Canis Canem edited clip

Tuesday 5 September 2006
Canis Canem Edit - the schoolyard-set action game that used to be called Bully - isn't all about flushing people's heads down the toilet. Occasionally, you'll have to prove that you rule the school in other ways, like in this new gameplay clip of a bike race between fighter-for-the-underdogs Jimmy Hopkins and the leader of rival gang, the Greasers. Hit the movies tab to watch.

The game has both bikes and skateboards for you to zip around the school on - although using them indoors is likely to see you hauled to the head's office - and although they're a bit awkward at first, our playtest convinced us that you'll get used to the controls soon enough.

Canis is due out for PS2 in October, and we're counting down the days like a kid before Christmas. Look out for the review soon.

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