Captain America: Cold War Omega #1 brings a climax to the epic story

Captain America: Cold War Omega #1 interior art
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

 The current era of Captain America is heading toward its end with the epic 'Cold War' story reaching its final conclusion in Captain America: Cold War Omega #1, and we've got an early look at interior pages from the one-shot by writers Colin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, and Tochi Onyebuchi and artist Carlos Magno.

In 'Cold War,' Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers, both currently operating as Captain America, have teamed up to take on the mysterious Inner Circle, a group of manipulative villains who aim to control the world through a brutal, secret game.

To help, they've enlisted Sharon Carter, Misty Knight, and more allies to battle the mutated creatures of Dimension Z, a pocket dimension created by Arnim Zola where Steve was once trapped for years while only a short time passed in the mainstream Marvel Universe.

Here's the gallery of pages:

"White Wolf has unleashed an army of Dimension Z monsters upon our world as a declaration of global war, and Team Cap's only hope to stop it is to take him down for good," reads Marvel's official solicitation for Captain America: Cold War Omega #1. "Meanwhile, Bucky Barnes deploys his final chess piece - Ian Rogers himself - to turn the situation in his favor. Lifelong friends battle alongside mortal enemies - and change the trajectory of their lives - in this stunning conclusion!"

Following 'Cold War,' July's oversized Captain America #750 will bring a close to the current era of Cap comics, with writer J. Michael Straczynski and artist Jesús Saiz launching a new Captain America title this fall.

Captain America: Cold War Omega #1 goes on sale June 14.

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