror 40 Speeds one target (Why bother when you could use Speed?) Speed 25 Speeds one target Speed + Mirror 40 Slows one target (Why bother when you could use Slow?) Air 12 Damages one target with Air damage Chaos 25 Berserks one target Chaos + Mirror 45 Dispels adverse status Chaos + Law 50 Deals chaotic damage Chaos + Law + Mirror(#) 70 Insane, substantial damage (6x regular power) Curse 25 Curses target (lowers stats by 1/4) Curse + Mirror 40 Blesses target (raises stats by 1/4) Fire 15 Fire damage, one target Earth 9 Earth damage, one target Water 6 Water damage, one target Vampyre 20 Drains HP from one target Achilles' Heel 15 View enemy's HP and stats (except bosses) Barrier 15 Halves enemy damage on one target Barrier + Mirror 35 Removes a barrier from one target Barrier + Air 27 Air barrier, also dispels air-based damage on target Barrier + Chaos 30 Barrier also dispels Berserk effects on target Barrier + Curse 35 Barrier also dispels Curse effects on target Barrier + Fire 30 Fire barrier, also dispels fire-based damage on target Barrier + Law 40 Barrier also dispels all adverse effects Barrier + Resurrect 33 Holy barrier, also dispels undead-based damage on target Barrier + Earth 24 Earth barrier, also dispels earth-based damage on target Barrier + Slow 35 Barrier also dispels Slow effects on target Barrier + Water 21 Water barrier, also dispels water-based damage on target Law 25 Dispels all adverse effects on one target Law + Mirror 45 Berserks one target Summon 20 Summons Bowman for physical damage Summon + Air 32 Summons Simurgh for air-based damage Summon + Chaos 45 Summons Gemma for tremendous damage, plus casts Berserk on target Summon + Fire 35 Summons Ouroboros for fire-based damage Summon + Heal 30 Summons Kyra to tremendously heal one target Summon + Joker 45 Random summon for mild damage, plus several status ailments Summon + Law 45 Summons Marduk for insane damage Summon + Resurrect 38 Summons Thanatos for hell-based damage Summon + Earth 29 Summons Humbaba for earth-based damage Summon + Water 26 Summons Sedna and Pilitak for water-based damage Any card combo + All(*) N+10 Spell or spell combo affects all allies or enemies (!) - Stat-boosting/lowering with Bless is not cumulative. (*) - the amount of the original spell plus 10 Core Energy. For example, if I wanted to cast Kyra's Heal on the entire party, I would spend 10 for the spell plus 10 for "All", so it would cost 20 Core Energy. I didn't put all the "All" combos up for redundancy's sake. (#) - Cannot be combined with "All" -------------------------+ Weapons, Armor, and Items| -------------------------+ Engines: Used by Maya, Grubb, Runner, Araym, and Lobo Name Strike Power Cost Other ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Small Engine 10 10 50 Engine 15 15 300 Turbo Engine 12 10 325 Core +2 Medium Engine 30 30 400 Strong Engine 45 45 400 Force Engine 38 29 450 Core +3 Power Engine 70 70 900 Might Engine 55 55 800 Core +3 Small Blitzer 95 95 1,500 Blitzer 135 135 5,000 Weak Blitzer 140 140 5,200 Core -5 Turbo Blitzer 120 115 5,200 Core +4 Power Blitzer 210 210 10,000 Force Blitzer 185 180 9,500 Core +5 Turbine 275 275 40,000 Weak Turbine 280 285 35,000 Core -5 Force Turbine 255 260 35,000 Core +5 Swords (part 1): Used by Corgan Name Strike Power Cost Other ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sword 15 15 400 Short