Carby is a Valentine's Day card now

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Nintendo was quick to respond to the internet's latest obsession, as there's a handful of official Nintendo Valentine's Day cards featuring the company's pinkest hero, and the most popular is bound to be the one starring breakout meme sensation Carby.

If you forgot to get your partner a gift, or maybe you just don't want to fuel the corporatist scheme, it's not too late to print out one of Nintendo's free and adorable Valentine's Day cards. There's drill Kirby, vacuum Kirby, light bulb Kirby (these aren't official names), and most importantly, there's Carby (that one is official). All you have to do is save the one you like and print it out onto cardstock for a fun, topical Valentine's Day card.

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Of course, all of the Valentine's Day cards have punny little messages on them. The one with drill Kirby says "I dig you," the vacuum Kirby says "You make me see stars," and the light bulb Kirby says "You light up my life." Saving the best for last once again, the Carby Valentine's Day card says, *drumroll*, "You drive me wild." Can you taste the chalky Valentine's Day heart candy yet?

In case you haven't been on the internet much since Wednesday, Carby might need some explaining. See, Nintendo released a new trailer for its upcoming game Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and we got to see the titular puff ball take on a whole bunch of zany forms, which made for a handful of really solid memes. The most popular meme to emerge from that day has been Carby, the form Kirby takes when he sucks up a car. 

Feel free to bookmark this page for the day your grandkids unearth the Carby Valentine's Day card and demand an explanation.

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