Capes 'n' claws: New Supes and X-Men TV spots

If one more person tells that 2006 is ‘going by too fast…’ we’re going to go all ‘Shining’ on ‘em. Slipping by it may be but with so many crackling-hot superhero flicks just around the corner, we aren’t complaining.

As Superman prepares himself for a 14 July return, we’re starting to see more teasers filter through onto the web. This little glimpse of Bryan Singer’s baby was aired in the US last week during a break in Warner TV’s young Supes show Smallville.

Superman Returns picks up the story of the man of steel after an absence from protecting the city of Metropolis. He finds live has changed and those he was closest to have made a life without him. Brandon Routh slips into the red pants, with Kevin Spacey balding up as Lex Luthor and Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane.

You can catch the TV spot over at IESB by clicking here .

Sticking with the superheroes, those lovely people at Dell have slung up a whole seven minutes of footage from Brett Ratner’s X-Men: The Last Stand.

Ratner took on the mantle after Bryan Singer vacated the chair to helm Superman Returns and this is the most extensive look at Brett’s vision we’ve seen. The usual gang reassembled for The Last Stand, with Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellan, Patrick Stewart and Halle Berry all featuring alongside newcomers Ben Foster (Angel), Kelsey Grammer (Beast) and Vinny Jones (Juggernaught).

Check out the X-appeal by clicking here .

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