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Charlize Theron drops out of The Tourist

Action thriller The Tourist is having real trouble getting moving - the film has just lost its director, and star Charlize Theron has dropped out.

Bharat Nalluri had been signed on to make the film, but he's now ditched it, and Theron has gone with him.

Production company Spyglass is now talking to Jolie to step in and make this her second action-flavoured film in a row, what with having just finished Salt.

If she signs, Jolie will play an American tourist dragooned into setting up a former lover, who just so happens to have become a global criminal.

The movie got a little traction earlier this year when Tom Cruise flirted with snatching one of the lead roles, but Sam Worthington is now in place instead - and, according to the Risky Business Blog - still attached.

[Source: Risky Business Blog ]

Is Jolie the right call? Would you have preferred Theron? Tell us...