Catherine Keener goes Where The Wild Things Are

Here’s the sort of team-up that you only dream about. If your dreams are really, really weird and you take a lot of medication. Catherine Keener has signed up to reunite with her Being John Malkovich director, Spike Jonze, for Where The Wild Things Are.

Maurice Sendak's classic kiddie lit follows the story of Max, a mischievous scamp who creates his own world, one filled with wondrous wild creatures who – because this is Max’s world – crown him as their ruler.

Speaking to US talk show host Charlie Rose, Keener revealed that she’ll play Max’s mother. “We’re starting later this year in New Zealand. I'm playing the mom looking for Max. Then there will be six actors or so performing the roles of the monsters, the wild things. And Henson's company is making puppets."

Spike Jonze working on a fantasy with the Henson team involved? That sound you hear is Total Film’s LA Editor grabbing his tent and going to wait outside his local cinema…

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