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Change in the wind for Counter-Strike

Major changes are on the cards for Counter-Strike: Source, with plans to enhance the radar readout on the player's screen and tweaks to the online shooter's cash-based weapon selection system in the works. Additionally, some of the lesser-played maps will get a graphical facelift, as Valve plans to add in High Dynamic Range lighting to increase their appeal.

Counter-Strike's beautifully balanced and straightforward gameplay is exactly what makes it the most played shooter ever created. The original game, commonly referred to as Counter-Strike 1.6, was a modification of the first Half-Life and is still played today by thousands of dedicated gamers - seven years after its release.

The radar revamp could possibly be a nod to newer players, giving them a better chance of survival. It should be much easier to use than the current near-inexplicable readout that exists today. Much like the crucial "spotting" feature of rival team-shooter Battlefield 2, hovering your crosshair over an enemy long enough will reveal their position on the radar of everyone on your team. Hopefully, it'll also promote tighter and more positive team play.