Change history with FIFA 07

Thursday 31 August 2006
FIFA 07 will give you the chance to change your favourite Premiership football club's destiny with its brill, online 'interactive leagues' feature.

By logging on and playing matches that mirror that weekend's real world fixtures, you'll be able to put your team on top of the table - even if the real life players are languishing in the relegation zone. Hit the movies tab to get a video explanation and some PS2 and Xbox footage.

In effect, you'll be playing each match-day fixture against everyone who supports the opposing team. As the video shows, the more matches that your team's fanbase win the more likely they are to be victorious in the fixture. And you can take part in the clashes no matter where you are in the world. Good news if you're an ex-pat - or a Manchester United fan.

Out at the end of September for PS2 and Xbox, FIFA 07 is easily our favourite instalment in the none-more-licensed football series, and could even challenge the mighty Pro Evolution Soccer 6 for our regular lunchtime match slot. FIFA 07 will get the review treatment soon, so don't go anywhere.

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