Sword 30 30 600 Medium Sword 45 45 750 Bastard Sword 70 70 1,100 Honor Blade 60 60 1,200 Core +2 Long Sword 95 95 1,650 Broad Sword 135 135 6,000 Strike Blade 145 115 5,200 Steel Blade 210 210 12,000 Power Blade 170 225 11,000 Rune Steel 275 275 50,000 Honor Strike 265 245 45,000 Demon Sword 295 295 ??? Swords (part 2): Used by Selina Name Strike Power Cost Other ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sword 15 15 400 Short Sword 30 30 600 Medium Sword 45 45 750 Bastard Sword 70 70 1,100 Witch Blade 60 60 1,200 Core +2 Long Sword 95 95 1,650 Broad Sword 135 135 6,000 Witch Power 115 145 5,200 Steel Blade 210 210 12,000 Witch Strike 225 170 11,000 Rune Steel 275 275 50,000 Power Witch 245 245 45,000 Core +7 Demon Sword 295 295 ??? Wrenches: Used by Led Name Strike Power Cost Other ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Light Wrench 30 30 450 Wrench 70 70 550 Large Wrench 70 70 850 Power Wrench 60 85 750 Iron Wrench 95 95 1,350 Steel Wrench 135 135 4,500 Strike Wrench 150 115 4,200 Gear Wrench 120 155 4,000 Impact Wrench 210 210 9,000 Mag Wrench 190 225 8,000 Core Wrench 245 245 8,000 Core +5 Shell Wrench 275 275 38,000 Knives: Used by Badu Name Strike Power Cost Other ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Knives 60 60 800 Power Knives 70 70 900 Core Knives 55 55 850 Core +5 Bone Knives 95 95 1,650 Metal Knives 135 135 5,500 Relic Knives 115 120 5,000 Core +4 Speed Knives 120 115 5,000 Speed +2 Sharp Knives 210 210 11,500 Blood Knives 180 225 11,000 Strike Knives 225 170 11,000 Slash Knives 275 275 43,000 Healing Items: Name Cost Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bread 50 Heals 50 HP to an ally Root 350 Heals 250 HP to an ally Cornucopia 600 Heals 500 HP to an ally Potion 1,000 Heals entire party for 200 HP Elixir 2,500 Heals entire party for 450 HP Herb 50 Heals poison to an ally Ward 80 Neutralizes poison, stun, curse, and/or berserk Core Rune 100 Restore 25 Core Energy Core Relic 400 Restore 75 Core Energy Core Sphere 750 Restore 150 Core Energy Soul Stone 5,000 Restores HP and Core to entire party Smelling Salts 250 Resurrect an individual with about 1/3 HP Kyra's Tear 2,000 Resurrect an individual with full HP Armor: Standard - Equipped by Maya, Grubb, Corgan, Led, Selina, and Araym (Not Led if shoes/greaves/boots) Robot - Equipped by Runner and Lobo (and Led if springs/hydraulics/shocks) Primitive - Equipped by Badu Name Type Armor Speed Cost ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Vest Standard 10 0 150 Light Vest Standard 15 -1 350 Light Sheath Standard 13 0 340 Medium Vest Standard 26 -1 500 Leather Vest Standard 33 -2 800 Hard Sheath Standard 48 -3 900 Flack Vest Standard 43 -2 1,000 Heavy Sheath Standard 65 -4 1,200 Chain Vest Standard 64 -3 1,300 Power Vest Standard 96 -4 4,000 Bulky Shell Standard 115 -5 3,500 Light Shell Standard 96 -1 3,600 Heavy Shell Standard 136 -5 15,000 Heavy Mail Standard 165 -6 15,000 Knight Mail Standard 176 -7 45,000 Bukly Mail Standard 186 -7 46,000 Light Plate Standard 175 -4 47,000 Coat Robot 10 0 240 Plastic Coat Robot 15 -1 450 Thin Coat Robot 13 0 425 Medium Coat Robot 26 -1 600 Metal Coat Robot 33 -2 1,000 Hard Coat Robot 48 -3 1,100 Heavy Coat Robot 43 -2 1,350 Hard Robo Robot 65 -4 1,450 Robo Cover Robot 64 -3 1,500 Robo Vest Robot 96 -4 5,000 Heavy Robo Robot 115 -5 5,000 Thin Robo Robot 96 -1 5,000 Robo