Champions Bundle DLC revealed for Halo 4

343 Industries announced new Halo 4 DLC at the annual Rooster Teeth Expo over the weekend. Featuring fresh maps, a new game mode, plus armour and weapon skins, the content will be purchasable in individual pieces or in a pack dubbed the Champions Bundle from August 20, OXM reports.

The Bullseye pack contains two new maps, Vertigo and Pitfall. The former offers environmental features, allowing players to send an electric shock through parts of the map, while Pitfall is a remake and update of Halo 3’s The Pit, featuring additions like grav-lift at the back of the arena. The Infinity Armour Pack offers three new armour sets called Perfect, Mark V and ODST, while the Steel Skins pack adds a steampunk flavour to weaponry. New mode Ricochet is a five-on-five team-based offering which plays similar to Grifball mode with a few key differences; players can throw the ball into the scoring area for fewer points than they receive for carrying it in, while everyone has access to ranged weapons.

The Bullseye pack will be priced at 480 MSP, the Infinity Armour and Steel Skins packs at 240 MSP each, while the bundle will cost 800 MSP (£6.85 / €9.60 / $10). Ricochet will be exclusive to bundle buyers for two weeks before going on general release. You can watch a replay of the DLC announcement, including footage of the new maps and game type, below or on 343 Industries' Twitch channel.

Microsoft recently said that Halo on Xbox One is a fully-fledged entry in the first-person shooter series, but wouldn’t confirm whether it’s Halo 5. The game, which was first teased at E3, is part of what is now the Reclaimer “saga” rather than a trilogy. It’s set for release in 2014.

Watch live video from 343industries on TwitchTV