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Cheap gaming mouse deals under $50 - save up to 60% for Prime Day

Cheap gaming mouse deals under $50 - save up to 60% for Prime Day
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If you're looking for a cheap gaming mouse this Amazon Prime Day, you've struck lucky. There are a ton of deals on right now in honor of the sales event, and you know the best thing? The mice themselves don't suck. In fact, many are downright great.

Look, I appreciate every entry we have on the best gaming mouse. I've gone hands-on with and reviewed most of them. But they're also expensive. As such, these cheap gaming mouse deals for Prime Day are rather eye-catching. They bring the overall cost well below $50 in most cases, and that's much more palatable than usual.

One of the best offers right now would have to be the 50% discount you're getting on the Logitech G502 HERO. This one has a constant presence on best-of lists, and the fact that it's dropped down to $39.99 (£26.99 in the UK) is absurdly good value.

Likewise, the revamped DeathAdder V2 - an update on a beloved gaming mouse - has also received a discount. This one's tumbled in cost by more than 35%, bringing it down to $44.99 in the US and £40 in the UK.

Want something so cheap it's almost offensive, on the other hand? Try the Viper Mini. This mouse from Razer is now just $24.99 at Amazon US and £27.99 with Amazon UK. It's a great piece of kit in terms of responsiveness, comfort, and reliability, so that's not an opportunity to miss.

For more good offers, check out the deals below - they'll go very nicely with any Prime Day laptop deals you might pick up.

Cheap gaming mice under $50

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