Mail Robot 136 -5 16,500 Bulky Robo Robot 150 -6 16,000 Metal Cover Robot 176 -7 50,000 Heavy Cover Robot 187 -7 48,000 Light Cover Robot 175 -4 48,000 Skins Primitive 30 0 50 War Skins Primitive 43 -1 1,250 Ancient Skins Primitive 43 0 1,300 Animal Skins Primitive 64 -1 1,400 Leather Skins Primitive 96 -2 4,500 Relic Bone Primitive 84 0 5,000 Heavy Skins Primitive 136 -3 15,500 Petrified Bone Primitive 125 -1 16,000 Medium Bone Primitive 176 -5 50,000 Shoes Standard 0 0 40 Leather Shoes Standard 3 +1 100 Greaves Standard 5 0 135 Speed Shoes Standard 6 1 150 Fast Shoes Standard 9 2 300 Hard Greaves Standard 12 0 350 Armored Shoes Standard 12 2 450 Light Shoes Standard 9 3 500 Wing Shoes Standard 16 3 600 Wind Shoes Standard 24 4 900 Boot Greaves Standard 37 1 800 Light Boots Standard 15 5 800 Speed Boots Standard 34 5 1,100 Armor Greaves Standard 38 3 1,000 Wing Boots Standard 44 6 1,500 Heavy Greaves Standard 51 4 1,300 Light Greaves Standard 31 7 1,300 Springs Robot 0 0 100 Medium Springs Robot 3 1 135 Metal Springs Robot 5 0 150 Hard Springs Robot 6 1 240 Armored Springs Robot 9 2 450 Plate Springs Robot 12 0 500 Quick Springs Robot 12 2 500 Speed Springs Robot 9 3 600 Heavy Springs Robot 16 3 650 Hydraulics Robot 24 4 1,000 Armor Hydraulics Robot 28 1 950 Light Hydraulics Robot 18 5 1,100 Medium Shocks Robot 34 5 1,250 Heavy Hydraulics Robot 39 3 1,350 Quick Shocks Robot 44 7 1,650 Covered Shocks Robot 51 4 1,500 Light Shocks Robot 31 7 1,500 Claw Ties Primitive 9 1 450 Claw Skins Primitive 12 2 500 Light Ties Primitive 9 3 450 Claw Pads Primitive 16 3 700 Claw Sandals Primitive 24 4 1,000 Hard Ties Primitive 29 1 900 Light Sandals Primitive 17 5 900 Claw Wraps Primitive 34 5 1,200 Hard Wraps Primitive 39 3 1,300 Claw Straps Primitive 44 6 1,600 Hard Bindings Primitive 51 4 1,500 Light Treads Primitive 35 7 1,500 Protection Items: Name Use Specifics ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mind Shield Protects partially from Berserk (n/a) Iron Heart Raises Max HP HP +8 True Strike Adds to Strike Stk +8 Silver Clove Protects partially from Undead (n/a) Armor Seal Raises Armor Arm +8 Card Token Adds to Core Core +2 Power Token Adds to Core Core +5 True Sight Adds to Perception Per +15, Stk +8, Pwr +8, Core +1 Fire Guard Protects partially from Fire (n/a) Aegis Protects partially from Stun (n/a) Rock Guard Protects partially from Earth (n/a) Ear Plugs Protects partially from Sonic (n/a) Heart Stone Protects partially from Poison (n/a) Wallet Protects partially from Steal (n/a) Metal Buckle Adds to Strength Str +15, Arm +8, Pwr +8, HP +8 Solid Strike Adds to Strike Stk +12 Gloves Adds to Power Pwr +8 Gear Muscle Adds Power to robots Pwr +12 Quicksilver Adds to Speed Spd +1 Holy Shield Protects partially from Curse (n/a) Knuckles Adds to Power Pwr +10 Quick Light Adds to Speed Spd +2 Iron Buckle Adds to Strength Str +28, Arm +15, Pwr +15, HP +15 Titan Adds to Vitality Vit +14, Arm +8, Spd +1, HP +8 Cat's Paw Adds to Agility Agy +15, Stk +8, Pwr +8, Spd +1 Psyche Knot Adds to Psyche Psy +10, Core +2 Psyche Ring Adds to Psyche Psy +15, Core +3 Long Sight Adds to Perception Per +25, Stk +12, Pwr +12 Hydraulic Muscle Adds Power to Robots Pwr +19 Mind Barrier Protects fully from Berserk (n/a) Restore Ring Protects status partially (n/a) Aqua Guard Protects partially from Water (n/a) Lockpurse Protects fully from Steal (n/a) Red Star Protects from Core Drain (n/a) Titan Ring Adds to Vitality Vit +25, Arm +12, Spd +3, HP +12 Snake Tail Adds to Agility Agy +25, Stk +13, Pwr +13, Spd +3 Sturdy Heart Adds to HP HP +15 Gauntlet Adds to Power Pwr +12 Myomer Muscle Adds Power to robots Pwr +24 Hew Stone Protects fully from Poison (n/a) Blue Star Protects fully from Core Drain (n/a) Lightning Guard Protects partially from Air (n/a) Hero Heart Adds to HP HP +26 Armor Relic Adds to Armor Arm +18 Power Aegis Protects fully from Stun (n/a) Holy Relic Protects fully from Curse (n/a) Steel Buckle Adds to Strength Str +55, Arm +27, Pwr +27, HP +27 Deep Sight Adds to Perception Per +45, Stk +22, Pwr +22 Even Strike Adds to Strike Stk +28 Titan Charm Adds to Vitality Vit +55, Arm +24, Spd +6, HP +24 Eagle Wing Adds to Agility Agy +55, Stk +28, Pwr +28, Spd +6 Psyche Charm Adds to Psyche Psy +66, Core +6 Card Token Adds to Core Core +10 Skill Items Name Cost Equipped by ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Grenade 1,000 Maya, Lobo Napalm 2,350 Maya, Runner, Lobo Buzzsaw 2,150 Grubb Shrapnel 2,500 Maya Blades 2,500 Grubb, Araym Venom 3,500 Araym Heat Seeker 6,000 Maya, Runner Blast 15,000 Runner Taser 12,000 Grubb, Araym Beam 10,000 Maya, Lobo Arc Blast 15,000 Grubb Sphere 15,000 Maya -----------------------------+ Unanswered Questions (so far)| -----------------------------+ Despite playing Septerra Core quite a bit, there are some things left unanswered by either me or the contributors (none yet): Notice the birds you can use the Bird Seed on? What do they do? Where are they (there are ten of them), and what do they have to do with the tower? -------------+ Did You Know?| -------------+ Maya (the heroine) was named after the software development kit Maya(TM) for Windows NT. This software produces computer-generated high-polygon graphics and fluid animation. Maya FX(TM) and Maya Artisan(TM) are also two other computer-generating graphics programs. Alisa (Aspertine's daughter) was named after Alisa Kober, Valkyrie Studios' vice-president of art and animation. When Grubb talks to the WarBots in Oasis in Shell Two (later in the game, after obtaining the ship from Lobo), he tries to override the Warbots' warlike program by saying, "Master override sequence THX one-one-three-eight." Don't tell me the writer wasn't thinking of the movie "THX-1138" by the "Star Wars" creator George Lucas. ---------------------+ Copyright Information| ---------------------+ Copyright 1999 Fred Delles. All rights reserved. This FAQ is not in any way licensed by Valkyrie Studios, TopWare CD-Service AG, or Monolith. You are allowed to publish this FAQ on any website, provided that (1) it is not altered in ANY way, (2) that I am given credit for this work, and (3) that you do not make ANY money off this FAQ in any way, shape, or form. Other than that, go nuts! 8-) Some information on weapons, items and succinst descriptions of the locations of the Fate Cards were derived from the "Official Septerra Core Official Strategies and Secrets" hint book by Paul Schuytema. This book is a better source than this FAQ, so use that if you still have further trouble and I'm unable to help. It costs money, but hey, it's official... SEPTERRA CORE: LEGACY OF THE CREATOR Copyright 1999 Valkyrie Studios, Inc., all rights reserved. Septerra Core is a trademark of TopWare CD-Service AG.</p>